Is Watchwrestling24 Legal and Safe for Enjoying Wrestling Shows Online? [Review]


Watchwrestling24 is a website that provides free access to stream various wrestling shows and events. With a large catalog of shows from WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling, NJPW, and more, it seems like an attractive option for wrestling fans to catch up on matches. However, the legality and safety of using Watchwrestling24 is questionable. In this article, we’ll review Watchwrestling24 and examine the legal and security risks of using the site.

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Overview of Watchwrestling24

Watchwrestling24 launched in 2007 and has since grown into one of the most popular sites for streaming wrestling content for free. The site provides a straightforward user interface to browse and watch videos without registration. The video player is smooth and the site even offers mobile support.

The library includes a wide selection of shows from major promotions like WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT, AEW Dynamite, Impact Wrestling, ROH, NJPW, and indie promotions. Pay-per-view events are typically available to stream right after they air live. The site is frequently updated with the latest episodes and new content.

Is It Legal to Use Watchwrestling24?

The most pressing concern with a site like Watchwrestling24 is the legality of using it. Watchwrestling24 does not have the rights or licenses to distribute the content they offer for free streaming. The actual rights are owned by the respective promotions. Streaming or downloading copyrighted content without permission constitutes piracy, which is illegal.

Most major countries have laws prohibiting the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material. In the United States, it violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). In Canada, it goes against the Copyright Act. The United Kingdom has the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. Infringing on copyright law can lead to civil and criminal liability.

While sites like Watchwrestling24 appear to operate in legal gray areas or jurisdictional loopholes, users do take a legal risk streaming on these sites according to intellectual property laws. Promotions also actively try to get these sites taken down through DMCA notices.

Is Watchwrestling24 Safe to Use?

In addition to the legal concerns, there are also risks to the safety and security of your devices and information when using sites like Watchwrestling24. Here are some of the potential security issues:

  • Malware – Illegal streaming sites often spread malware through malicious ads and links. This can infect your device with viruses, ransomware, spyware and other threats.
  • Phishing – The site may engage in phishing scams to steal login credentials and financial information through fake forms and prompts.
  • Spam – Excessive pop-up ads, clickbait links, and notifications can compromise your privacy and system performance.
  • Geo-blocking – Streaming sites utilize geo-blocking to restrict access depending on your location. To circumvent this, you’ll need to use a VPN which poses further risks.
  • Data harvesting – Your IP address, location, device info and other data may be collected without consent for ad targeting or worse.
  • No security measures – Unlike legitimate services, illegal streaming sites do not invest in cybersecurity or encryption to protect your data and privacy.

Without adequate protection for your devices and data, the potential threats are dangerous. Your system and identity can be compromised just through visiting or streaming from an unsafe website.

Safer Alternatives for Streaming Wrestling

While sites like Watchwrestling24 offer free access to content, paying for legitimate services is the legal and secure option. Here are some safer alternatives:

  • WWE Network – WWE’s own streaming platform with an extensive archive of shows and PPVs for $9.99/month.
  • AEW Plus – Access to AEW pay-per-views and shows for $4.99/month on FITE TV.
  • Impact Plus – Official Impact Wrestling streaming with episodes, PPV events, and more for $7.99/month.
  • NJPW World – The premiere destination for New Japan Pro Wrestling content for just 999 yen (~$7.50 USD) per month.
  • ROH HonorClub – Ring of Honor’s subscription service with weekly shows, pay-per-views, and an archive for $9.99/month.
  • FITE TV – Digital PPV platform for combats sports and wrestling events, including WWE, AEW, Impact, NJPW, ROH, and more.
  • Sling TV – Live cable TV streaming with wrestling channels like TNT, USA, and AXS TV starting at $40/month.

These legitimate services not only avoid any piracy risks but provide better video quality, reliability, accessibility options, and viewer experience that illegal sites cannot match. As an added bonus, your membership fees help support the promotions and wrestlers you enjoy watching.

The Risk vs Reward of Watchwrestling24

While Watchwrestling24 grants free access to stream wrestling shows that are normally behind a paywall, the risks outweigh the rewards:


  • Large catalog of wrestling content
  • Free access without subscriptions
  • New episodes shortly after airing


  • Legal liability for piracy
  • Malware, phishing, spam, data harvesting
  • Poor stream quality and reliability
  • No revenue for promotions and wrestlers

When you factor in the legal consequences and security threats, using Watchwrestling24 is an unsafe choice for any wrestling fan. You’re better off paying a small fee for the protection, support, and higher quality you get from legitimate streaming services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions wrestling fans have about sites like Watchwrestling24:

Q1. Is it completely illegal to use Watchwrestling24?

It is illegal according to copyright law to stream or download content without permission of the rights holders. There is always the risk of fines or prosecution, though users are rarely directly targeted. The site itself may get taken down.

Q2. Can I get in trouble or sued for using Watchwrestling24?

There is a possibility of legal punishment if the copyright holders choose to pursue legal action against individual users. However, it is difficult to enforce and users are rarely singled out. The streaming sites themselves are more likely to face lawsuits.

Q3. Does Watchwrestling24 work with a VPN?

Yes, you can access Watchwrestling24 using a VPN to mask your IP address and location. However, VPNs come with their own privacy and security risks, especially free ones. Paid VPNs from reputable providers offer greater protection.

Q4. Is it safe to enter my personal info on Watchwrestling24?

No, never share any personal, login or financial information on illegal streaming sites. Any details entered can potentially be stolen for malicious use such as identity theft and financial fraud.

Q5. Can I get a virus from Watchwrestling24?

Yes, illegal streaming sites often spread malware through contaminated ads, links and files. An antivirus program is recommended but not an absolute guarantee against infections. The only way to fully minimize the risk is not to use the site.

Q6. How can I watch wrestling legally and safely online?

Your best bet is to use official streaming services like WWE Network, AEW Plus, NJPW World or FITE TV. There are also options like Sling TV that carry wrestling programming legally. Though not free, they ensure your security, provide better quality, and compensate the wrestlers.


In closing, Watchwrestling24 provides free access to stream a wealth of wrestling content. However, utilizing the site comes with notable risks of malware infection, identity theft, legal liability and more. Paying a small monthly fee for legitimate streaming services like WWE Network and AEW Plus will grant you safe and legal access to enjoy wrestling shows. Avoid the dangers of piracy sites and support the wrestling community.

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