Want To Download Apps Faster? Follow These Tips

Patience is a virtue, but it is becoming an extremely rare quality in today’s fast-paced modern life. With everything available at their fingertips, people don’t want to wait even a minute. This makes marketers struggle to ensure business websites load in under three seconds, or they will lose potential customers. Similarly, restaurants are working in turbo mode to ensure their patrons are given a minimum wait time.

Therefore, it is only natural for smartphone users to feel frustrated when their applications take forever to download. It even causes users to abandon the download and move on to something else. Luckily, there are some ways to speed up app downloads.

But first, remember not to enter the wrong password for your app marketplace account out of excitement, or else your account will be disabled, and you will have to wait until it is restored. Typically, if you have been using your device for some time, you will already be logged in to the app marketplace. If, for some reason, you need to re-login, remember the password. For instance, if you were wondering why is my account disabled in app store and itunes, the reason might be entering the wrong password multiple times. It would be best if you waited for Apple to restore your account before you started downloading apps from unreliable sources. And if you don’t remember your password, reset it.

Now look at the tricks you can implement to download apps faster.

Restart Your Device Before Downloading

Restart your device before downloading apps to increase the download speed. Rebooting the system auto-fixes bugs and resumes with the average downloading speed.

Connect To A Stable Wi-Fi Network

The stability of your network is the most essential determining factor of how quickly the apps will be downloaded. For example, if the connection constantly slows down or drops, the downloads will go slower.

To download faster, you must connect to a stable, fast Wi-Fi connection. Or, you must ensure there’s a strong cellular signal whenever you’re attempting to download.

Avoid Downloading During Peak Hours

During peak hours, there’s a huge influx of traffic on networks. This means that a massive number of users are attempting to download applications. Therefore, competing with so many others on the same network will invariably slow down the download speed. As a result, it might take longer than usual to download an application because there’s network congestion. Also, your ISP may throttle your bandwidth to minimize network congestion during this period of time.

You can avoid this problem by downloading during off-peak hours when the network traffic is lower. So, if you want good download speeds, early morning or late at night is a good time for this purpose.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleared out unnecessary apps, it’s time for a spring clean. Apps you don’t use any longer are taking up precious storage space on your device. This reduces your device’s capacity for new downloads and decreases overall speed.

Therefore, remove anything that is not being used regularly and free some storage space. This will help download apps faster.

Clear Out Cached Data

While you are clearing out old apps, remember to delete cached data from previously used applications. This will maximize the storage space and speed up app downloads.

Cached data from unused apps are space hoarders. The data accumulates with time, filling up too much of the device’s memory. This becomes a hindrance when you’re downloading new applications.

Close Other Applications/Programs When Downloading

Programs or applications running in the background might consume system resources, such as data and RAM. The speed of downloading new apps might be affected because of the background-running applications. You must ensure to close all the programs or apps before starting a new download.

As you close all the unnecessary programs, system resources will free up. This will help you to proceed smoothly with your new app downloads.

Do Not Queue Up Downloads

The principle of equal sharing drives the download manager. Therefore, when you have more than one download, the network speed is shared among all the apps waiting to be downloaded. This results in each download taking longer than usual.

Therefore, you must refrain from queuing up downloads and focus on one app at a time.

Update The Device’s Operating System

To optimize your device’s performance, you must stay up-to-date with regular updates. These updates ensure optimal device performance and maximum speeds during app downloads.

If you are not running the latest version of the operating system, check for any new updates.

The Bottom Line

These tips will help speed up app downloads so you don’t have to wait long to use the application. But if you’ve tried them and see no difference, test your Internet speed. It may be time to upgrade your Wi-Fi plan.

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