Is Shawn Mendes The Man Behind Marshmello Identity?

If you are confused after watching the 2018 iHeartRadio Much Music Awards, we are right there with you. For those who aren’t aware, Marshmello was nominated for the Best EDM/Dance artist award and ended up winning it as well.

When he came on the stage to collect his award, the audience stopped breathing for a second when he gradually started to lift his mask but turned out, it was the famous Canadian popstar, Shawn Mendes trying to prank the crowd.

Even though no one was upset seeing Mendes, the crowd more or less felt betrayed when their hopes crashing down after that moment. This was one of the reasons many started questioning whether or not Shawn Mendes was the one behind the alias of Marshmellow Identity .

Has Marshmellow’s Identity Been Revealed?

Even though Marshmellow has never come forward with his identity, a 2015 Forbes interview clarifies details that point towards Marshmellow being Chris Comstock, a DJ and popular music producer with over 170k followers on Instagram.

The reason why this gained such popularity was after an interview conducted with Shrillex by Forbes. During the interview, Shrillex received a call and he slipped saying the call was from someone named Chris but soon diverted saying that it was Marshmellow Identity.

This detail was picked on by the journalists who then went on to dig further into the clue. 

Upon further research, it was found that looking up Marshmellow and Chris Comstock on BMI got the same search results, which was highly suspicious as well. When they contacted Marshmellow’s label, the BMI findings were taken down, which further rose more suspicion.

But, even after the cover story was released by Forbes, Marshmellow himself and his team denied any kind of comments on the subject, which further rose more suspicion into the case.

Why is Marshmellow reliant on revealing his identity?

There have been innumerable times when Marshmellow was asked by the fans and even the interviewers time and time.

Marshmellow is extremely reluctant about interviews as well, hardly indulging in any of the similar kind. But, in an interview conducted with a reporter from Forbes notes, Marshmellow said clearly that he never plans on revealing his actual identity to the public.

When asked why he doesn’t want to do that, he replied that his only aim in life is to produce music that makes people happy. Stardom is a bonus. He doesn’t want the fame and doesn’t want to be mobbed in public because of who he is.

Have the fans caught on?

For being one of the most popular DJs in the world, Marshmellow has a very dedicated fanbase who respect his wish to not have his actual identity revealed.

But, that doesn’t mean that the fans have not hinted at some facts they have dug up.

Following the report released by Forbes saying that Marshmellow is Chris Comstock, a few fans pointed out the fact that both Marshmellow and Chris have a similar leg tattoo.

Even amidst all such speculations, no further reports have come out surrounding Marshmellow’s identity.

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