What Is Austen Southern Charm Net Worth?

During season 4 of Southern Charm in 2017, Austen Kroll joined the cast. Since he joined the cast, Kroll has become an important part of it. Craig Conover, Shep Rose, Whitney Sudler-Smith, and John Pringle are all close friends with him.

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Before he joined the cast, Kroll worked for the Red Hare Brewing Company. Kroll worked as a salesman in Charleston and went from bar to bar to try to get people to try their beer. Since then, Kroll’s brewery, Kings Calling Brewing Company, made him his own beer called Trop Hop in 2019.

The Cinemaholic and Slice say that Kroll has a net worth of about $1 million. Here’s what you need to know about how much money Kroll has.

Kroll joined the show “Southern Charm.”

When Kroll’s first episode of Southern Charm aired, many of the cast members were happy for him that he now had a steady job that paid well. Kroll worked for Red Hare Brewing Company as a salesman. According to its website, the Red Hare Brewing Company is a brewery and distillery in Atlanta.

Glassdoor and Slice say that the average salesperson salary at Red Hare Brewing Company is between $45,000 and $64,000. Many people who watch Southern Charm know that Kroll’s parents thought he could have a better job and often talked to him on the show about it. Kroll quit his job there in the end so he could start a new adventure.

Kroll started up his own brewery.

The 33-year-old reality star has always made it clear that he loves beer and everything to do with brewing. Kroll took his interest to the next level in 2018 when he started King’s Calling Brewing Company. A few months later, at the start of 2019, Kroll released Trop Hop, his first beer.

Trop Hop is an IPA with tropical fruits. Fans and people who like beer can find Trop Hop in bars, grocery stores, and liquor stores all over Charleston. In 2019 and 2020, Kroll also had a booth at the Charleston Wine + Food event.

On his website, Kroll also sells items from King’s Calling Brewing Co. He sells more than a dozen things, like shirts, hats, and things to go with beer. The prices range from $4 to $60, and many of the items are already gone.

“Southern Charm” makes money for Kroll.

All of the people on Southern Charm get paid for being on the show, but they don’t all get the same amount. Some cast members, like Craig Conover and Shep Rose, make more money than Kroll because they have been on the show for more seasons.

The exact salaries of each cast member are not known by Bravo. Radar Online said in 2018 that each cast member makes $25,000 per episode. And each season has 15 episodes, so that’s $375,000 for three to four months of filming each year.

Radar Online said that before filming for season 7, Kathryn Dennis, Cameran Eubanks, Shep Rose, and Craig Conover all got a $5,000 raise per episode. Radar Online says that the bonus gave each member of the cast $480,000 for the season. Radar Online says that Kroll kept making $5,000 per episode, which added up to a total of $80,000.

Kroll’s family is very wealthy.

Many of the other Southern Charm stars know that when they sign up for a reality show, their close friends and family members often show up. Kroll has a younger sister named Katie and two parents named Tom and Wendy. The three often go to Charleston to see Kroll.

The Cinemaholic says that Kroll comes from a wealthy family. People know that Kroll’s parents try to get him a more stable job and steer him in the right direction. “His parents, Tom and Wendy, raised him to be the kind, loyal, and charismatic friend that every southern gentleman should strive to be,” his Bravo profile says.

Kroll is getting ready to start some new businesses.

Kroll only started King’s Calling Brewing Co. a few years ago, so his projects can only get better from here. Kroll is also starting a new podcast with Craig Conover, who is also on the show and is his best friend. Pillows N’ Beer is the name of their podcast, in which they talk about anything. The podcast will come out in the beginning of 2021.

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