What Is myjccc and How Does It Works?


myjccc is an online portal developed and managed by Johnson County Community College (JCCC) in Overland Park, Kansas. It serves as a one-stop platform for students and staff to access various college services and resources.

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With myjccc, users can perform essential tasks like enrolling in classes, reviewing academic plans, accessing student finance information, and getting technical support without having to visit the college campus. This portal aims to provide an efficient and seamless academic experience for the JCCC community.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what myjccc is, who can use it, the key features and services it provides, and how to access and navigate the portal as a student or staff member.

What is myjccc?

myjccc is the official web portal of Johnson County Community College located in Overland Park, Kansas. It was launched in 2015 to provide the over 18,000 students and 1,400 faculty and staff members a centralized platform to access college resources online.

The myjccc portal serves as a one-stop shop for the JCCC community to take care of administrative tasks, access academic services, and stay connected to campus life from anywhere via the internet. It eliminates the need to visit various departments in person to get things done.

Some of the key features offered through myjccc include:

  • Course registration and enrollment
  • Class schedules and catalog
  • Tuition payment and financing options
  • Grades and transcripts
  • Academic advising and degree planning
  • Library resources and databases
  • Campus news and events

Additionally, it provides school-specific information like the academic calendar, course offerings, financial aid, and technical support resources.

Who Can Use myjccc?

myjccc is available exclusively to students and staff members of Johnson County Community College.

  • Current students use it to enroll in classes, check grades, make tuition payments, seek advising, and more.
  • New students can use it to learn about degree options, apply for admission, and get ready for enrollment.
  • Faculty and staff rely on it for teaching resources, campus communications, and managing school operations.

In order to access myjccc, users need a JCCC-provided username and password. Students receive their login credentials upon admission, while faculty and staff get theirs when they join the college.

The portal works on any internet-enabled device like a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. This allows users to access its resources remotely from anywhere. However, users must have an active JCCC affiliation to log in to myjccc.

Key Features and Services

myjccc offers a robust set of features and resources to serve the needs of students, faculty, and staff alike. Let’s look at some of the key offerings of this portal:

For Students

  • Course Registration: Search for courses, check availability, enroll in classes, add/drop courses, and manage class schedule.
  • Tuition & Payments: Review account balance, make online payments, set up payment plans, accept financial aid awards.
  • Grades & Transcripts: Check grades for each term, access unofficial and official transcripts, review degree progress.
  • Advising & Planning: Connect with academic advisors online, create academic plans, explore majors and programs.
  • Support Resources: Access online tutoring, disability services, career counseling, library services, and more.
  • Campus Life: Learn about school events, join student organizations, purchase parking permits.

For Faculty & Staff

  • Teaching Resources: Access course rosters, enter grades, review academic calendar and catalogs.
  • Campus Communications: Send emails and announcements to students, colleagues, departments.
  • Admin Tools: Manage student records, run reports, analyze school data.
  • Technology Support: Get help with campus software, systems, audiovisual equipment.
  • Professional Development: Register for training events, search employment opportunities.

As you can see, myjccc provides a robust selection of features and resources to serve various academic and administrative needs. Whether students want to enroll in classes or employees need to send a campus-wide email, it can all be done through this centralized portal.

How to Access and Use myjccc

Accessing and using myjccc is simple and straightforward. Here are the basic steps:

Accessing myjccc

  1. Go to the JCCC website at www.jccc.edu.
  2. On the top right corner, click “MyJCCC”. This will open the myjccc login page.
  3. Enter your JCCC-provided username and password and click Login.
  4. You will be taken to the myjccc portal homepage with all available resources.

Key Functions

For students:

  • Register for classes
    • Click “Add/Drop Classes” under Registration Tools on the student homepage.
    • Use the schedule planner and search tools to find courses for your selected term.
    • Add selected classes to your enrollment shopping cart.
    • Confirm classes and finish enrollment.
  • Check grades
    • Under Academic Profile, click “Grades” to see grades for each completed term.
  • Make payments
    • Go to Finances section and click “Make Payment” to pay tuition online.
  • See academic calendar
    • Click on “Academic Calendar” under College Resources to see important dates.

For faculty and staff:

  • Access course rosters
    • Click on “Faculty Services” and go to “My Teaching Schedule” to get rosters.
  • Send campus emails
    • Go to “Campus Email” under Communications Tools to compose and send emails.
  • Look up student records
    • Use “Student Records” under Admin Tools tab to search for student profiles.
  • Submit help desk tickets
    • Click “Technical Help Request” under Support to submit tickets.

As you can see, the portal is designed to provide quick access to the most critical resources needed by students, faculty, and staff respectively. With some exploration, anyone can easily find their way around myjccc.

Pros of Using myjccc

There are several benefits to using the myjccc online portal:

  • Convenience: Allows access to college resources anywhere, anytime online.
  • Efficiency: Key services are available in one centralized platform.
  • User-friendly: Easy to navigate with a clean, organized interface.
  • Secure: Uses college-issued login credentials for secure access.
  • Mobile access: Fully optimized and functional on smartphones and tablets.
  • Self-service: Allows students to perform tasks without assistance.
  • Sustainability: Eliminates the need for paper processes.
  • Communication: Provides important notifications and messages.
  • Support: Provides access to student support services.


In summary, myjccc is a comprehensive online portal created by Johnson County Community College to provide students, faculty, and staff convenient digital access to essential college services like enrollment, academics, finances, and support resources.

With its array of features, myjccc eliminates the need for in-person visits and paper workflows. It allows the JCCC community to access the information and tools they need anytime, anywhere via the internet.

The portal provides a simple yet powerful platform to help students succeed academically and allow faculty and staff to perform administrative functions with ease. With its continued development, myjccc is helping JCCC provide an efficient, connected, and sustainable digital environment for the college community.

Key Takeaways

  • myjccc is the online portal for Johnson County Community College students and staff to access college services.
  • It offers course enrollment, tuition tools, academic planning, grades, communications, and more.
  • Current JCCC students, faculty and staff can login using college-issued credentials.
  • Key features include class registration, tuition payments, advising, email, teaching resources, help desk, etc.
  • Benefits include convenience, efficiency, easy access on mobile, self-service, and integration.
  • myjccc eliminates the need for on-campus visits for routine tasks and paper-based processes.

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