Melvor Idle Review – Overview, Gameplay & Impressions

Melvor Idle review, an incremental RPG inspired by the classic MMORPG RuneScape. Since its launch in 2018, Melvor has earned praise from players and critics for its nostalgic gameplay and impressive depth. With its recent release on Steam and the Epic Games Store, Melvor Idle seems poised to capture the imaginations of incremental and RPG fans. This article will provide an overview and review of Melvor Idle, including its core gameplay, standout features, and overall impressions.

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Melvor Idle transports players back to the golden era of RuneScape, featuring Skills like Woodcutting, Fishing, Cooking, and Combat. However, instead of controlling your character directly, your avatar acts independently to gather resources and train Skills while you’re away. Progress accrues regardless of whether you’re actively playing, allowing you to advance meaningfully by checking in just a few minutes a day.

Core Gameplay

Skills & Progression

Much like RuneScape, Melvor features more than 20 Skills ranging from Fishing to Magic to Crafting. As you accumulate levels and milestones, you’ll unlock new items, areas, resources, and abilities. You can train your Skills manually by engaging in activities like slaying monsters or smelting bars. However, Skills will also progress automatically over time, even while you’re offline or playing another game.

In fact, letting Skills advance independently is often the best strategy. As the name suggests, Melvor Idle is meant to be played in brief intervals. Just set your character’s priorities, close the game, and return later to significant progress.

Combat & Slayer

In addition to non-combat Skills, Melvor also features deep combat mechanics. Take on increasingly dangerous monsters as you level your Attack, Ranged, Magic, Defense and other combat Skills. Unique gear, strategically crafted food, skillful play, and character builds make a major impact in difficult fights.

Once you reach the end game, you can take on 25+ iconic RuneScape bosses. High level players can also complete Slayer tasks by tracking down elite monsters in deadly dungeons. Defeating these otherwise implacable foes rewards you with rare items that enable further advancement.

Itemization & Economy

With gear playing a central role, Melvor’s itemization adds compelling depth typically absent from incremental RPGs. Attribute requirements mean equipping an item is not always as simple as affording it. And the impact of factors like weapon speed and gear bonuses creates interesting theorycrafting when outfitting your character.

Rare drops from top tier bosses combine with Melvor’s player driven economy to enable engaging money making strategies. Players can craft potions, cook food, or smelt high level bars to generate revenue through the Grand Exchange. With sufficient capital, mercantile-focused players can manipulate supply and demand dynamics to turn major profits.

Standout Features

Cloud Saving & Cross Platform Play

Thanks to cloud saving and cross platform support, you can sync your Melvor Idle progress across mobile, tablet, PC, Mac, Linux and web. Start playing on your phone during your commute, continue slaying bosses on your laptop at home, then pick things up right where you left off on your desktop the next day. Seamless cross-device play makes it easy to take Melvor with you wherever you go.

F2P with Optional Subscription

Melvor Idle is free-to-play friendly. Outside of entirely optional bonuses, the game can be experienced in full without spending money. Players looking for additional convenience can purchase a monthly subscription for $3. This unlocks offline progression, disables some ads, and comes with other quality of life improvements. However, subscriptions are not at all necessary to succeed at high levels.

Customizable Progression

While Melvor suggests boosts to Skills that need attention, you ultimately choose your path. Play as an artisan focused on non-combat Skills or train to become an unstoppable warrior. Customize which Skills progress offline or focus entirely on manual advancement. With talents, players can specialize further to accentuate their strengths. However you envision your character, Melvor provides the freedom to carve your own path.


Addictive, Nostalgic Fun

It’s easy to get hooked on the dopamine hits from milestone notifications, big drops, maxed Skills, and boss kills. Unlocking new content and more efficient strategies provides a constant stream of small victories. The familiar grind of leveling woodcutting, struggling against tough foes, and earning your first Rune Platebody will hit your nostalgia buttons hard. Despite the idle trappings, Melvor captures that feeling of journeying upwards from a fresh RuneScape account.

Surprising Depth

Melvor Idle may seem simple on the surface. But the sheer amount of content and carefully balanced mechanics at play reveal remarkable depth over time. Between meaningful choices in how you spend precious resources, lucrative mercantile strategies, and intensely difficult end game bosses, Melvor rewards meticulous planning and hard fought execution. Streamlining tedium rather than substance sets Melvor apart from standard idle games.

Room for Improvement

On PC and web, Melvor is played through your browser. And while the presentation is sharp, a native application would offer a smoother experience. Load times can also drag a bit between areas. Another common pain point is managing limited bank space and container slots. While addressing these issues would polish things further, they’re mostly superficial complaints relative to Melvor’s strengths.


For fans of RuneScape, incremental RPGs, or clicking on things and watching numbers get bigger, Melvor Idle belongs on your radar. Its sheer variety of training methods, gear-driven character building, and mountain of late game goals provide tremendous value for the $0-3 entry fee. Cloud save functionality and cross platform support make it easy to carry your progression anywhere. Even in Early Access, Melvor feels remarkably polished and addictively fun. While a few pain points exist, the nostalgia-powered dopamine rush of progression makes them easy to forgive. For an accessible yet deceptively deep take on idle RPG gameplay, Melvor Idle delivers in spades.

Key Features

20+ SkillsTrain skills like Fishing, Magic, Cooking, Crafting and more
100+ MonstersTake on iconic RuneScape bosses and difficult Slayer tasks
1000+ ItemsDiscover and collect gear to strengthen your character
Player EconomyBuy, sell and manipulate supply and demand via the Grand Exchange
Cloud SavingSync progression across mobile, desktop and web
F2P + SubscriptionPlay 100% free or subscribe for $3/mo quality of life perks
Customizable ProgressionFocus on your preferred playstyle and advancement methods

So in summary, Melvor Idle modernizes and streamlines the addictive skill progression, gear chasing, and boss slaying that made RuneScape a classic. Clever idle mechanics extract the nostalgia and dopamine hits while sidestepping the historical tedium. If exploring a lavishly detailed fantasy world at your own pace sounds appealing, Melvor’s mix of depth and accessibility makes for an easy recommendation.

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