What Is CrushNearby And How Does It Work? [Review]


In the age of digital dating, new apps and websites claiming to help you find love pop up all the time. One such website is CrushNearby, which states that it can help you find nearby matches quickly and easily. But can this site really help you find love, or is it just another scam?

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This review will take an in-depth look at CrushNearby to see if it delivers on its claims or if users should be wary. We’ll explore how the site works, examine user reviews and experiences, and provide tips for identifying and avoiding online dating scams. Read on to learn everything you need to know about CrushNearby and whether it’s worth your time.

Overview of CrushNearby

CrushNearby markets itself as an online dating website that makes it simple to find potential matches located near you. It claims to use smart matching technology to connect you with compatible singles in your city or town.

Some key features highlighted on the CrushNearby website include:

  • Location-based matching to find dates close by
  • Anonymous browsing option
  • Icebreakers and prompts to start conversations
  • Free chatting with matches
  • User verification system

At first glance, CrushNearby seems to offer an easy way to meet people in your neighborhood looking for love. However, looking deeper reveals some concerning red flags, which we’ll explore in the next sections.

Reviews and User Experiences

While the CrushNearby website paints an idealized picture of the dating experience there, outside reviews tell a very different story. Scanning through user comments on review sites and forums reveals some major problems reported by people who have tried CrushNearby.

One issue that comes up repeatedly is that the member profiles appear to be fake or inactive1. Users report getting matches and messages, only to be met with silence when they try to respond. The “people” they matched with seem to be either bots or inactive accounts used to lure members.

Additionally, even when a conversation occurs, it seems staged and unnatural2. The responses come off as scripted, leading users to suspect they are actually just speaking with a moderator pretending to be a match.

Others mention there appears to be no actual security controls or measures in place to verify users and prevent scams3. Catfishing and fake accounts run rampant on the site.

Overall, CrushNearby users feel misled after discovering the nearby matches promoted on the site are not real people looking for relationships. The consensus is that the website is a scam designed to reel people in and keep them engaged with fake profiles and conversations.

Lack of Legitimacy and Transparency

Looking beyond the user reviews reveals even more reasons to be wary of CrushNearby. Several factors indicate a lack of legitimacy and transparency about its practices.

For one, there is no clear statement about who owns or operates the site4. The website provides only a generic contact email, with no names affiliated. This raises suspicions about who is behind the company.

Additionally, while it claims to use smart matching, there are no details given on how this actually works or what algorithms power it5. The vague explanations give the impression it is more buzzwords than real technology.

CrushNearby also does not offer a free membership option or trial period5. Users must pay for a subscription before seeing any matches or having conversations. This suggests profit may be prioritized over actually making compatible connections.

There are also no clear safety measures like profile verification, reporting procedures, or screening protocols mentioned4. For a dating site, this is a major red flag. It enables scamming and puts users at risk.

Taken together, these factors indicate CrushNearby is not a legitimate, trustworthy dating platform. There is little transparency about critical issues surrounding member safety and real matching capabilities.

Better Alternative Dating Apps

Given the concerning issues surrounding CrushNearby, users are better off exploring some more reputable dating apps. While you should always exercise caution online dating, here are some alternatives with more protections and transparency:

  • Maybe You – This app focuses on finding nearby matches, similar to CrushNearby. However, it has better privacy controls and a user-friendly interface. Maybe You is only available on Android currently.
  • Evermatch – Claiming to help users find serious relationships, Evermatch has robust profile verification and matching algorithms. It is also Android only at this time.
  • OkCupid – With its popular personality quiz and focus on compatibility, OkCupid is a trusted alternative to apps like Tinder. It is available on both iOS and Android.
  • Happn – Happn’s unique model shows you people you’ve crossed paths with in real life. With over 100 million members, it offers a large pool of authentic matches.
  • Grindr – Designed for gay, bi, and trans men, Grindr has a similar interface to Tinder. But as an established app, it has stronger security protections.

While no app is perfect, these more transparent options with verifiable users offer a safer online dating experience.

How to Identify and Avoid Dating Site Scams

To help spot and prevent online dating scams in the future, be on the lookout for these common red flags:

  • Only Available on Unknown Sites – Legitimate dating apps tend to have reputable backing and reviews. Be wary of ones you can only find on obscure sites.
  • Too Perfect Matches – Extremely attractive and successful matches who seem “too good to be true” often are. Use caution when conversing.
  • Pushy About Personal Details – Scammers will try to quickly move off the app or site to gather your private info. Don’t share this until trust is established.
  • Asking for Money – Requests for loans, gifts, or bank details are almost always a scam. Never send money to someone you haven’t met.
  • Can’t Meet In Person – Dates who always have excuses or cancellations when trying to meet are suspicious. Don’t develop an online-only relationship.
  • Quick Requests to Switch to Texting/Calls – This is a tactic to get you off monitored dating sites. Stick to in-app messaging at first.
  • Inconsistencies in Stories or Facts – Scammers have a hard time keeping lies straight. Note any odd changes in details mentioned.
  • Only Stock or Professional Photos – Low-quality or fake-looking photos may indicate a catfishing attempt. Do reverse image searches on photos.
  • Asking You to Send Compromising Photos/Videos – This is a major red flag for extortion scams. Never send explicit content to strangers.
  • Trust Your Instincts – If something feels “off” about a match, end communication. Don’t ignore warning signs.

Exercising caution and looking for these signs of a scam can help you avoid becoming a victim. Don’t be afraid to take things slowly and ask questions. Real matches will not mind.


In reviewing the available information on CrushNearby, there are simply too many red flags to recommend using this dating website. Between the inauthentic profiles, suspicious activity, lack of security, and overwhelmingly negative reviews, it appears likely to be an outright scam.

Users are better off trying one of the alternative dating apps mentioned earlier in this review. While finding love online does come with some risks, sticking to transparent, reputable platforms can mitigate them. Moving forward, apply the tips covered here to identify and steer clear of dating scams.

With knowledge and vigilance, you can hopefully find real online connections – just not through questionable sites like CrushNearby. Stay safe out there!

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