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Jelani Day is a recently graduated student who went missing and was later found dead. His family and many other people in Bloomington still don’t know what happened to him. After a year, there are still many things we don’t know.

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Dr. Carla Campbell-Jackson, first vice president of the Bloomington-Normal NAACP, said that research shows that crimes against African-Americans are often ignored and not solved. To learn more about What Went Wrong with Jelani Day? Read the 2022 news about the Jelani case.

Who was Jelani Day?

Jelani Day was a well-known speech pathology master’s student at Illinois State University when he was 25 years old. He was there to get his master’s degree.

Two days after he went missing on August 24, his car was found in a remote place far from where he had been seen last.

Day was a dedicated member of his high school swim team and had said he wanted to become a doctor. His untimely death makes people wonder about the official cause of his death.

When Was Jelani Day Body Found?

Jelani Day’s body was found on September 4, 2021, a week after his car was found in Peru, Illinois. LaSalle County Coroner Richard Ploch said that Mr. Day drowned on October 25 and that it is currently unknown how he got into the Illinois River.

Chicago Sun-Times Report

According to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times, Day’s body only had empty eye sockets. Both the upper and lower front teeth were said to have been taken out. A private forensic pathologist thought that someone “sawed out” his jawbone.

What Days’ family and legal representative said

According to what Days’ family and legal representative said, the pathologist couldn’t find any of Days’ organs, including his brain, liver, or spleen. The pathology report said that the organs had been “completely liquefied.” They found genitalia that couldn’t be identified. Day’s lawyer, Hallie M. Bezner, has said that she wants to know what happened to his badly rotting body.

Bloomington Police Officer John Fermon

In September, Bloomington Police Officer John Fermon said, “Whether there was wrongdoing or not, it’s different.” It was clear from the start that this was a one-of-a-kind situation. Do you want me to say that someone thought something was up? We were interested because, “Hey, this isn’t how a missing person case usually goes,” so it was unusual and strange.

Fermon said

Fermon said it wasn’t something we just stopped doing after his body was found. That’s not how the police department works, to put it simply. Even though the odds are against us, we will keep looking into the matter. Fox News said on October 1 that the FBI is likely looking into Day’s death as a suicide.

What Did Jelani Day Do Wrong?

A mother’s grief over her son’s death is made worse by the fact that she thinks he was killed. Even though it’s been a year since her son Jelani went missing, she still doesn’t know where he is.

Carmen Bolden Day said, “I have no idea what happened to Jelani.” “I don’t want this to happen to any other family,” he said.

Bolden Day, her family, and other people think that someone knows why this young Black male doctoral student ended up sixty kilometres north of his university’s campus in Peru, where only 0.4% of the people are Black.

Jelani did not commit suicide?

Jelani did not commit suicide. Jonathan Jackson said that the Rainbow PUSH Coalition is “here for Jelani.” “Why?” Jelani should not be mistreated. Jackson asked the Illinois Attorney General to look into the matter.

Bolden Day wants to help other families who are going through hard times by setting up a foundation in Jelani’s name.

Jelani, a student who was studying speech pathology, went missing in the year 2021. The next day, the police found his car near the Illinois Valley YMCA in Peru. Searchers found Jelani’s body nine days later, two miles from his car, near Route 251 and the Illinois River. The LaSalle County coroner has decided that Jelani drowned.

This Saturday, family and friends of Carmen Bolden Day’s son Jelani will get together to remember him. John W. Fountain / Sun-Times

Bolden Day says that the “investigation” into Jelani’s death was a waste of time. She isn’t sure how loyal they are. Bolden Day has been looking for proof with great care.

Even after a year, she doesn’t know much and only has photos from her phone of Jelani’s seized Chrysler 300 to go on. The Peruvian police gave her permission to check out her son’s car on August 17.

She couldn’t believe what she saw in the backyard, hidden behind a cover. She said that the red police tape that was broken was used to seal the doors. The mother found a dollar bill, some loose change, her son’s shoes, a T-shirt, shorts, a piece of mail, and a suitcase in the car.

Full. Bagless. Tagless. The police can’t find any proof, which is a shame.

It really made me mad. She said that every single thing in his car was a lie. Bolden Day said, “They keep hitting me in the face… like Jelani is nothing.”

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