Sharesies is an Application that the Company has provided you in the Playstore. There is no minimum investment; you can buy stocks and ETFs from 1 cent. More than 8,000 companies and funds across the US, Australian, and New Zealand share markets—including the NYSE, Nasdaq, CBOE, ASX, and NZX. You can do a Sharesies Login for more knowledge.

The Sharesis Platform is owned and operated by Sharesies Limited, a New Zealand-registered company based in New Zealand. This application is subject to New Zealand laws and regulations. But as it is subject to investing, there is a risk. The markets go up and down, so you are not guaranteed to make money and might lose the money you started.

Shareseis does not provide personalized advice or recommendations. Any information they provide is general and current at the time written. It would be best if you considered seeking legal, financial, taxation, or other advice when considering whether to invest.

Sharesies App:

The Sharesies App is managed, controlled, and offered by Sharesies LTD & provides you with all the share’s prices and listing. This app is updated on 13-11-2022. There are more than 100000 downloads. This app is only available for people whose age is more than 17. In Australia, this app listing has been provided by Sharesies AU Pty Ltd (ACN 646 197 122, Corporate Authorised Representative No. 1284794), an authorized representative of Sanlam Private Wealth Pty Ltd (Australia Financial Services Licence No. 337927). You can Auto-Invest in this app and sit back and put your investment on repeat. There is no subscription fee on this app. You are only charged fees when you buy and sell shares and exchange money.

Sharesies App Download:

Sharesies provides you with an app in the play store. You can go to the play store and download the app or the link we have provided you here. Here is the App Download Link.

Sharesies Limited:

Sharesies is a fund investing application. They allow you to support how you like. It is effortless. You can choose from thousands of companies across New Zealand, the US, and Australia – all with no minimum investment. You can invest a little or a lot. There’s no minimum investment, so you decide how much you want. Buy part of any share with just 1¢—this is a straightforward step. You need to create and login into your Sharesies Account and add your wallet to take your fund into your Sharesies Account.

Sharesies Fees:

  • Brokerage Fee: The brokerage fee is 0.5% of the order value up to $3,000, then the order value above $3000 is 0.5%+ 0.1%.
  • Customer Support: Customer support is free and through email and online only.
  • Regulatory Fees: The regulatory fee is $0; the Company sharesies absorb these fees.
  • W-8BEN Filing Fee: It is Completely free.

Is Sharesies Safe:

The answer to the question of Is Sharesies are safe is Yes. Sharesies are very safe for investing. If anything is going to happen to sharesies, then your investment will still be safe because it is held separately by, or on behalf of, Sharesies Nominee Limited. Your money and shares are stored separately from the funds used in the operation of the business.


Are Sharesies worth it?

Sharesies make investing easy for everyone. Sharesies are ideal for smaller-scale investors who want to access US and Australian shares and shares in NZ. With no required minimum trade amount, frictional share trading, and an easy-to-use Website.

Does Sharesies pay tax for you?

NO, Sharesies does not pay tax for you. You will need to pay tax on your investment. You are responsible for your tax obligations.

How much should you invest in Sharesies?

If you are going to give 10% of your weekly pay, you make $800 a week, and then you’ll start by investing $80 a week. If you invest, you get rewarded more than the last time.

How do you take money out of Shareies?

Withdraw money from your wallet.

  1. Log in to Shareies.
  2. Go to Wallet > Withdraw.
  3. Enter how much you would like to withdraw.
  4. Enter the bank account name and number for the account you’d like the money withdrawn into.

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