What Is Volokit and How Does It Work?


Volokit is a popular free live sports streaming platform that allows users to watch a variety of sports content without paying subscription fees. With Volokit, users can stream live games and matches across leagues and tournaments such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MMA, boxing, Formula 1, and more.

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While free live sport streaming services have become quite popular in recent years, many users are still unaware of how these platforms operate.

In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at Volokit, exploring key aspects such as:

  • What is Volokit and how does it work?
  • What sports content is available on Volokit?
  • Is using Volokit legal and safe?
  • What are some tips for using Volokit?

By the end of this guide, you will have a comprehensive understanding of this free live sports streaming platform and be able to make an informed decision about using it.

What is Volokit?

Volokit is a free online platform that aggregates live streams of sporting events from various streaming sources and makes them available for users to conveniently watch in one place.

The site does not host any live streams itself. Instead, it pulls streams from third-party sources, including official broadcasters and pirated streams from Reddit and other streaming sites. These streams are then embedded into the Volokit site for easy access.

Using Volokit is straightforward. Users simply visit the site, browse for the game they wish to watch using the tabs, and click on their preferred stream source to start watching. The site has a simple and intuitive interface making it easy to find and access desired live sport streams.

Some key things to note about Volokit

  • Completely free: No registration, subscriptions or payments required to use Volokit.
  • No ads: The site does not run any ads, unlike many free streaming platforms.
  • Aggregates content: Volokit does not host any content itself but pulls streams from various third-party sources.
  • Limited controls: Users have limited controls and options beyond picking a stream source. No DVR or ability to rewind/replay.
  • Use at your own risk: Volokit operates in a legal grey area, and users access streams at their own risk.

Overall, Volokit aims to provide free convenient access to live sports by aggregating content from various sources onto one platform. But it comes with certain limitations and risks which we will explore in detail later on.

What Sports Content is Available on Volokit?

Volokit provides streams for a wide variety of popular sports and leagues.

Some of the main sports coverage includes:

American Football

  • NFL: National Football League including Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and NFL RedZone.
  • NCAA Football: College football games across top NCAA divisions.
  • XFL: The Extreme Football League.


  • NBA: National Basketball Association games including playoffs and finals.
  • NCAA Basketball: College basketball across top NCAA divisions including March Madness.


  • MLB: Major League Baseball including preseason, regular season, and postseason games.

Ice Hockey

  • NHL: National Hockey League games including Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals.


  • EPL: English Premier League matches.
  • La Liga: Spain’s La Liga games.
  • Bundesliga: German soccer league matches.
  • UEFA Champions League: Europe’s top continental soccer tournament.

Combat Sports

  • UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view fights.
  • Boxing: Big PPV boxing events like heavyweight title fights.

Motor Racing

  • Formula 1: F1 races across all Grand Prix weekends and qualifying.
  • NASCAR: Top NASCAR races from circuits across the US.

Beyond this, Volokit also provides streams for sports like cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, and more. The site covers all the major leagues, tournaments, and championship events for each sport.

The platform does not carry streams for every single game/match for a sport. But it does aim to provide links to the biggest games, especially playoffs, championships and other marquee events that have high demand.

Availability of links can vary based on factors like popularity of a game, source of streams, and traffic load. Less prominent events may have fewer stream options.

Is Using Volokit Legal and Safe?

A major question surrounding free sports streaming platforms like Volokit is – are they legal to use and safe? The answers are somewhat complex.

Legality of Volokit

Volokit operates in a legal grey area. Here are some key points on the legality of using Volokit:

  • Aggregates unauthorized streams: Many streams on Volokit are from unauthorized sources, making them illegal. Sports leagues condemn these platforms.
  • Does not host content: Volokit itself does not host or distribute any unauthorized content, giving it some legal cover.
  • Linking vs hosting: Laws differentiate between linking to illegal content and hosting illegal content. Volokit claims it only links.
  • Onus on users: Volokit places the onus on users to verify legality of streams based on their location. Users access streams at their own risk.
  • Use VPN: Users can employ a reliable VPN service to bypass restrictions and stream safely and privately. This also provides some legal cover.

So in summary, while Volokit itself avoids directly hosting illegal content, users ultimately stream unauthorized content at their own risk. The legality also depends on each user’s location and local laws.

Safety Concerns and Precautions

When accessing free live sports streams from unregulated sources, users should take necessary safety precautions such as:

  • Be wary of ads, clicks: Streaming sites are laden with ads, popups and redirects that can link to malware and scams. Avoid clicking anything beyond the actual video player.
  • Use adblockers: Employ ad blocking browser extensions to prevent malicious ads and activity.
  • Beware of fakes: Fake “play” buttons can trick users into clicking ads and downloads. Only click the actual video player.
  • Use VPN: A reputable VPN provides encryption, anonymity and security when streaming. This protects your privacy and data.
  • Updated antivirus: Have an updated antivirus program installed to detect any malware and suspicious activity.
  • Close suspicious tabs: If you encounter anything dubious, close out of those tabs or windows immediately.
  • Don’t share info: Never share personal or login information on streaming sites.

While convenient, free live sports streaming platforms carry risks. Following basic precautions greatly reduces threats. Ultimately, users must decide if benefits outweigh potential risks.

Tips for Using Volokit

Here are some useful tips to get the best experience out of Volokit:

  • Check for games: Visit Volokit about 30 minutes prior to a game to see available streams appear. Offerings will be limited right before a match starts.
  • More options for big games: Look for multiple stream links for major events like playoffs and finals. This provides backup options. Lesser games may have fewer links.
  • Try all streams: Sometimes certain streams lag or get taken down. Trying 2-3 different streams quickly allows you to find a reliable one.
  • Don’t rely on previous games: Streams disappear after a game ends. Don’t rely on the same link working for future games.
  • Filter NSFW Reddit streams: Volokit pulls streams from Reddit which sometimes include NSFW subreddits. Uncheck NSFW sources using the filter if desired.
  • Use an adblocker: Install an adblock browser extension and keep it enabled to avoid annoyances and threats from invasive ads.
  • Check for malware: Use tools like browser extensions to quickly scan for any malware on the site. This provides protection and peace of mind.
  • Verify location access: Certain events may be blacked out in certain regions. Use a VPN to circumvent blackout restrictions if needed.
  • Try different devices: If you encounter tech issues like buffering on one device, try switching to another. Issues are often device-specific.

In summary: Check streams 30 minutes before games start, use adblockers, don’t click ads, scan for malware, and use VPNs for privacy, security and circumventing restrictions. This allows you to access content safely.


Volokit provides a convenient way to access free live streams for a wide range of sports. It aggregates content from various sources, allowing users to watch major games and events at no cost.

However, there are notable downsides. The legality is questionable, the platform carries security risks, streams can be unreliable, and users have limited controls. Users must decide if benefits outweigh the risks.

Approaching Volokit with reasonable expectations of an imperfect but convenient free streaming service allows you to enjoy the upsides it offers. Just be sure to take necessary precautions around privacy, security and finding reliable streams.

Handle Volokit access carefully, and it can serve as a useful supplemental platform for watching your favorite sports without expensive cable or streaming subscriptions.

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