What Is procorelogin and How Does It Work? [Review]


Procorelogin, is a leading cloud-based construction project management software that helps contractors efficiently manage projects from start to finish. With over 1 million users, Procore has become an invaluable tool for construction professionals looking to streamline complex workflows and centralize communication.

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In this article, we will provide an in-depth look at Procore login and how it enables easy access to the platform’s robust features. We will cover:

  • What is Procore login?
  • How to access Procore login
  • Procore login credentials
  • Pros and cons of Procore software
  • Key features of Procore construction software
  • Procore mobile app overview
  • Procore integrations and APIs
  • Procore support and training options
  • Pricing and subscription plans
  • Final verdict on Procore construction software

Whether you are new to Procore or looking to maximize your use of this construction management platform, this review will provide helpful insights. Let’s get started!

What is Procore Login?

Procore login refers to the process of authenticating into your Procore account to access the software and all its project management features.

To log in to Procore, users are required to enter login credentials consisting of a unique email address and password associated with their Procore user account. Companies using Procore dictate who gets access to an account on their subscription plan.

The login process utilizes secure encryption and allows users to access Procore from any device via the company’s website or mobile apps for iOS and Android. Once logged in, users can manage all details related to their construction projects including finances, quality, safety, drawings, daily field reports, RFIs, submittals, and more based on their permission level.

How to Access Procore Login

Via Website

You can access Procore login through the company’s website at procore.com. On the homepage, click the orange “Log In” button in the upper right corner. This will direct you to the Procore login page.

Enter your email address and password and click “Log In”. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click “Forgot Password’ to reset it.

Via Mobile App

Procore offers free mobile apps for both iOS and Android. You can download the Procore app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Open the app and tap “Log In” to be directed to the login screen. Enter your credentials and tap “Log In” to access your Procore account.

The mobile app offers the full Procore experience optimized for use on the go. You can manage daily field reports, collaborate with your team through messages, and stay on top of RFIs and submittals on-the-fly.

Procore Login Credentials

To log into your Procore account, you will need:

  • Email address: This is the email associated with your unique Procore user profile. It is provided by the company who granted you Procore access.
  • Password: This password for your Procore account should have been provided or reset by your company’s Procore administrator. Passwords are case sensitive.

Procore leverages two-factor authentication for added login security. This means after entering your email and password, you may be prompted to enter a unique code sent to your email or mobile device.

If you forget your password, you can use the “Forgot Password” option to reset it after confirming your email address. Contact your company’s Procore administrator if you have trouble with your credentials.

Pros of Using Procore Construction Software

Let’s look at some of the key benefits construction professionals can realize from using Procore project management software:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Procore centralizes all project information and workflows in one place. This eliminates reliance on paper-based processes and spreadsheets for managing construction projects.
  • Better collaboration: An unlimited number of users across project teams can collaborate on Procore’s cloud-based platform. This facilitates better communication and coordination.
  • Greater mobility: With Procore’s iOS and Android apps, field teams can manage daily reports, safety incidents, RFIs, and more on-the-go from the jobsite.
  • Enhanced project oversight: Managers can get a birds-eye view of project financials, quality, safety, changes, and compliance in real-time with Procore.
  • Detailed project documentation: All project documents, drawings, photos, and other files are stored in one centralized and easily searchable database.
  • Increased ROI: Procore can save construction firms significant time and money on each project by streamlining workflows. The software pays for itself in increased efficiency.
  • Reduced IT costs: As a cloud-based SaaS solution, Procore handles software maintenance, security, and updates. There is no need for on-premises IT infrastructure.

Cons of Using Procore

While Procore comes with an array of benefits, there are some potential downsides to consider as well:

  • Steep learning curve: Procore is feature-rich which also makes it complex. Some users report a steep learning curve in understanding all of Procore’s capabilities.
  • No offline access: As a cloud-based platform, an internet connection is required to access Procore. There are no native offline modes.
  • Cost: Pricing starts at $750/month for up to 7 users which may be pricey for smaller contractors. However, costs can be quickly recouped through workflow efficiencies.
  • No enterprise-grade custom reporting: Procore offers 120+ standard reports but lacks the deep custom reporting capabilities some large firms may require.
  • Required user training: To get the most from Procore, firms need to properly train project teams on utilizing the software. The training process takes time and commitment.
  • Privacy concerns: Some clients have sensitive concerns about storing data in the cloud. Procore does offer enterprise-grade security and encryption.

While Procore comes with a learning curve, for most mid-sized and large contractors, the benefits far outweigh the limitations. Procore reviews are overwhelmingly positive among active users of the software.

Key Features of Procore Construction Software

Procore provides a robust suite of tools purpose-built for construction management. Here are some of the platform’s most popular features:

Project Management

Procore’s project management tools allow you to keep projects on track and optimize workflows.

Key features include:

  • Submittals – Manage and track submittals workflows
  • RFIs – Streamline RFI creation, answering, and tracking
  • Drawings – Store drawing versions with markup capabilities
  • Specifications – Centralize project specifications
  • Change Orders – Log, track, and get approvals on change orders
  • Punch Lists – Create, assign, and track punch list items
  • Daily Logs – Manage daily construction reports from the field

Quality & Safety

Ensure project quality and safety with Procore tools like:

  • Quality Management – Schedule and track quality inspections
  • Safety Incidents Tracking – Log safety observations and incidents
  • Safety Documents – Store safety manuals, SDS sheets, and more

Financial Controls

Procore provides robust financial controls including:

  • Budgets – Build and manage detailed project budgets
  • Change Events – Log change events tied to finances
  • Funding – Track funding sources and applications
  • Forecasting – Forecast cash flow and cost to completion

Document Management

Centralize important project documents like:

  • Drawings – Store, view, and mark up drawing sheets
  • Specs – Manage project spec books and submittals
  • Photos – Take, edit, and share photos
  • Project Files – Upload any project file type to Procore

Reporting & Analytics

Procore offers 120+ canned reports and dashboard plus custom reporting options to surface key project insights.

Mobile Apps

Procore’s mobile apps for iOS and Android allow field teams to manage key workflows like daily logs, RFIs, and punch lists from the jobsite.

Integrations & APIs

Procore offers integration with ERPs, accounting systems, design tools, and more. Robust APIs allow for advanced custom integrations.

These represent some of the major features and tools Procore offers that enable contractors to maximize productivity and visibility across projects. The platform is highly flexible and customizable to meet each firm’s unique needs.

Procore Mobile Apps

Procore offers free mobile apps for both iOS and Android to support construction management on-the-go.

The Procore mobile apps allow you to:

  • Read and create daily field reports
  • Log safety observations from the jobsite
  • View and collaborate on drawings
  • Create and manage submittals
  • Manage RFI workflows
  • Stay on top of punch list items
  • Track project finances
  • Capture and share photos
  • Sync data from offline to online automatically

The Procore mobile app experience is robust while maintaining an intuitive and user-friendly interface – an extension of the desktop platform optimized for mobility.

Field teams can get work done without connectivity and updates sync seamlessly when back online. This allows seamless productivity regardless of jobsite network availability.

For project managers and executives on-the-go, the apps provide real-time insights and project visibility from anywhere. Procore mobile complements desktop use for a true omni-channel construction management experience.

Procore Integrations & APIs

A major advantage of Procore is its extensive integration and API capabilities allowing it to connect with other business systems:


Procore offers seamless integrations with solutions like:

  • Microsoft Office 365 – Sync projects to Office tools
  • Primavera P6 – Import schedules from P6
  • ASTA PowerProject – Integrate with ASTA project plans
  • ProEst – Connect bid data from ProEst
  • HCSS Plans – Import estimates from HCSS
  • Smartvid.io -Sync construction video with Procore
  • DroneBase – Automate upload of drone imagery


For advanced system interoperability, Procore offers a robust API platform. This allows engineering teams to build custom integrations between Procore and a company’s other solutions.

The RESTful APIs enable pushing and pulling data to enhance Procore’s capabilities. All APIs are built using industry standards like OAuth and HTTPS.

Overall, Procore’s integrations and open API approach maximize flexibility. Companies can seamlessly connect Procore with the rest of their software stack for greater data sharing.

What Are the Procore Support & Training Options

Procore offers multiple channels for getting the support and training needed to be successful on the platform:

The Procore University

Procore University provides access to an extensive library of training resources including:

  • Online courses and videos
  • Live virtual instructor-led courses
  • On-site customized training
  • Qualification courses and certification exams

Procore Knowledgebase

The searchable knowledgebase provides help docs, video guides, and self-service resolutions for common questions.

Procore Community

Students and professionals can connect with other users to ask questions and learn best practices.

Technical Support

All Procore customers get access to email and phone technical support from Procore experts.

Procore YouTube Channel

Procore maintains an educational YouTube channel with hundreds of tutorials on using platform features.

Onboarding Assistance

Dedicated customer success reps help new clients through the onboarding process.

Procorelogin is committed to ensuring clients get the most out of the platform through robust self-service and live training resources.

Procore Pricing & Subscription Plans

Procore bases pricing on a per user per month subscription model that scales as your team grows. Some key pricing details:

  • Starts at $750/month for up to 7 users
  • $125/month for each additional user
  • Annual contracts available for discounted rates
  • Enterprise pricing available for 1000+ users

The complete Procore suite is available on every plan including unlimited file storage. For budget-conscious clients, discounted access starting at $375/month for read-only platform access.

Procore does not charge extra fees for technical support or software updates. There are also no charges for integrations or API access.

For many contractors, the monthly subscription cost is quickly covered by enhanced workforce productivity and project oversight unlocked by managing projects in Procore.

Final Verdict on Procore Construction Software

In summary, Procore provides an end-to-end cloud-based construction management solution allowing complete control and visibility across projects.

Key benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency through centralizing project workflows
  • Real-time collaboration across unlimited team members
  • Complete project documentation from one source of truth
  • Powerful mobile access for field teams
  • Robust integrations with other software solutions
  • Top-notch training and support ecosystem

Potential challenges to note include learning curve time for some users plus lack of offline access.

However, for most medium to large construction firms, the time and cost savings of streamlining project management in Procore far outweigh the limitations.

If your construction business needs to unify workflows, enhance oversight, and boost productivity across projects, Procore construction management software is an industry-leading choice worth strong consideration.

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