MyVidster is a popular video bookmarking and sharing platform that allows users to discover, collect and share videos from various sources. It has a large user base with millions of members and a vibrant community.

MyVidster offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, allowing users to access and manage their video collections on the go. However, since MyVidster is not available on the official Google Play Store or Apple App Store, the legality and safety of downloading the MyVidster app for Android and iOS come into question.

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In this article, we will examine whether downloading and using MyVidster on Android and iOS devices is legal and safe. We will look at the advantages and risks of using MyVidster, its copyright implications, safety concerns over third-party downloads, and the stance of Google and Apple on such apps. Read on to make an informed decision about using MyVidster on your mobile device.

Overview of MyVidster

MyVidster is a social video bookmarking and sharing platform founded in 2007. It enables users to create video collections, follow other users’ collections, share videos, and interact with a community of millions of users.

Some key features of MyVidster:

  • Discover and bookmark videos from various sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Organize your video collections with tags and playlists.
  • Follow collections from other users.
  • Share videos and collections with the MyVidster community.
  • Available on web, Android, and iOS.
  • Free to use with no subscription or fees.

MyVidster positions itself as a platform to organize, share and discover videos. It does not host any copyrighted content itself. Videos are streamed from their original sources.

Advantages of Using MyVidster

There are some clear advantages to using a platform like MyVidster:

  • Huge collection of videos: MyVidster provides access to millions of videos aggregated from various sources. It is a treasure trove for video enthusiasts.
  • Discoverability: It makes discovering new and interesting videos easy through its search and social features. You can find videos you may not have found otherwise.
  • Sharing: The social elements like sharing collections and videos, commenting, liking, and following users allow you to engage with a community.
  • Convenience: MyVidster’s mobile apps provide the convenience of accessing your video collections on the go. You can manage your collections on Android or iOS on the move.
  • Free: It is free to use with no fees or subscriptions. This makes MyVidster accessible to everyone.

Copyright and Legal Concerns of MyVidster

While MyVidster provides some useful functionality for video discovery and sharing, there are some legal concerns surrounding the platform:

  • No rights to content: MyVidster does not own rights to any of the videos bookmarked on its platform. The rights remain with the original creators/owners.
  • DMCA takedown policies: MyVidster complies with DMCA takedown notices. Copyright owners can submit DMCA notices to have infringing content removed. But this reactive policy may not prevent copyright infringement.
  • Downloading copyrighted content: The ability to download videos may violate copyrights if done without permission. But MyVidster alone likely does not infringe copyrights.
  • Circumventing paywalls: MyVidster allows users to freely access paywalled content uploaded by others, which raises legal concerns.
  • Facilitating copyright infringement: Critics argue that MyVidster enables infringement by letting users freely share copyrighted videos. This claim has not been tested in court.

While using MyVidster alone is unlikely to be illegal, downloading copyrighted material without permission violates copyright law. Users bear responsibility for infringing actions.

Safety Risks of Downloading MyVidster for Android and iOS

MyVidster mobile apps are not available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Users have to download them from third-party app stores or directly from the MyVidster website. This introduces some safety risks:

  • Malware infections: Apps from third-party sources carry a higher risk of malware infections that can compromise device security and user privacy.
  • No vetting of apps: Google Play Store and App Store thoroughly vet apps for malware before approving. Apps from third parties do not go through stringent vetting.
  • Lack of updates: Apps from outside the official stores do not receive regular updates and security patches. This makes them more vulnerable.
  • No customer support: Official app stores provide customer support for downloaded apps. There is no such support for third-party downloads. Users are on their own if something goes wrong.

While MyVidster itself may be safe to use on its website, the safety of mobile apps downloaded from outside official app stores cannot be guaranteed. Users download them at their own risk.

Google and Apple Policy on Third-Party App Downloads

Google and Apple expressly prohibit downloading apps from outside their official Play Store and App Store:

  • Google: Google warns strongly against downloading apps from third-party app stores or browsers. It lists security risks like malware, data loss, high mobile data usage.
  • Apple: Apple states third-party apps have not been checked by Apple for security or performance. It advises users not to download such apps to iOS devices.

While Google and Apple stop short of explicitly banning third-party downloads, they discourage it through strong worded warnings and highlight associated risks.

Safe Alternatives to Downloading MyVidster

Instead of incurring the risks of downloading MyVidster from questionable third-party sources, users have some safer options:

  • Web version: Use the My Vidster website directly through the mobile browser. This eliminates any risks from downloading apps.
  • YouTube: MyVidster videos are sourced from platforms like YouTube. Go directly to such platforms’ apps/websites.
  • Pocket: Apps like Pocket allow saving videos for offline viewing like MyVidster minus the copyright issues.
  • waitForIt: Video downloader extensions like waitForIt for downloading videos safely and legally.
  • Premium subscriptions: Paying for premium/legal subscriptions of video platforms gives offline access legally.

The safest option is to use the My Vidster web version on mobile browsers. For downloading, use legal options like browser extensions and premium subscriptions.


To summarize, here are the key takeaways on the legality and safety of downloading MyVidster for Android and iOS:

  • My Vidster itself is likely legal to use but enables copyright infringement by users if used irresponsibly.
  • Downloading copyrighted videos from My Vidster without permission is illegal.
  • Apps from third-party stores carry security risks like malware, lack of support and updates.
  • Google and Apple strongly advise against and discourage downloading apps outside their official Play Store and App Store.
  • Safer options include using the My Vidster website directly or legal video downloaders like browser extensions.

While My Vidster offers useful video discovery and sharing features, downloading its mobile apps from third-party stores entails risks. Users should exercise judgment and caution in compliance with copyright laws. The safest choice is to use the My Vidster web version directly on mobile browsers or explore legal alternatives for downloading videos.

Table summarizing key points:

Using MyVidsterHuge video collection, discoverability, sharing, convenience, freeEnables copyright infringement
Downloading for Android/iOSGet app on mobile devices
Malware infections, no vetting, lack of updates and support
LegalityPotentially infringes copyright
Google/Apple policyStrongly warn against third-party downloads
AlternativesWeb version, YouTube, Pocket, legal video downloaders


Is it illegal to use MyVidster?

Simply using MyVidster is unlikely to be illegal. However, downloading copyrighted videos from MyVidster without permission violates copyright law. Users bear responsibility for infringing use, not My Vidster itself.

Can I get in trouble legally for using MyVidster?

Users are unlikely to face legal trouble just for using MyVidster’s features. But they could face legal consequences for copyright infringement if they download or share copyrighted material on My Vidster without authorization.

Is it safe to download MyVidster for Android?

No, downloading apps from outside official app stores carries risks like malware, data loss, lack of updates, etc. Google strongly advises against downloading Android apps from third-parties.

What are the risks of downloading MyVidster on iOS?

On iOS, sideloading apps from third-party stores raises similar security risks as on Android. Apple also warns against it. Jailbreaking devices to install third-party apps voids the warranty.

Should I use the MyVidster website instead of the app?

Yes, using the My Vidster website directly in mobile browsers is safer than downloading the app from third-parties. It eliminates risks while still providing access.

What are some legal alternatives to download videos?

Legal alternatives include premium subscriptions of video platforms, using browser extensions like waitForIt, and downloading only videos you have rights to.

Is it illegal to download a video from MyVidster that’s also available on YouTube?

Yes, it is still illegal even if the video is available elsewhere. Downloading copyrighted content requires permission from the rights holder, regardless of the source.

Can I share videos downloaded from MyVidster with friends?

Sharing copyrighted videos downloaded from My Vidster without permission infringes copyrights. It is best not to share such downloaded videos.