Amanda Seyfried, Star of “The Dropout,” Takes Home An Emmy For Her Performance

Amanda Seyfried was nominated for an Emmy for the first time this year, and she ended up taking home the trophy for best lead actress in a limited series or anthology. Seyfried reportedly told Glamour that her part in “The Dropout” was unique.

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She explained, “With this, I was getting to develop a character in a manner that I haven’t previously. It’s a fairly insane true story, and it was pretty well-written. I’m relieved that it worked out well and is well received.

It was revealed that the actor from “Letters to Juliet” had taken home the coveted Emmy. The audience laughed along with her as she praised her dog Finn and told her youngster that it was time for bed during her winning speech.

In “The Dropout,” Amanda Seyfried took on the role of.

In the film, Seyfried reportedly portrayed tech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes, as reported by Indie Wire.

Actually, Elizabeth Holmes exists. Holmes, recently found guilty of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, along with her firm Theranos, which claimed to be able to sample patients’ blood without using a needle, was the darling of Silicon Valley, according to Indie Wire.

Although the show is loosely based on the real-life Holmes, there are also fictitious components, and Seyfried has claimed that getting a glimpse into Holmes’ mind was one of the show’s biggest draws.

The Dropout: Where Can I Watch It Online?

The movie “The Dropout” can be seen on Hulu.

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