What Is JpinPD And How Does It Work? [Review]


JpinPD is an online learning platform that allows teachers to create interactive presentations and distribute access codes to students so they can join the presentation in real-time. It offers powerful collaboration and assessment tools to enhance remote and hybrid learning.

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In this article, we will explore what JoinPD is, how it works, its key features and benefits, how teachers and students can use it, and some frequently asked questions about the platform. Whether you are a teacher looking for new edtech tools or a student navigating remote learning, this comprehensive guide will help you understand if JoinPD is right for your needs.

What is jpinpd/JoinPD?

JoinPD is built on top of Pear Deck, an interactive presentation platform for Google Slides. Pear Deck allows teachers to create presentations with built-in questions, drawing slides, and more.

JoinPD takes Pear Deck’s interactivity further by giving each presentation a unique code that students can enter at joinpd.com to join the presentation in real-time. This allows the whole class to collaborate on the same presentation together.

With JoinPD, teachers can:

  • Create engaging, interactive presentations with questions and drawing tools
  • Generate join codes for students to enter presentations
  • See student responses and questions in real-time
  • Use anonymous mode to protect student privacy
  • Assess student understanding with formative assessment

Students can:

  • Join presentations easily using codes
  • Answer questions and draw right on slides
  • Ask questions and participate anonymously
  • Collaborate with teachers and peers in real-time

JoinPD integrates seamlessly with Google Slides, making it easy for teachers already using Slides to create interactive lessons. No new platform to learn.

How Does JoinPD or jpinpd Work?

JoinPD’s workflow is simple and intuitive for both teachers and students. Here’s an overview of how to use JpinPD:

For Teachers

  1. Create a presentation in Google Slides
  2. Open Pear Deck and import your Google Slides presentation
  3. Add interactive elements like questions, drawing tools, and more using Pear Deck’s editor
  4. Launch your presentation in Pear Deck. This generates a unique join code.
  5. Share the join code with students so they can join your presentation.
  6. Present your Pear Deck presentation. You’ll be able to see students’ responses and questions in real-time.
  7. Review results after class and share feedback with students.

For Students

  1. Get the join code for the presentation from your teacher.
  2. Go to joinpd.com and enter the code. This loads the presentation.
  3. Interact with the presentation by answering questions, drawing, and asking questions.
  4. See your teacher’s slides and feedback in real-time.
  5. Leave feedback for the teacher if enabled.

That’s it! The simple join code process makes it seamless for students to collaborate on interactive presentations.

Key Features and Benefits

JoinPD/jpinpd combines the interactivity of Pear Deck with real-time collaboration enabled by join codes. Here are some of its standout features:

Teachers JpinPD

  • Interactive questions – Embed multiple choice, free response, draggable, drawing and more into your presentations.
  • Anonymous mode – Students can respond anonymously, encouraging participation.
  • Real-time data – See student responses and questions instantly to assess understanding.
  • Easy distribution – Join codes make it simple to get all students into your presentation.
  • Integration with Google – No new platform to learn. Build on existing Google Slides skills.
  • Formative assessment – Check student understanding in real-time and adjust your teaching accordingly.
  • Engagement – Interactive formats and collaboration keep students engaged.

For Students

  • Join code simplicity – No login required. Just enter the code.
  • Anonymity – Option to participate anonymously.
  • Collaboration – Real-time collaboration with teacher and peers.
  • Interactive formats – Answer questions, draw diagrams, and more right on slides.
  • Ask questions – Submit questions to the teacher within the presentation.
  • Participation – JoinPD’s tools make it easy to actively participate.
  • Focus – JoinPD presentations keep students focused and on track.

JpinPD For Admins

  • Easy onboarding – Intuitive interface means minimal training needed.
  • No student login – Students just enter a code, requiring no new credentials.
  • Affordability – JoinPD has free and paid tiers to fit different budgets.
  • Support – Friendly customer support via chat, email and phone.
  • Security – JoinPD uses enterprise-grade security to protect student data.

These features make JoinPD a versatile edtech solution for remote, hybrid and traditional classrooms alike. Both teachers and students get robust tools to teach and learn collaboratively.

How Can Teachers Use JoinPD/jpinpd?

JoinPD or JpinPD is designed to be simple and flexible enough for teachers to incorporate into their normal workflows. Here are some examples of how teachers can use JoinPD for both remote and in-person instruction:

Remote/Hybrid Learning

  • Flipped classrooms – Have students watch a JoinPD presentation with embedded questions for homework, then discuss in class.
  • Virtual lectures – Teach new concepts remotely through interactive JoinPD presentations.
  • Digital worksheets – Create worksheets and activities with questions, drawing tools, and more.
  • Formative assessment – Gauge student understanding in real-time with JoinPD’s live data and anonymized responses.
  • Differentiation – Use JoinPD’s anonymity for differentiated activities suited to individual levels.
  • Peer learning – Have students collaborate on JoinPD drawings and diagrams together.
  • Virtual office hours – Students can ask questions and get help in real-time using JoinPD.

In-Person Learning

  • Engagement – Use JoinPD presentations to actively engage students during lessons.
  • Formative assessment – Check for understanding with JoinPD questions during class.
  • Anonymity – Encourage participation from shy students with anonymous mode.
  • Class response system – Pose discussion questions and poll the class.
  • Collaborative activities – Put students in small groups and have them work on JoinPD drawings/questions.
  • Quick checks – Do a quick multiple choice pulse check to see if students are on track.
  • Digital worksheets – Share JoinPD presentations for in-class activities.

This diversity of applications demonstrates JoinPD’s flexibility. Both remote and in-person learning can benefit from its interactive, collaborative capabilities.

How Can Students Use JoinPD/jpinpd?

For students, JoinPD/JpinPD provides an easy way to actively participate in digital learning.

Here are some of the ways students can leverage JoinPD:

  • Join presentations seamlessly using teacher-provided codes. No login or new platform required.
  • Answer questions directly within presentations by selecting or typing responses.
  • Draw diagrams, highlight passages, and express creativity on interactive drawing slides.
  • Ask questions during class by submitting anonymous questions to the teacher.
  • Collaborate with peers on drawing slides and group questions.
  • Review at their own pace by accessing recorded presentations after class via codes.
  • Participate anonymously to ask questions and engage without judgement.
  • Use JoinPD at home for hybrid learning, accessing the same collaborative presentations.
  • Give feedback with JoinPD’s student feedback feature to improve lessons.
  • Learn actively through interactive formats that keep students engaged.

JoinPD gives students agency in their learning. They can actively collaborate rather than passively consume content. For students craving more interactive remote learning, JoinPD delivers.

JoinPD Use Cases

To further demonstrate how JoinPD can enhance teaching and learning, here are some concrete use cases and examples:

Math Lesson

A math teacher creates a JoinPD presentation introducing linear equations. She adds a mix of multiple choice, free response, and drawing questions. Students join the presentation by code and answer the questions in real-time as she teaches the lesson. The teacher gauges understanding based on the live data dashboard. She also projects anonymous student drawings to discuss as a class.

English Reading

Students are reading Macbeth. The English teacher creates a JoinPD with plot analysis questions and timeline drawing activities. He generates a code and shares the presentation as pre-reading homework. When reading in class, he pulls up student submissions anonymously. This checks for comprehension and seeds rich discussion.

Science Lab

A science class is doing a virtual simulation of a physics experiment. The teacher builds the experiment as a JoinPD presentation. Students join and make predictions by answering multiple choice questions about what will happen. The teacher then runs the simulation, allowing students to see the results. Afterwards, a free response question prompts reflection on the discrepancies between predictions and the actual outcome.

Student Feedback

A history teacher creates a simple JoinPD with one question after each lesson asking what students found most interesting or confusing. Students submit anonymous responses, allowing the teacher to tailor future lessons accordingly.

These examples demonstrate JoinPD’s versatility across subjects and learning contexts. Its anonymity and collaboration tools enable unique teaching methods not possible with traditional presentations.

JoinPD/jpinpd Pricing and Plans

JoinPD offers free and paid subscription plans:

  • Free Plan – Limited to 5 presentations and 100 student joins per month. Best for teachers wanting to try JoinPD.
  • Pro Plan – $10/month. Unlimited presentations and student joins. Additional analytics.
  • School/District Plans – Custom bulk pricing available for institutions. Comes with admin management tools, SSO, and more. Email sales@joinjoinpupil.com for details.

The free plan is great for getting started with JoinPD and testing it out before committing to a paid plan. It offers enough room to run 1-2 interactive lessons per week.

For power users, the Pro Plan provides more robust access and analytics. JoinPD’s sales team can also work directly with school IT and administrators to configure custom plans that integrate with existing edtech ecosystems.

Overall, JoinPD is priced affordably, especially compared to many other edtech solutions. Its free tier makes it easy for teachers to adopt without huge upfront investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about JoinPD:

How does student privacy work?

  • JoinPD/JpinPD allows students to join presentations completely anonymously. Teachers can control whether student names are shown.
  • Presentations can be password-protected as an extra privacy safeguard.
  • JoinPD stores minimal data and has robust security protections.

Can JoinPD be used offline?

  • No, JoinPD presentations require an internet connection to run since they involve real-time collaboration between teachers and students.

Is there an app version?

  • There is no mobile app yet, but JoinPD works on smartphones through mobile browsers. Native apps are on the future roadmap.

How many students can join one presentation?

  • JoinPD/JpinPD presentations can support up to 1000 students participating simultaneously.

What subjects can JoinPD be used for?

  • JoinPD is versatile enough to create interactive presentations for any subject – math, science, English, history, languages, and more.

Can students use JoinPD on their own?

  • Students need the join code provided by the teacher to access presentations, so JoinPD is designed for teacher-led instruction rather than standalone student use.

Is any training required?

  • JoinPD is designed for easy pickup. Teachers can rely on existing Google Slides skills. Minimal training is needed given the intuitive interface.

What devices does JoinPD support?

  • JoinPD works on any desktop or laptop with a modern web browser. It also works on iOS and Android mobile devices through the browser.

How does grading and assessment work?

  • JoinPD provides a live data view and downloadable reports to expose student responses. But automated grading is a future roadmap item. Currently grading requires manual teacher review.

This covers some of the most important questions around JoinPD. Reach out to their support team at support@joinpd.com for any other questions.


JoinPD/jpinpd offers a fresh way for teachers to create engaging interactive lessons and collaborate with students in real-time. Its signature join codes provide a seamless experience for remote and in-class learning alike.

With versatile integrations, pricing options, and powerful features for assessment and engagement, JoinPD is a platform worth exploring for any teacher looking to upgrade beyond static presentations. Whether used for hybrid learning or enhancing traditional lectures, JoinPD unlocks new teaching methods that leverage interactivity and collaboration.

If you’re ready to get started with JoinPD, head to joinpd.com to sign up for an account. We hope this guide gave you a comprehensive overview. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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