What Is krx18 And How To Install & Use It? Where To Buy

KRX18 is a type of eccentric bearing that is commonly used in offset printing machines and equipment. In particular, KRX18 bearings play a vital role in ensuring the smooth and precise operation of sheet-fed offset printing presses.

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An Overview of KRX18 Bearings

KRX18 refers to a specific model of bearing produced by various manufacturers around the world. The “KR” designation indicates that it is a special bearing designed for printing machine applications, while “X18” refers to the internal diameter size of 18mm.

Key features of KRX18 bearings:

  • Specifically engineered for the high loads and vibration in printing machines
  • Eccentric inner ring allows adjustment of plate cylinder position
  • High precision and roundness tolerance
  • Made of hardened steel for durability
  • Self-aligning ball bearing design
  • Available in shielded and sealed versions

The Role of KRX18 In Printing Machines

KRX18 bearings play a vital role in the plate cylinder adjusting mechanisms of sheet-fed offset printing presses. Here are some of their key functions:

  • Plate cylinder support: The bearings directly support and locate the plate cylinder shafts at either end. This allows smooth rotation.
  • Position adjustment: The eccentric inner ring of the KRX18 bearings enables small adjustments to the plate cylinder position. This helps achieve optimal printing registration.
  • Vibration damping: KRX18 bearings are designed to handle vibrations from printing. Their precision construction isolates vibration for smooth running.

Proper installation and maintenance of KRX18 bearings is crucial for ensuring printing quality and performance over long print runs.

Where To Buy KRX18 Bearings

KRX18 bearings can be purchased from various online and offline suppliers that specialize in printing machine parts and consumables. Here are some good places to buy KRX18 bearings:


  • Amazon: Search for “KRX18 bearing” to find options from various brands.
  • AliExpress: Chinese marketplace with wholesale KRX18 bearings.
  • Manufacturer websites: Most major bearing brands sell KRX18 models.


  • Local printing supply stores: Many carry consumables like KRX-18 bearings.
  • Printing equipment dealerships: Dealers that sell offset presses also stock replacement parts.
  • Bearing specialty suppliers: Industrial bearing suppliers may carry printing-specific KRX-18 models.

When purchasing, be sure to match the exact KRX-18 bearing model required for your particular printing machine. Refer to your machine manual or contact the manufacturer to identify the right part number.

How To Install KRX18 Bearings

Installing new KR-X18 bearings on a sheet-fed offset printing press is straightforward but requires care to properly seat the bearings. Here is an overview of the process:


  1. Clean mounting area thoroughly and obtain replacement bearing
  2. Loosen locking screw and removal plate cylinder
  3. Press old bearing from shaft using puller tool
  4. Inspect shaft and clean off residue using solvent
  5. Slide new bearing fully onto shaft with correct orientation
  6. Reinstall plate cylinder and secure lock screws
  7. Check for smooth rotation and proper cylinder registration
  8. Test print quality and realign cylinder if needed

Helpful tips

  • Never strike a bearing directly during installation
  • Apply light oil to ease fitting onto shaft
  • Tighten lock screws in sequence and torque to specs
  • Ensure no end float of installed bearing

Refer to your printing press maintenance manual for the detailed installation procedure specific to your model. Reach out to technical support if any issues arise.

Alternative Bearings to KRX18

While the KRX18 remains the most common bearing used, there are several alternatives suitable for replacing KRX-18 bearings in various printing press models:

LM11910 Tapered Roller BearingHigh load capacity tapeed roller design. Useful alternative for older presses.
SKF Eccentric Adjustment Slide Bearing UnitPre-assembled eccentric bearing unit for easier installation.
NSK Super Precise Angular Contact Ball BearingFor very high precision requirements. Reduced runout.
Nissan SAB Eccentric BushingBudget eccentric bushing bearing for obsolete models.

As with the KRX-18, any replacement bearing must be an exact fit and matched to the printing press model’s specifications. Always consult your machine documentation to help identify appropriate alternatives.

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The humble but high-precision KRX18 bearing plays an indispensable role in enabling sheet-fed offset printing machines to produce professional print results. While their eccentric adjustment design is simple, KRX-18 bearings allow for the micro-adjustments to print cylinder positions that are the foundation of print registration accuracy.

As these bearings wear out over long print runs, being able to source quality replacements and properly install them is key to minimizing printing press downtime. Whether opting for standard KRX-18 bearings or suitable alternatives, using parts specifically engineered to handle printing loads is critical.

With proper installation and care, KRX18 bearings will deliver many hours of smooth and precise operation – printing beautiful color register that keeps customers coming back!

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