What Is CardFruit And How Does It Work? [Review]


CardFruit is a website that promises users the chance to earn gift cards and other rewards by completing surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, and more. However, there are concerns over the legitimacy of the site and confusion over exactly how it operates. This article will provide an in-depth review of CardFruit, examining what it is, how it works, its stated purpose, doubts about its legitimacy, and common complaints about the platform.

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What is CardFruit?

CardFruit markets itself as a rewards site where users can earn money and gift cards by performing various online activities like taking surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, and clicking on ads. According to the site, it has partnered with “some of the world’s largest brands” to provide these opportunities to its users.

The CardFruit website claims it has been serving customers since 2016 and has paid out over $3 million in rewards. It states that it provides secure processes for transactions and deliveries.

However, there is conflicting information about the legitimacy and reliability of the site. Several review sites have flagged CardFruit as “risky” and advise caution in using it.

How Does CardFruit Work?

According to the website, earning rewards on CardFruit involves a simple three-step process:

Step#1. Browse the available offers on the site across categories like surveys, apps, games, videos, prizes and more

Step#2. Complete the selected offers by providing information, downloading apps, watching videos, etc.

Step#3. Accumulate points for completing offers, then exchange points for gift cards or prizes

For example, the site states that users can earn $30 Amazon gift cards for accumulating 7,500 points. Other top rewards include Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Xbox, Playstation Network, and Visa gift cards.

CardFruit claims it provides fast rewards and has a high success rate for converting points into gift cards. However, the site provides very little information about how the point system actually works or how the values are set.

What is The Purpose of CardFruit?

The stated purpose of CardFruit is to allow users to earn money and rewards for their time spent online. By incentivizing activities like surveys, app downloads, video views, and ad clicks, it aims to connect users with brands for mutual benefit.

On the user side, the draw is the chance to easily earn gift cards and extra income. For brands and market researchers, the appeal is access to consumer data and a platform to promote services.

However, because there are risks associated with the site, users should weigh the purpose against potential safety and privacy concerns before participating.

Is CardFruit Legitimate?

There are several reasons to question the legitimacy of CardFruit:

  • Flagged as risky: As mentioned, the site has been flagged by scam detection sites as potentially risky. This is a major red flag regarding legitimacy.
  • Lack of reviews: There is an almost complete lack of independent reviews for CardFruit across the internet and no ratings on trusted review sites. This makes it hard to verify its legitimacy.
  • Potential privacy risks: To earn rewards, users need to complete surveys and provide personal data, which poses privacy risks if the site is not legitimate.
  • Unclear reward system: CardFruit does not provide clear details on how its points and rewards systems work. This lack of transparency is concerning.

While CardFruit claims legitimacy, there are enough reasons to proceed with high caution given the appearance of red flags. More transparency and independent verification are needed to fully establish legitimacy.

What Are The Common Complaints About CardFruit?

Because CardFruit has little independent review presence online, there are few specific common complaints available.

However, given the identified risks, potential issues users may encounter likely include:

  • Failed payments: Issues may arise involving either failure to receive gift cards after earning enough points or gift cards with no funds added after point redemption.
  • Privacy violations: Personal data could be misused or sold to unknown third-parties without user consent.
  • Hidden fees: Additional service fees or charges could be imposed without adequate notice, cutting into any rewards earned.
  • Bans without reason: Accounts could potentially be mysteriously suspended unfairly if deemed overly profitable by the site.
  • Waste of time: Even if rewards are issued, the time spent earning points on surveys and videos may ultimately not be worthwhile.

Without verified reviews for CardFruit, it is uncertain how commonly issues like these actually occur. But given the identified risks, they remain possibilities to consider.


In summary, while CardFruit portrays itself as a legitimate rewards platform, there are enough red flags regarding its trustworthiness to warrant significant caution by potential users. Participation likely comes with risks to privacy, security, and fair compensation for one’s time. Those interested should weigh these factors carefully compared to the promised rewards before engaging with Card Fruit. More transparency from the site and independent verification are necessary to establish it as a worthwhile service. Until then, claims of legitimacy will remain doubtful.


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