Is Pelisplushd a Legal and Safe Website for Free HD Streaming?

Pelisplushd net, which offered free movies and TV shows to watch online in HD quality, has recently been closed down after an announcement from the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). This coalition of media and entertainment companies identified Pelisplushd as a prominent piracy operation based in Peru. The ACE has successfully shut down the website, but many users may still be wondering – is it actually legal or safe to use sites like Pelisplushd for free streaming?

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Overview of Pelisplushd

Pelisplushd operated by allowing users to stream and download movies and TV shows without paying. The site offered content in high definition quality, including the latest releases. It had a catalog of thousands of titles, from Hollywood blockbusters to Spanish language films and series. Pelisplushd was especially popular among Spanish speakers and Hispanics abroad looking to access films and shows produced in Latin America and Spain.

At its peak, Pelisplushd was recording millions of users visiting per month. However, behind the convenience of free streaming lied several legal and safety issues, which ultimately led to the site being disabled.

Legal Issues with Sites Like Pelisplushd

Streaming platforms like Pelisplushd operate outside the law in multiple ways:

  • Copyright infringement: The site did not have licenses or permissions to distribute copyrighted content produced by movie studios, TV networks, etc. This violates intellectual property laws.
  • Privacy risks: Pelisplushd contained intrusive ads and malware that put users’ privacy at risk. Many fake ‘download’ buttons led users to unwanted sites.
  • Facilitating piracy: By enabling mass copyright infringement, Pelisplushd facilitated broader media piracy operations distributing unlicensed content.

Many major entertainment companies and organizations like ACE worked to directly target and shut Pelisplushd down through legal means, cutting off the revenue streams funding its piracy infrastructure.

Safety and Security Risks

Besides legal concerns, sites like Pelisplushd also pose major safety and security risks, including:

Malware distribution: The intrusive ads can redirect to sites that download malware onto devices without the user’s consent. This exposes personal data.

Phishing scams: Popups and links trick users into providing login, financial information that is stolen for fraud and scams.

Spyware installation: The site and affiliated links may enable spyware to secretly access device info, track browsing, and steal data.

Service reliability: Pirate sites often suddenly disappear, cancel subscriptions illegally taken out in users names, suffer downtime, making streaming access unreliable.

Poor quality: Pirated copies are often low resolution, have missing portions, or do not stream well due to lack of infrastructure.

Account hacking: User account details entered on pirate sites are vulnerable to theft and hacking due to poor security protections.

Does Pelisplushd website download Movies and TV Series?

Sites like Pelisplushd that enable illegal streaming and downloading should be avoided. I agree it’s best to use reputable paid platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video for secure access to content. Thank you for the feedback – I’ve updated my article to more clearly warn against visiting and downloading from unsafe piracy sites. As consumers, we should support creative work while protecting our own security.

Is Pelisplushd website download apk App For Android Users?

Based on the announcement that Pelisplushd has been shut down due to enabling piracy, it would not be advisable for Android users to download or use any APK app associated with that site. Even if an app exists, it could potentially contain malware, spyware, or other security risks. As you wisely recommended, it is safer for users to stream content through reputable paid platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video rather than seeking out illegal streaming apps. Thank you again for the feedback – I appreciate you calling out the risks of using apps from pirate sites so I can provide more responsible advice to readers.

Legal and Safe Alternatives

Rather than using pirate streaming sites like Pelisplushd and exposing oneself to legal consequences and privacy violations, there are many legal and safe alternatives for free or affordable streaming.

Free, Legal Sites

A few free streaming platforms that offer media legally include:

  • Tubi: Ad-supported network with thousands of movies and shows
  • PlutoTV: A streaming TV platform of over 250+ channels
  • The Roku Channel: Ad-based streaming with a wide content catalog
  • IMDbTV: Amazon’s free streaming service with popular films and series

Paid Streaming Subscriptions

For premium content and reliable streaming, paid platforms like the following are recommended:

PlatformMonthly CostTop Content
Netflix$9 – $20Stranger Things, Squid Games, Wednesday
Hulu$7 – $13Only Murders in the Building, Handmaid’s Tale
Amazon Prime Video$9Rings of Power, The Boys, Reacher
Disney+$8Star Wars, Marvel, Avatar

These paid platforms invest in and properly license content, leading to reliable streaming, while also funding future film/TV production.


In the end, Pelisplushd operated illegally by facilitating mass copyright infringement and exposing users to privacy violations via invasive malware and intrusive ads. Seeking free entertainment is understandable, but using unauthorized streaming platforms poses too many risks and harms media creators. Thankfully, there are plenty of cost-friendly legal alternatives for accessing and enjoying content safely and ethically. Investing a small monthly fee into platforms respecting intellectual property helps sustain a vibrant entertainment industry producing beloved films, shows, and more.

What legal streaming platforms or services do you utilize? Share your recommendations below!

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