UG AELC eLearning Commons (eLC) Helps Online Education at the University of Georgia?

UG AELC eLearning Commons (eLC) is the online learning management system utilized by the University of Georgia for delivering educational content and facilitating instruction for online courses. As online education continues to expand, eLC provides an essential platform for UGA faculty and students to engage in 21st-century teaching and learning. This article will provide an overview of eLC, discuss its key features and tools, and explain how it supports online instruction at ug aelc.

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Overview of eLearning Commons

ug aelc is built on the Brightspace platform by D2L, one of the leading online learning management system (LMS) providers. It enables the creation and delivery of online courses, provides tools for communication and collaboration, and gives instructors the ability to share content, assess student learning, and track grades and progress. eLC has been adopted campus-wide at UGA as the standard LMS for online classes. It provides a unified system that students can access through their UGA MyID credentials on any device.

As an LMS, ug aelc serves as a central hub for online courses where students can engage with all the materials, activities, and people for their classes in one virtual location. It is FERPA-protected to maintain student privacy and gives instructors flexibility in customizing the tools and content delivery for their courses. eLC consolidates and streamlines many of the key functions required in online education.

Key Features and Tools of ug aelc

ug aelc comes equipped with a robust set of features and tools that facilitate online teaching and learning. Here are some of the key capabilities:

Course Content Delivery

Instructors can easily upload learning materials in a variety of formats including documents, videos, images, audio files, and more. Content can be organized into modules and sequenced in the desired learning path.

Multimedia Integration

eLC enables embedding of rich media including YouTube videos, TED talks, SlideShare presentations, and other external content. Multimedia helps enhance student engagement.

Announcements and Email

Instructors can efficiently broadcast announcements and reminders directly to all or specific students. An integrated email system allows for class-wide and individual communication.

Discussion Forums

Students can engage in collaborative discussion forums that foster participation, interaction, and community. Both synchronous and asynchronous forums are available.

Quizzes and Exams

eLC provides tools to create quizzes, surveys, assignments, and exams. Auto-grading of multiple choice and true-false questions provides instant feedback.


An online gradebook allows instructors to track and share student progress and grades throughout the course. Rubrics can be created for consistent grading.

Analytics and Reports

Instructors can leverage analytics to identify usage trends, measure student progress, and gain insights to improve course effectiveness.

Mobile Access

The eLC mobile app allows students to conveniently access all course content, participate in discussions, take assessments, and receive notifications on their mobile devices.


Instructors have extensive options for tailoring and configuring the course layout, tools, settings, themes, and adding custom content.

Supporting Online Education at ug aelc

eLC provides an essential set of tools for delivering engaging and effective online instruction at the University of Georgia.

Here are some of the key ways it supports online teaching and learning:

Expands Access

eLC enables UGA to offer online courses and degree programs, expanding educational access for students across the state, country, and globe.

Supports Hybrid and Blended Models

For courses that incorporate both online and face-to-face sessions, eLC provides continuity for students across the modalities.

Enables Multimedia Content

Multimedia tools allow faculty to enhance online courses with rich media for improved student experience and engagement.

Facilitates Collaboration

Discussion forums, chat tools, and group assignments in eLC promote student-to-student and student-to-instructor collaboration.

Accommodates Diverse Learning Styles

The variety of content formats and tools in eLC support different learning modalities including visual, auditory, reading/writing.

Provides Flexibility

Students can access course materials at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Drives Continuous Improvement

Analytics and reporting capabilities allow instructors to identify areas working well and opportunities for improvement in online courses.

Supports Consistent Experience

Students have a familiar platform for online learning, providing a consistent look, feel, and navigation as they take different eLC-based courses.

Enables Customization

eLC gives faculty options to tailor and personalize their online courses to best meet discipline-specific learning objectives.


In conclusion, the University of Georgia’s adoption of ug aelc eLearning Commons provides a robust, feature-rich platform to support and enhance online education. Ug aelc gives faculty powerful tools to create engaging online courses, build student collaboration, deliver multimedia content, assess learning, and gain valuable analytics. Students benefit from 24/7 access to course materials, communication tools, and a consistent experience across classes. As online enrollment continues to climb, eLC will be a critical component empowering UGA to provide outstanding online instruction that expands educational access and attainment.

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