Moviekids: One-Stop Solution For Free Online Movie Streaming

There are several free online movie streaming platforms when it comes to watching movies online. Moviekids is one of them. Don’t go by the name; the website isn’t limited to just movies for kids. Instead, they offer a variety of movies, web series, and TV shows to stream and download for free.

Moviekids is a torrent site, which means that most of the available content on the website is sourced from third-party working links, especially from pirated or copyrighted sources. So, it isn’t surprising that the website is often banned in countries where the piracy and illegal distribution of movies and shows are illegal. We’d recommend keeping track of the mirror or proxy sites in such cases.

This post will explore more about Moviekids, categories, features, and some of the legal alternatives.

What is Moviekids?

Moviekids is a free online movie, series, and TV shows streaming platform wherein you can watch your favourite and latest movies for free without paying a penny. The website hosts multiple genres and languages of movies, making the platform extraordinarily diverse and accessible to the public.

When it comes to the quality of the website and its functionalities, Moviekids offers a free HD streaming experience, which is another reason why it has gained the kind of popularity it has.

Despite hosting the movies for free, none of the available content is below 720p resolution. So, even with a pirated movie, you won’t have to compromise by watching pixelated content.

What are the features of Moviekids?

With the basic introduction out of the way, let us walk you through the individual features. What makes Moviekids such a coveted online streaming platform?

Let us walk through a few of the most important ones:

Versatile content

When it comes to the available content on the website, you have different genres, languages, and timelines of released movies. You have Hollywood, Indie documentaries, and much more to indulge in. So, it doesn’t matter whether you watch one movie today; the versatility of the content enables you to pick up a new one for watching tomorrow. Also, the website hosts a range of underrated movies that you otherwise wouldn’t find on most free streaming platforms.

Clean UI

Don’t you hate it when you land on a torrenting website, and it appears cluttered with random and suspicious pop-up ads? It isn’t something you’d have to worry about with Moviekids. The website is clean and minimal, with just enough features that enable you to make the most out of the user experience. Also, there is a dedicated search bar with individual categories that you can scroll through to find the movies that you can watch.

Continual updates

Next time you are on a free movie streaming website and you are worried that the website will have access to limited movies and shows, think of Moviekids as an alternative. The developers consistently update the website so that the users have access to the latest library of shows and movies under one roof. You will not have to repeat the movies you have watched; you can explore through the top releases and then binge-watch them without any compromises.

High-resolution imaging

You will no longer settle for poor quality and pixelated visuals just because you are streaming a movie or show for free. Every movie and web series available on the website is available in either 720p or 1080p resolution for optimal visuals. The frames produce accurate colour reproduction with rich hues to enjoy the shows you are binge-watching.

Free without registration

If you value your privacy and don’t want to get a virus or other malware in your system while streaming free movies, Moviekids is your ideal website choice. The website is 100% secure and offers a high-quality streaming experience without registration. You can directly open the website and start your streaming experience.

What are the Available Categories on Moviekids?

Moving on to the available categories on Moviekids, you have access to some of the best. The highlighted categories include:

  • Genre
  • Country
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Top IMDB

Under these categories, you can individually pick the genre or language of the movie that you feel like watching at the moment. Also, under Country, you have access to over 20+ countries that you can scroll through and find a local or regional movie that catches your attention.

Also, if you like to segregate your movie watching experience based on the official IMDB ratings, there is a separate category available for that as well. Under that, you can pick the individual movies or TV shows with higher ratings and then stream them at your convenience.

Do Moviekids have an Android app?

Surprisingly, yes.

If you don’t enjoy using a web-based streaming experience and want to switch to an Android app, we’d recommend downloading the app from their official website or the Play Store.

The layout and available content on the app is similar to what you get on the website. So, you won’t miss out on any of the available content.

Also, the updates are provided in the application, so you can increase your list of movies and shows that you have to watch in the future.

How do I stream movies on Moviekids?

Like any other free streaming platform, streaming your movies or TV shows on Moviekids. You also have options to download the movies to watch them offline. However, this is quite rare and only available for a few movies and shows.

We’d recommend that you consider streaming from the website directly instead.

That said, when it comes to the streaming process, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your browser and then type Moviekids in the search bar.
  • Open the first search result that comes up.
  • Once you are on the homepage, you can either go ahead and find a movie you want to watch or scroll through the homepage.
  • Click on the thumbnail of the movie or TV show you wish to watch and scroll down.
  • You should find a media player on the website. Click on that to start the streaming process.       

Since most of the available content on the website is of HD quality, we’d highly recommend that you access high-speed internet connectivity for a buffer-free streaming experience.

Is Moviekids a legal platform?

As we have mentioned, Moviekids is an illegal and pirated website. So, every content uploaded for free streaming is sourced from illegal or copyrighted third-party websites.

We don’t recommend or encourage piracy or illegal streaming. Our intent with this post is to create more awareness surrounding the website and why people are continually attracted to similar websites for watching the latest movies and TV shows.

What are the best legal alternatives for Moviekids?

Since our intent is never to promote pirated or illegal movie platforms, we wanted to list some of the most popular legal alternatives for Moviekids worth the time and money.


When it comes to legal alternatives for Moviekids, nothing beats Netflix. The subscription-based platform hosts some of the best and most exclusive web series and movies that are most definitely worth the hype. From the diversity of content to support HD quality visuals, Netflix lives up to all the hype and the expectations. Also, the platform is more or less available globally, which adds to the benefits.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video deserves mention when talking about reliable and versatile streaming platforms. A lot cheaper and affordable than Netflix, Prime Video comes with many perks. You get to watch a range of movies, TV shows, and web series, but a Prime Video subscription also makes shopping on Amazon a lot more lucrative, especially with free shipping and same-day or next-day deliveries.


Surprisingly, you can stream or rent movies on YouTube. If you want to watch a particular movie or show, the chances are that it is either available for free, or you can rent or buy the movie from the website. There are Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional language movies that you can stream with high-speed internet connectivity.


Just because you are watching on legal platforms doesn’t mean you’d have to compromise on the free aspect. Popcornflix is a testament to that. You get to stream all your favourite movies and TV shows on the platform, but the app also supports new updates, especially of the latest released movies and TV shows that are streaming on most of the paid platforms. The website has a very clean UI, contributing to the overall user experience.


Although quite an underrated platform, Vudu still deserves a worthy mention in the list. Vudu offers a wide range of movies that you can binge-watch in your comfort, from old classics to new releases. They update their website continuously, so you aren’t stuck with the same two movies and web series. Versatility is the USP of this website.


When talking about free legal alternatives to Moviekids, Crackle is another option worth considering. It is subsidized under Sony, which means that the platform is free, but it also hosts a wide range of categories for you to binge-watch. Since it is under Sony, you also get the platform’s reliability, which is another benefit.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another one of your legal alternatives to Moviekids that offer a similar range of movies, TV shows, and web series. However, the best part of this website is that everything is available for free, and you don’t have to worry about signing up or paying for any content you stream on the website. Besides famous and mainstream movies, the platform also hosts underrated ones.

Pluto TV

For users who are particular about streaming free TV shows, Pluto TV is no doubt one of the best alternatives. With Pluto TV, you get access to a wealth of content, including movies, TV shows, web series, news, etc. And, you get access to all of this free of cost and without any limitations. Also, the website is 100% safe and reliable, which further adds to its benefits.

Moviekids is undoubtedly one of the top free movie and TV show streaming websites. However, it is an illegal and pirated torrent website that isn’t something we encourage our readers to access in the first place. With this comprehensive post, we hope you get an idea about Moviekids and a better understanding of some of the best legal alternatives to the website.


Can I watch movies legally on Moviekids?

Moviekids isn’t a legal streaming platform, which means that every movie or TV show you stream on the website is illegally sourced. So, no, you can’t watch movies legally on Moviekids.

Is Moviekids banned?

If you live in a country with excessive piracy laws, the chances are that Moviekids might be banned in your Country. We’d recommend that you look into the mirror or proxy websites or switch to legal alternatives in such cases.

Should I use a VPN to access Moviekids?

Yes, Moviekids can be accessed via a paid VPN service. So, if the website is banned where you live, you can use a paid VPN to bypass that restriction.

Do I have to register on Moviekids?

No, Moviekids is a 100% free and registration-free website. Every movie and TV shows available on the website can be accessed directly, so you shouldn’t have any issue accessing the content without signing up.

How often are new movies added to Moviekids?

New movies and TV shows are added weekly to the existing content library of Moviekids. So, if you are sitting here looking to watch some new shows, we’d recommend that you keep up with the latest additions by the end of each week.

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