Top tips for getting gold and experience in WoW WOTLK

If you want to take a break from the main version of World of Warcraft, or get into an environment in which the value of items and leveling up is much higher, due to the slower speed of character development, the complication of resource extraction and a limited amount of gold.

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WOTLK, or Wrath of the Leach King – this is a restart of one of the most popular updates in the entire history of WoW, in which the main emphasis is on hardcore, long leveling, complex PVP, difficulties and duration of resource extraction for crafting, a high degree of relevance of professions and the importance of raids as one of the few stable sources of obtaining materials and finished items of varying degrees of quality.

The pace of pumping itself is so slow compared to the main version that some players simply cannot stand it and order wotlk boost in order to quickly cross this milestone in character development.

We’ll look at how to develop your hero faster and what mechanics you need to pay attention to in this article.

Leveling up

WoW WOTLK is about slow and thoughtful gameplay, with the pleasure of slowly accumulating resources and levels, using the same equipment for a long period of time and the increased benefits of playing with allies.

If you are not ready for such a hardcore and sometimes outdated format for online games of our time, then you should look towards the main version, or buy wotlk boosting.


In games where leveling is very slow, quests and tasks gain special meaning, since they allow you to consistently gain large amounts of experience and progress by completing only the essence of the task, and not by destroying thousands of monsters.

The only alternative to stability would be wow wotlk boosting.

Story quests will bring the most experience and resources, and at the same time tell you the history of the development of continental Azeroth during the period of the chronicles of the Wrath Of The Lich king.

Such tasks should be taken first if you need stable advancement to high levels, discovery of the most powerful skills, new locations and close proximity to the raid system, which will help you equip your hero.

With secondary quests, everything is more complicated and more individual – they are issued by many NPCs, but are not always a truly useful resource for experience and gold. Sometimes ordering World of Warcraft wotlk boost will bring more benefits and fewer problems than such tasks.

These could be orders to kill monsters, or transfer of certain items.

On the one hand, if they are completed in the same location, then such tasks can be taken regardless of their usefulness, since due to the total amount you can achieve a good increase in experience and gold.

In all other cases, you need to individually compare time costs and the final result. Sometimes killing a group of monsters is more profitable than completing strange tasks that only distance you from overall progress.


The second option, which perfectly, helps to accumulate resources and gain levels simply by destroying monsters.

By the way, just to understand the process, if you order wotlk classic boosting, this is exactly how a professional player will pump you up.

You just come to a location that suits your level and start destroying monsters. In an ideal format, you can do this quickly and without using third-party resources to accelerate damage, or constant healing. If all these costs are scanty, or are easily covered by mined gold, then there are no problems.

You can even combine grinding with the main storyline and simply stay in the location after completing the main quest, delaying your return to the peaceful settlement.

Grinding is not for everyone, because not every hero can kill monsters on their own, or do it fast enough to rely on this type of farming.

A good example is a healer. He needs to level up in a group and then the result will be good – provided that there are a lot of monsters, and they are killed quickly and in large groups.

If such a healer comes to grind alone, then by the time he kills even a dozen monsters, he will be able to complete a couple of quests and receive a much larger reward for it.

Even turning to the wow classic boost service is more profitable in terms of saving time than relying on your damage, being a classic support.

Ways to get gold and equipment

The most basic ways to get equipment and gold are:

  • Raids
  • Professions

To wear the best equipment, you need a high level, and sometimes it is much easier to simply order the wrath of the lich king boost than to go towards this goal yourself from the very beginning.


This is a format in which you can receive solid pieces of equipment and a good increase in level if you cope and win a battle with a strong monster and his retinue.

Raids are an attack on a dungeon in which the boss lives and guards his treasures, which you can get if he dies.

There are three difficulty types in total, which open gradually, one after another if you win the previous one.

The initial stage is the simplest – you simply get acquainted with the basic mechanics of the boss, the peculiarities of his attacks and begin to develop your own strategy to defeat him.

Each head of the dungeon has his own skills and tactics, which you just need to be able to distinguish in order to understand the situation and know how to act – this could be a sudden approach to avoid long-range damage, or, conversely, increasing the distance and not receiving damage at close range.

All skills have animation and over time you will learn to feel them and quickly react to all potential attacks and attacks.

This will come in handy at the third, Mythic difficulty level, when you will claim the best legendary equipment, for which players essentially come to complex raids and even buy wow classic boost.

The difficulty will be high and attacks will be more frequent and more active, and the boss will have more health, more deadly skills, but also a higher reward.


There are two types of professions – collecting and creating, and if you combine them with each other, then you will have the opportunity to independently provide your hero with everything necessary for successful gameplay, including in advance, so that when you level up on your own, or order a cheap wow classic boost, you will fully equip.

The combinations are simple.

If you want light armor, take off skins and engage in leatherworking. The same profession will help you create a bow for the class of the same name.

Heavy armor and steel weapons require mining and a forge.

For jewelry and inserting precious stones for magical protection and enhancing parameters, you need a jeweler.

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