RojadirectaTV Review – Is It Safe and Legal to Use for Free Sports Streaming?


RojadirectaTV is a popular website that allows users to stream live sports for free, particularly football matches. With its extensive content library and easy accessibility, RojadirectaTV review has become a go-to platform for many sports enthusiasts.

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However, over the years, concerns have been raised about the legality and safety of using RojadirectaTV and similar sports streaming websites. In this article, we analyze if RojadirectaTV can be considered safe and legal to use based on the evidence available.

Overview of Rojadirectatv Review

RojadirectaTV is the newest iteration of Rojadirecta, which has gone through several domain changes over the past decade due to legal issues and takedown efforts. The people behind RojadirectaTV remain anonymous, although the site’s servers are believed to be based in France.

RojadirectaTV has a large catalog of live sports streams, covering events like La Liga, Premier League, NBA, NFL, Formula 1 and more. The streams are free to access and the site generates revenue from online advertising. Besides the main RojadirectaTV website, there are several mirror sites and proxies in operation.

Key Facts About RojadirectaTV

  • Domain:
  • Believed to have servers based in France
  • Extensive catalog of free live sports streams
  • Generates revenue from advertising
  • Has several mirror sites and proxies

Is RojadirectaTV Legal to Use?

The legality of using RojadirectaTV is questionable at best. Let’s Rojadirectatv Review some of the evidence around the legal issues concerning RojadirectaTV and similar platforms:

Criminal Conviction of Rojadirecta Creator

In 2018, the original creator of Rojadirecta was sentenced by a Spanish court to 2 years in prison and fined €500,000 for copyright infringement related to the streaming of sports content owned by LaLiga and Mediapro. This set an important legal precedent that sites enabling unauthorized sports streaming can be held criminally liable.

Ongoing Legal Pressure

After the conviction of the Rojadirecta creator, the operators of the site continued to face legal heat. In early 2019, LaLiga obtained a court order to block the site and proxies in Spain. And in 2021, Rojadirecta URLs were part of a Premier League crackdown requesting ISPs to block streams illegally broadcasting Premier League games.

Usage of Site Remains Illegal

Despite the anonymity granted by the internet, users of sports streaming sites are not immune from legal repercussions. Legal experts suggest that accessing copyrighted content through unauthorized platforms is illegal, regardless of whether profits are being made. So in summary – yes, using RojadirectaTV involves legal risks even though the practical likelihood of facing penalties is low. Users should browse and stream content on such sites at their own risk.

Is RojadirectaTV Safe to Use?

Beyond issues around legality, there are also reasonable concerns around security risks when using sites like RojadirectaTV. Some of these risks include:

rojadirectatv Review
rojadirectatv Review

Malware and Spyware Potential

Cybersecurity analysts have flagged sports streaming sites as common malware and spyware vectors. Users drawn by free content let their guard down and unknowingly install spyware which compromises privacy. Specific reports have called out domains to be risky regarding malware downloads based on an analysis of associated domains.

Phishing and Scam Links

Researchers discovered over 11000 unsafe URLs (malware, phishing, scam) associated with the domain over a 4 month period earlier this year. Such malicious links can be used to steal login credentials and financial information from unsuspecting users.

Questionable Advertisements

Like many websites offering free content, Rojadirectatv Review relies on advertisements for revenue. Often these ads originate from low-reputation networks and may link out to phishing sites or download malware. Extreme caution must be exercised before clicking on any ads.

In light of these risks, we recommend sports fans interested in free streaming use reputable VPN services to enhance privacy, install robust browser extensions to block malicious domains, and exercise skepticism to identify scam links. Table 1 summarizes the key risks and recommended precautions.

Table 1. RojadirectaTV Usage – Risks and Recommended Precautions

Malware and spyware installationUse reputable antivirus software<br>Install browser extensions to block malicious websites
Phishing links and scamsCarefully inspect site links before clicking<br>Use VPN to enhance privacy
Intrusive or malicious adsInstall ad blockers <br>Disable flash and limit JavaScript


In conclusion – based on prior legal prosecution, persistent legal pressure from sports leagues, security risks from malware and suspicious links, and intrusive ads – we cannot recommend RojadirectaTV as a safe and legal streaming platform despite the free access it provides to premium sports content.

Sports fans would be better served by exploring legal alternatives like authorized over-the-top streaming services, DNS proxy services, premium VPN subscriptions, etc. even if costs are higher. When it comes to streaming unauthorized copyrighted content, free often comes at a literal and figurative price for end users.

That said, the convenience and product-market fit provided by sites like Rojadirectatv to consumer demand will likely ensure their survival in some form or another until legal alternatives can match them on accessibility and price. It remains an intriguing cat-and-mouse dynamic to observe going forward.

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