Taylor Swift Vault Not Working – Malfunctions After Partnership with Google

Taylor swift vault not working – partners with Google for a vault song reveal


Taylor Swift recently collaborated with Google for an exciting vault song reveal, where fans could solve puzzles on Google to unlock the tracklist for her rerecorded album “1989 (Taylor’s Version)”. However, the rollout has been plagued by technical issues, leaving many Swifties unable to access the vault. This article will provide an overview of the partnership, the vault concept, the technical problems, and the fan reaction.

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Partnership with Google -taylor swift vault not working

On September 19th, 2023, Taylor Swift posted a cryptic video on Instagram of a blue vault opening, with the caption “You can tell me when the search is…”. This directed fans to Google, where they found a page of Swift-themed puzzles and games. Solving these puzzles would contribute to a counter, which would unlock the vault and reveal the 1989 tracklist once 33 million puzzles were completed.

This partnership with Google generated huge buzz amongst Swift’s fans, as it provided an interactive way to engage with her rerecording project. It relied on fan participation worldwide to organically reveal the new album information. Google’s breadth of products, from Search to Maps to AI, allowed for creative and immersive puzzles for fans to solve.

The Vault Concept

The vault concept ties into the theme of Swift “unlocking” her old album catalog where taylor swift vault not working. When Scooter Braun acquired her original masters in 2019, Swift pledged to rerecord all her old albums to gain back control – in a way, opening her vault of previous work. This partnership used the visual of a vault to symbolize unveiling the rerecorded 1989 album.

Taylor swift vault not working songs also refer to previously unreleased tracks Swift has stored away in her archives. So fans hoped solving puzzles would unlock not just the 1989 tracklist, but also reveal vault song titles. The vault and puzzles leverage Swift’s affinity for secret messages and hidden clues with her audience.

Technical Issues

Despite the excitement around the rollout, Swift’s collaboration with Google seems to have been plagued with technical problems. Many fans have reported issues “taylor swift vault not working” accessing and completing puzzles, and claim the vault counter is not updating properly.

Glitches have included puzzles not loading, games crashing, and the vault counter freezing at inconsistent numbers. This suggests issues on Google’s end in tallying the puzzle solutions, or app stability problems. Some puzzles also seemed solvable multiple times, inaccurately inflating the counter.

Additionally, fans in international regions had trouble accessing the Swift-Google pages. Restrictions based on location led to frustration over exclusion from contributing to the vault counter.

Fan Frustration

The technical problems about taylor swift vault not working experienced have left many Swifties unable to participate and access the vault reveal. After playing games and solving intricate puzzles, fans felt disappointed when promised answers weren’t unlocked.

Across social media, supporters voiced frustration over the glitches and inability to progress through the convoluted rollout. Some felt the flawed Google integration didn’t live up to the standards of Taylor’s usually meticulous marketing.

Others were enthusiastic but hoped bugs would be quickly fixed so all could participate. A few warned fellow fans not to get overhyped, as new album releases often come with tech hiccups. Overall, supporters remained eager to hear Taylor’s new 1989 rendition, but wished the interactive lead-up had gone smoother.

Looking Ahead

While the vault song reveal with Google didn’t go as planned, Taylor Swift’s partnership generated immense interest in her rerecording project. As she reclaims her back catalog, innovative marketing like this expanded the excitement amongst her dedicated fanbase.

Hopefully, the technical issues will be sorted out shortly so all Swifties can join in solving puzzles. The creativity of blending Google’s products with Swift’s elaborate musical themes was a compelling concept. This promotion reminds us of how Taylor continues to foster an immersive connection with her supporters even amidst a complicated music rights battle.

Moving forward, fans eagerly await what Swift has in store next for her rerecorded albums. And Google may think twice before banking an entire album rollout on finicky technical execution. But overall, the passion amongst Taylor’s audience persists – whether unveiled through a high-tech vault or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Taylor Swift’s partnership with Google?

Taylor Swift partnered with Google to reveal the tracklist for her rerecorded album “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” through an interactive online vault. Fans had to solve Swift-themed puzzles on Google, which would count towards unlocking the vault digitally to reveal the song list.

How were fans supposed to access the vault?

Fans had to complete puzzles and games scattered across Google products – like Search, Maps and AI experiments – that were related to Swift’s clues and lyrics. Each puzzle solved would increment a counter towards 33 million, at which point the vault would automatically unlock and reveal its secrets.

What kind of technical issues did the vault have?

There were numerous glitches that prevented proper access to the vault. Some common problems included puzzles not loading properly, puzzle solutions not submitting, games crashing mid-play, and the vault counter getting stuck or inaccurate. Other fans outside certain regions couldn’t view the puzzles at all.

Why were Taylor Swift fans frustrated?

Many fans were disappointed after solving intricate puzzles that they were then unable to successfully submit to the vault counter. The technical problems meant fans couldn’t participate fully in the album unlocking process as intended. After putting in effort, they didn’t get the vault reveal they were promised.

Will the partnership continue once technical issues are fixed?

While Google will likely work to fix the glitches, it’s unclear if the partnership will be extended after failing to go smoothly on the initial launch. Taylor Swift hasn’t made any statements about the issues or whether fans can expect the vault counter to be reset once operational.


In conclusion, Taylor Swift’s attempt to integrate an engaging album reveal across Google products was an innovative concept that generated excitement, but was unfortunately hampered by technical execution issues. The myriad glitches led to widespread frustration amongst her eager supporters who were unable to access the vault’s contents as intended. Moving forward, Swift will hopefully find more reliable ways to creatively unveil her upcoming rerecorded works to her passionate fanbase.

Table summarizing the key problems experienced with the Taylor swift vault not working

Technical IssueDescription
Puzzles not loadingFans reported Swift-themed puzzles and games on Google not initializing properly to play
Puzzle solutions not submittingSolutions to puzzles were not being correctly submitted to increment the vault counter
Games crashingSome interactive games based on Swift clues crashed mid-gameplay
Inaccurate counterIssues with puzzle solution tracking led to the vault counter number being incorrect or inconsistent
Regional restrictionsFans outside certain countries were geo-blocked from accessing puzzle pages

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