Why Should You Use A VPN App on Your Android Smartphone?

VPNs have become very commonly used tools these days, but 10-15 years back, they were considered a tool primarily used by techies and businesses.

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However, in recent years, VPN usage has exploded among regular smartphone users concerned about privacy and security. Since banking, gaming, and everything can be accessed on a smartphone, it is necessary to take precautions to protect sensitive information. That’s where VPNs can be very helpful. So here are compelling reasons why every Android user should consider using a VPN application.

What is a VPN?

A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet. Your network provider or hackers cannot monitor all data traffic passing through this tunnel. A VPN has three core functions:

  • Encrypts your internet connection
  • Hides your IP address
  • Allows access to restricted resources

When activated, a VPN app routes your phone’s internet traffic through a remote server run by the VPN provider before accessing the wider internet.

Benefits of Using VPN on Android

Here are some key benefits of using a VPN on your Android smartphone:

1. Protect Network Traffic from Snooping

Free public Wi-Fi networks are a security risk due to a lack of encryption. A VPN creates a secure, private network on public Wi-Fi. All data transfer is encrypted, protecting you from MITM attacks.On public Wi-Fi networks, cybercriminals can monitor unencrypted traffic to steal personal information.

A VPN encrypts all network data flowing to and from your Android device when connected to public hotspots to keep it secure. When using such network connections to book a ticket or access sensitive information, a VPN application provides an extra layer of protection.

2. Bypass Geographic Restrictions

Streaming platforms and websites impose geo-restrictions on content. A VPN masks your real location, allowing you to bypass these restrictions and access region-locked content anywhere. So, if you want to explore the whole catalog of Netflix, a VPN can be the best tool.

3. Avoid Throttling by Mobile Carriers

Some carriers throttle the data speeds of users who consume large amounts of data. A VPN prevents your mobile carrier from detecting the type of network traffic to avoid discriminatory throttling. For instance, downloading a movie from a website, mobile carrier, or ISP may throttle the internet speed. VPN can bypass this.

4. Enhanced Privacy from ISPs

Your internet service provider can surveil and monetize your browsing habits. They know every website you visit and every ad you click. They track your IP address, and this can be alarming. A VPN breaks this tracking, providing enhanced privacy by hiding your web activities from your ISP’s prying eyes.

5. Safeguard Data on Your Device

A VPN provides an impenetrable barrier around your Android device and the websites you communicate with. This prevents malware and cybercriminals from accessing personal data stored on your smartphone. This way, it helps you to protect your data as well as your device from cyber threats.

6. Hide Torrenting Activity

VPN encryption provides anonymity for P2P file sharing and protects your IP address from being logged and identified for copyright notices by ISPs. Torrenting is not legal, and many internet service providers do not allow access to torrent websites. With the use of a VPN, you can access these websites and download files quickly.

Features to Look for in VPN Apps

When selecting a VPN service for your Android device, look for the following key features:

  • Military-grade encryption – The VPN should rely on advanced protocols like OpenVPN or IKEv2/IPSec for encryption.
  • No-logs policy – Choose a service that does not record or store your online activities and data.
  • Speed – Look for VPNs that offer reliable connection speeds with minimal lag or buffering.
  • Multiple server locations – More server locations allow you to bypass geo-blocks anywhere.
  • Kill switch – This instantly disconnects the internet if the VPN connection drops to prevent IP leaks.
  • Smartphone optimization – The VPN app should be lightweight, have a small data footprint, and have minimal battery drain.
  • Reliable customer support – Look for VPNs that offer 24/7 customer service through live chat or email.


Given the privacy and security threats associated with unprotected internet access, using a trusted VPN service is now essential for any Android user. Take time to select a VPN app that fulfills your specific requirements and offers robust encryption to safeguard your smartphone activities. The minimal investment is worth the enhanced privacy and anonymity you gain with VPN usage.

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