What Is Minaur Prize Money And Net Worth In 2023

Alex de Minaur Net Worth 2023

Alex de Minaur, a tennis star from Australia, is one of the world’s best young players. ATP ranks Minaur as the 30th best player in the world right now. He won five ATP Tour singles titles. The 23-year-speed old’s and quickness on the court earned him the nickname “Speed Demon.” De Minaur’s work has brought him both fame and money.

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Alex de Minaur Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, the young player is likely to be worth $2 million. He made this huge amount of money by playing tennis and getting paid to do so.

Alex de Minaur Prize Money

In 2022, De Minaur won a total of $1,417,365. He has made $7,228,398 over the course of his career.

Alex de Minaur Endorsements

De Minaur is a rising star, and his skills have helped him get many sponsors. Swisse Wellness, TAG Heuer, Asics, Wilson, and FairMarkets all support Alex.

Alex de Minaur Car Collection

De Minaur says that he is crazy about cars. He has a lot of cars, both old and new, in his collection. Some of the cars in his garage are a 1973 Mini 850 Deluxe and a KIA Seltos.

Alex de Minaur House and Properties

In New Providence, Bahamas, De Minaur owns a nice house. No one knows how much the house is worth.

Alex De Minaur Prize Money

Alex de Minaur has won $7,728,632 in prize money over the course of his career. de Minaur turned pro in 2015 and is 23 years old. He was born in Sydney, Australia, and plays for AUS. De Minaur plays with a player named Adolfo Gutierrez. He is 183cm (6’0″) tall and weighs 69kg (152 lbs). Alex de Minaur is worth $7,728,632 right now.

YearPrize MoneyWin-LossTitles
2022 Singles$1,917,44343-231
2022 Doubles$67,2784-90
2021 Singles$1,143,57125-252
2021 Doubles$117,1208-140
2020 Singles$935,39113-100
2020 Doubles$81,5318-41
2019 Singles$1,895,70941-203
2019 Doubles$84,0747-100
2018 Singles$1,229,03028-230
2018 Doubles$23,9301-60
2017 Singles$204,7542-50
2017 Doubles$7,4730-10
2016 Singles$19,2920-00
2016 Doubles$1,5400-00
2015 Singles$3960-00
2015 Doubles$100  

ATP Tour Prize Money & Career Earnings:

YearPrize MoneyWin-LossTitles
2022 Singles$1,193,89131-191
2022 Doubles$67,2784-90
2021 Singles$760,22621-202
2021 Doubles$74,7826-90
2020 Singles$440,6239-80
2020 Doubles$67,6247-31
2019 Singles$1,315,09830-163
2019 Doubles$50,0635-70
2018 Singles$800,87224-160
2018 Doubles$15,0981-50
2017 Singles$19,0321-20

Grand Slam Prize Money & Career Earnings:

YearPrize MoneyWin-LossTitles
2022 Singles$723,5528-40
2021 Singles$383,3453-40
2021 Doubles$42,3382-40
2020 Singles$494,7684-20
2020 Doubles$13,9071-10
2019 Singles$580,6117-40
2019 Doubles$33,4972-30
2018 Singles$382,0924-40
2018 Doubles$7,5910-10
2017 Singles$160,2221-30
2016 Singles$4,5000-00

The above price money data is taken from the salarysport.com website which is trustworthy.

Alex de Minaur Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_de_Minaur

Alex de Minaur Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexdeminaur/

Alex de Minaur Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/alexdeminaur

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