What Is MyPearsonLab and How Does It Work? [Review]


MyPearsonLab is an online learning platform provided by Pearson Education. It is designed to be used alongside Pearson textbooks and online courses across a variety of subjects like math, science, business, and social sciences. MyPearsonLab aims to provide a personalized and interactive learning experience for students while also offering helpful teaching tools for educators.

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In this comprehensive review, we will explore what MyPearsonLab is, its key features and tools, how it evaluates students, its benefits for both students and educators, pricing, criticisms, and overall pros and cons.

Overview of MyPearsonLab

MyPearsonLab is a complete online platform that can be used alongside Pearson eText and print textbooks. It includes a variety of digital resources for students, such as multimedia study tools, exercises, quizzes, tests, and review material. A key goal of MyPearsonLab is to offer a personalized learning experience by identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses and providing targeted content to help them master key concepts.

For educators, MyPearsonLab provides convenient course management tools. Instructors can build their course material, organize assignments, track student performance in real-time, and even add their own content. MyPearsonLab aims to improve student results while also reducing instructor workload for course administration.

First launched in 1998 under the name Prentice Hall Learning System, MyPearsonLab has evolved to offer even more personalized digital learning tools. It is now used by over 11 million students worldwide. MyPearsonLab can be accessed online through any web browser, although Pearson also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Key Features and Tools

MyPearsonLab includes the following key features and tools:

  • Personalized Study Plan – MyPearsonLab evaluates students’ performance on quizzes and tests and creates a personalized study plan targeting areas that need improvement.
  • Multimedia Resources – MyPearsonLab integrates multimedia study tools like videos, animations, and audio clips to engage different learning styles.
  • Practice Exercises – Students have access to practice exercises, questions, and activities that are gradeable or self-assessments.
  • EText – The full textbook is available as a searchable online eText, along with note taking tools and highlighting.
  • Mobile Apps – iOS and Android apps allow students to complete readings, practice problems, and tests on their mobile devices.
  • Real-time Analytics – Instructors can view real-time analytics to monitor student progress and activity at the individual and class level.
  • Gradebook – All student scores on homework, quizzes, and tests are automatically recorded in an online gradebook for instructors.
  • LMS Integration – MyPearsonLab can integrate with common learning management systems like Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, Moodle, and Schoology.
  • Customization – Instructors can customize MyPearsonLab by adding their own content, arranging course material, modifying questions, and setting assignment due dates.

How MyPearsonLab Evaluates Student Performance

MyPearsonLab uses several methods to evaluate student performance and comprehension of course material:

  • Chapter Tests – At the end of each textbook chapter, students take auto-graded chapter tests with a variety of question types like multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and more.
  • Quizzes – Short quizzes are assigned by instructors throughout each chapter to assess ongoing understanding.
  • Final Exams – Cumulative final exams with essay, short answer, true/false, and multiple choice questions evaluate overall mastery.
  • Writing Assignments – Essays, research papers, and other writing tasks allow evaluation of students’ writing abilities.
  • Offline Homework – Instructors can assign pencil-and-paper homework exercises found in the textbook.
  • Adaptive Learning – Based on question-level performance, the software adapts to give students more practice where needed.
  • Analytics – Instructors are provided analytics to identify student strengths, weaknesses, engagement levels, and more.

Benefits of MyPearsonLab for Educators

MyPearsonLab provides a number of benefits for educators:

  • Saves Time – Automated grading, tracking, notifications, and analytics reduce time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Improves Student Results – Adaptive tools target weak areas to provide the practice students need to understand concepts.
  • Engages Students – Multimedia interactivities and immediate feedback create an engaging learning environment.
  • Easy Course Administration – Intuitive console allows instructors to customize course content, organize assignments, change due dates, and more.
  • Tracks Student Progress – The gradebook and analytics dashboard provide visibility into individual and class performance.
  • Works Across Devices – Mobile apps enable students to study on smartphones or tablets online or offline.
  • Provides Support – MyLab offers educator training, 24/7 tech support, and on-demand instructional support.
  • Integrates with LMS – MyLab can integrate with school learning management systems for a unified learning experience.
  • Accessibility Features – Content and platforms meet ADA standards for accessibility. Alternate formats are available.

Overall, MyPearsonLab enables educators to save time, boost student success, and deliver a dynamic learning experience with powerful digital tools.

Benefits of MyPearsonLab for Students

MyPearsonLab also aims to provide an engaging, personalized learning experience directly for students:

  • Targeted Practice – Adaptive tools identify weak areas and deliver practice questions and content tailored to each student’s needs.
  • Multimedia Study Resources – Videos, animations, and interactives cater to different learning styles and improve engagement.
  • Works On Any Device – PC, Mac, iPad, Android – students can use MyLab on all devices with a consistent experience online or offline.
  • Track Own Progress – Students can view their personal learning path, grades, time spent, and gain insight into their strengths/weaknesses.
  • Receive Instant Feedback – Immediate feedback on practice questions and quizzes helps students master concepts.
  • Learn At Own Pace – Self-paced program allows students to work through material and practice at the speed that matches their needs.
  • Improves Academic Performance – Students get the targeted practice they need to grasp concepts, guiding them to improve their scores.
  • Prepares for Class – Students come to class better prepared through assigned textbook readings, practice, and assessments.
  • Convenient Access – All eText, study tools, and assessments available in one place, from any device. Syncs progress across devices.

For students, MyPearsonLab focuses on providing an interactive, convenient, and personalized learning experience to improve their comprehension, engagement, and academic performance.

Accessibility Features

MyPearsonLab offers several accessibility features and services for students with disabilities:

  • Screen Reader Compatible – MyLab platforms work with standard screen readers for the blind or visually impaired.
  • Keyboard Navigation – Platforms support keyboard navigation without the need for a mouse.
  • Supported Assistive Technologies – Tested and optimized to work with assistive technologies like screen magnifiers.
  • Alt Text Descriptions – Visual elements include rich textual descriptions and enhanced alt text.
  • Captioning – Many instructional videos include embedded closed captioning.
  • Transcripts – Available for audio and video content.
  • Format Alternatives – Textbooks and study tools available in accessible formats like ePub, DAISY, Braille, and more.
  • Compatibility Tools – Offer tools to switch between formats, change colors, zoom, optimize display, and more.
  • Support Services – Dedicated support specialists help students with disabilities get access accommodations.

MyLab strives to provide an accessible and barrier-free learning experience through design and compatible technologies. Students can contact Pearson to request access accommodations or files in alternate formats.

Pricing Information

MyPearsonLab is sold on a subscription basis. Students purchase access to MyPearsonLab for a period of time tied to their class dates or academic terms.

There are a few purchase options:

  • Direct Purchase – Students can purchase direct access to MyPearsonLab (using a credit card or PayPal) without a code or login from their instructor. Prices range from $40 for 1 month to $69 for 6 months to $89 for 12 months.
  • Access Card – A prepaid access code card can be purchased from the campus bookstore. These provide set-duration access, like 4 months or 12 months. Cost is typically $70 to $100.
  • Inclusive Access – Many schools provide inclusive access where MyLab access is included as part of tuition or lab fees, enabling digital day one access.
  • Free Trial – Students can often try MyLab for free for 2 to 4 weeks before deciding to purchase access for the full term.

MyPearsonLab pricing can vary based on duration, subject, course level, and whether it includes an eText. Educators can get group quotes for lab or classroom subscriptions by contacting Pearson.

Criticisms and Drawbacks of MyPearsonLab

While MyPearsonLab offers helpful learning tools, it is not without some criticisms:

  • Technical Issues – Some students report glitches, errors, login issues, and slow load times while using the platform.
  • Not Compatible With All Devices – May not work well on older or alternate web browsers and devices.
  • Steep Learning Curve – The dashboard interface and breadth of features can make it confusing at first.
  • Must Purchase Pearson Textbook – MyLab homework and eText integrate directly with Pearson titles only.
  • Cost – Subscription access model means students pay ongoing costs rather than a one-time fee.
  • Grading Accuracy – Some questions or writing assignments rely too much on rigid auto-grading, allowing little flexibility.
  • Too Prescriptive – The structured learning paths are helpful but allow little room for students to explore topics.
  • Privacy – Some concerns exist around data privacy and how student usage data is shared.

While a powerful learning tool, these drawbacks are important considerations for the platform. However, Pearson may continue improving MyLab to address these issues.


In summary, MyPearsonLab is a robust online learning environment that aims to offer a personalized and engaging experience for students. Key benefits include targeted practice, integrated multimedia study tools, accessibility features, real-time progress analytics for educators, and integration across devices. For both students and educators, MyPearsonLab strives to improve results in and out of the classroom. But the platform is not without some technical frustrations and areas for improvement. As a whole though, MyPearsonLab presents a compelling option as a digital learning solution, enabling students to learn at their own pace and educators to leverage powerful tools aimed at boosting student achievement.

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