Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?


Does Walmart Take Apple Pay in 2024? Apple Pay, the mobile payment system developed by Apple, has become increasingly popular since its launch in 2014. With Apple Pay, users can make payments in stores, apps, and websites using their iPhone or Apple Watch. However, despite Apple Pay’s rising adoption, Walmart, the world’s largest company by revenue, does not directly accept Apple Pay in its stores.

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Workaround to Use Walmart Take Apple Pay

Although Walmart does not natively accept ApplePay, there is a workaround that allows customers to use ApplePay when shopping at Walmart.

This involves adding your Apple Card to the Walmart app. Here are the steps:

  1. Step#1. Download the Walmart app from the App Store
  2. Step#2. Open the app and go to the Account tab
  3. Step#3. Click on “Payment Methods” and add your Apple Card

By adding your Apple Card to Walmart Pay, you can use ApplePay at Walmart. However, this is still not as seamless as directly using Apple Pay in stores. It requires utilizing the Walmart app instead of paying directly with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

does walmart take apple pay
does walmart take apple pay

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay Accept Other Mobile Payment Apps?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept any other mobile payment systems like Google Pay or Samsung Pay either. The company has its own proprietary mobile payment app called Walmart Take Apple Pay which it actively pushes customers to use.

walmart take apple pay
walmart take apple pay
Mobile Payment AppAccepted at Walmart
Apple PayNo (workaround with Walmart Pay only)
Google PayNo
Samsung PayNo
Walmart PayYes

Walmart Pay allows customers to pay by scanning a QR code generated at checkout. It is available for both iOS and Android. While Walmart takes mobile payments through Walmart Pay, it still accepts traditional payment methods like credit/debit cards, PayPal, cash and checks.

Benefits of Using Walmart Take Apple Pay

Since ApplePay is not directly accepted at Walmart, there are limited benefits to using the workaround of adding your Apple Card to Walmart Pay. The only advantage is that you can still earn Apple Cash rewards and benefits on purchases made through your Apple Card.

However, you lose the convenience and security benefits of directly using Apple Pay with Face ID or Touch ID authentication. And it is uncertain whether Walmart Pay provides the same purchase protections as ApplePay transactions.

Ultimately, Walmart not accepting ApplePay is more about Walmart’s business strategy than consumer benefits. Walmart avoids paying Apple’s transaction fees and pushes customers to use Walmart Pay instead. And the company likely wants full control of the customer payment data.

Will Walmart Ever Accept Apple Pay?

Walmart has never clearly acknowledged if it intends to accept ApplePay in the future. The company is focused on gaining adoption for its Walmart Pay app instead. However, as mobile payments and particularly ApplePay continue to gain mainstream usage, Walmart may eventually decide to accept ApplePay as well.

For now, customers have no choice but to use the Walmart app workaround if they want to pay via ApplePay at Walmart. This may frustrate some customers, while others don’t mind adopting Walmart’s own payment solution. But there’s a chance Walmart does broaden its payment acceptance in the future as market dynamics evolve.


In summary, while ApplePay adoption is accelerating, Walmart Take Apple Pay does not directly take ApplePay as of 2024. The only option is an imperfect workaround that involves adding your Apple Card to Walmart Pay. Walmart’s decision seems to be driven more by business strategy than consumer convenience. And it remains uncertain if Walmart will ever begin accepting ApplePay directly down the road as part of a broader mobile payment offering.

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