What Is mynced And How Does It Works? [Review]


In an age where we have countless online accounts and need to remember just as many passwords, password managers have become an essential tool. With so many options available though, it can be tough to determine which one best fits your needs. One password manager that has been gaining some traction lately is mynced.

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But what exactly is mynced, and how well does it work compared to other popular password managers out there? This review will take an in-depth look at mynced to see how it stacks up in criteria like features, security, pricing, and more.

Overview of mynced

mynced is a relatively new open source password manager that advertises enhanced security and privacy as some of its main selling points. It uses decentralized storage to keep your data off centralized servers, and encrypts all data locally before syncing anything across devices.

Some of the highlighted features of mynced include:

  • Secure password generation
  • Storage and syncing of passwords, credit cards, identities
  • Browser extensions, mobile apps, desktop apps
  • Open source code and transparency
  • No knowledge of master password or decryption keys by company

Below is a comparison table of how some of mynced’s key features stack up to top competitors like LastPass, 1Password, and Bitwarden:

Open sourceYesNoNoYes
Zero knowledge encryptionYesNoYesYes
Free versionYesYesNoYes
Browser extensionsYesYesYesYes
Mobile appsYesYesYesYes

How mynced Works

mynced uses state-of-the-art encryption and decentralized storage to keep your data secure. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  1. Encryption: All data including passwords, secure notes, and payment info is encrypted locally using AES-256 encryption before ever leaving your device. This means not even the makers of mynced can access your raw data.
  2. Decentralization: Encrypted data is stored across a decentralized network of nodes run by independent individuals and groups to remove central points of failure. No one node ever has all your data.
  3. Key Management: The main way your data stays securely encrypted is via your master password, which is used to generate a decryption key locally on your device whenever you need access to your vault. Neither your master password or keys are ever known to mynced.
  4. Syncing & Access: Whenever edits are made, the encrypted changes sync across the decentralized storage network to all your other devices connected to your mynced account, allowing convenient access to your password vault.

Main Features & Usage

As a password manager, mynced comes packed with several capabilities that enable convenient yet secure password management. Here is a breakdown of some of its main features:

Password Storage & Generation

mynced provides a password manager vault for securely storing any login credentials as well as credit cards, identities, passports, licenses and more. All data added to the vault is automatically protected via encryption.

Password generation tools are also included for creating strong, random passwords for new accounts with just the click of a button. Custom password parameters can be defined.

Browser & App Integration

mynced offers browser extensions for popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as native apps for mobile and desktop for convenient access to your password vault wherever you are. These tools enable seamless auto-fill of credentials into apps, sites and forms as needed.

Two factor authentication can also be set up for accessing the mynced vault, adding an extra security layer when logging in from browsers.

Organization & Sharing

For staying organized across many accounts, mynced provides useful features like password tagging, folders for grouping sets of credentials, favoriting the passwords you access most often, and secure notes for storing other sensitive data or documents.

Limited password sharing is also available, allowing you to selectively share certain passwords or entries in your vault with trusted individuals. Permissions can be customized to limit exposure.


As an open source password manager with zero knowledge encryption, mynced comes packed with multiple security advantages over competitors. Here are some of the standout aspects:

Open Source Code: All code used to build mynced is open source, allowing transparency into its development as well as independent audits by security researchers to vet its encryption and architecture. This openness breeds confidence and accountability.

End-to-End Encryption: Before leaving your devices, vault data is encrypted via AES-256 bit encryption, and only decrypted locally when accessed. No middle entity ever handles raw exposed data.

Zero-Knowledge: Due to its architecture, the makers of mynced have no way of knowing your master password or seeing unencrypted vault data, preventing insider threats.

Decentralized Infrastructure: Storing encrypted data across a decentralized network of storage nodes eliminates central points of failure and removes centralized hacker targets.

Together, these elements provide confidence in mynced as a uniquely secure, open-source password management solution fit for storing your most sensitive data.


One advantage of mynced is that it offers a free tier with generous limits, unlike some competitors.

Specifically the free version allows:

  • Unlimited password entries
  • Up to 1GB of encrypted file storage
  • Sync across unlimited devices
  • All core password management functionality

For power users who need features like advanced encryption key protocols, priority syncing, and expanded file storage, mynced also offers reasonably priced premium plans:

Personal: $3/month billed annually

Family: $5/month billed annually (5 users)

Compared to most competitors, mynced manages to provide free and paid plans that are very affordable for the vast majority of individuals and families.

The one limitation to note however is that free users will see ads within the browser extension toolbar or mobile apps as a tradeoff, which may impact the experience. Paying for a premium plan removes ads.

Conclusion & Verdict

For individuals and companies seeking an open-source, zero knowledge password manager option that provides robust security, mynced checks a lot of boxes. Its use of decentralized, encrypted storage sets it apart from popular competitors and alleviates many of the privacy concerns inherent with traditional cloud-syncing password managers.

Also positive is that core password management features provided for free. The availability of broad platform support via browser extensions and mobile/desktop apps also makes integration easy. And architecture decisions like open sourcing code and enabling independent audits inspire confidence.

Downsides at the moment seem to just be a lack of some convenience or advanced features that veteran solutions like 1Password do better. But as a tradeoff, you get unparalleled security.

So in summary – for security-minded individuals/groups seeking an open source password manager that prioritizes privacy, mynced provides excellent encryption and architecture to keep password vaults and sensitive data safe while still being convenient enough for daily use. The free plan generosity also allows trying the solution at no cost. For these reasons, mynced earns strong marks and seems positioned to compete as privacy and decentralization gain appeal to more consumers.

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