10 Best Mangakatana Alternatives To Read Manga Free?

Mangakatana is a popular manga reading site that provides access to thousands of manga series for free. However, there may be times when Mangakatana is inaccessible or you want to explore other platforms. Fortunately, there are several solid Mangakatana alternatives for reading manga online.

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Manga, or Japanese comics, have become tremendously popular worldwide thanks to their gripping storylines and visually-striking art. Sites like Mangakatana make it easy to access a vast catalog of manga series spanning different genres like action, romance, comedy, and more.

However, Mangakatana is not the only site that offers free access to manga. There are a number of alternatives that also provide thousands of manga series to read, some even with higher-quality images and extra features.

This article explores the 10 best alternatives to Mangakatana for reading manga online for free legally. For each alternative, we assess the size of its manga library, image quality, interface and features.

Overview of Criteria for Evaluation

In our assessment of the top Mangakatana alternatives, we used the following criteria:

  • Library Size: Number of manga series available to read for free
  • Image Quality: Resolution and formatting of manga images
  • Interface: Ease of navigation and reading manga on the platform
  • Features: Things like bookmarks, tracking read history extra capabilities

By evaluating sites based on these criteria, we can get a sense of the overall user experience and how they compare to Mangakatana for reading manga. Higher scores indicate an exceptional alternative that matches or improves upon Mangakatana.

Top 10 Mangakatana Alternatives

1. MangaRead

Library Size: Extremely large library with over 15,000 manga series
Image Quality: Average image quality, JPG format Interface: Simple and clean interface optimized for reading
Features: Bookmarking, tracking reading progress

Overall: With its massive manga catalog and straightforward interface, MangaRead is one of the top contenders against Mangakatana. However, its average image quality leaves room from improvement.

2. MangaClash

Library Size: 13,000+ manga series across genres
Image Quality: Above average, option to set preferred image quality
Interface: Modern interface supporting vertical or horizontal reading Features: Bookmarks, tracking, comments

Overall: MangaClash gives tough competition to Mangakatana with extra configuration options for image quality and support for different reading orientations. Its collection of popular, niche and emerging manga also outshines Mangakatana.

3. MangaDex

Library Size: 8,000+ curated manga series
Image Quality: Outstanding image quality even for full page spreads
Interface: Feature-rich with different viewers and languages
Features: Detailed manga info, multiple image viewers, robust community

Overall: Boasting phenomenal image quality unmatched by other platforms, MangaDex beats Mangakatana for an enhanced reading experience. It does have a smaller catalog compared to MangaRead and MangaClash but compensates with quality over quantity.

4. MangaFox

Library Size: 18,000+ manga and manhwa series
Image Quality: Mostly high resolution images
Interface: Easy navigation but some intrusive ads
Features: Reading lists, reviews and discussions

Overall: MangaFox gives you an even more extensive library than MangaRead and fewer ads than most free manga sites. However, its interface still presents some distractions.

5. MangaBuddy

Library Size: 15,000+ manga series spanning decades
Image Quality: Decent image quality, option for high res
Interface: Clean, uncluttered interface
Features: Customizable reader, notifications

Overall: For a clutter-free reading experience, MangaBuddy outperforms Mangakatana with a vast catalog and highly customizable reader. But its collection of niche, older manga could be better.

6. ComiCake

Library Size: 5,000+ official manga series
Image Quality: Beautiful high resolution images
Interface: Modern vertical scrolling interface
Features: Detailed manga info, smart recommendations

Overall: ComiCake stands out for providing official manga licensed from Japanese publishers in stunning quality, beating Mangakatana. But it lacks support for older and more obscure series.

7. NekoNyan Manga

Library Size: Small catalog of only most popular ongoing series
Image Quality: Best available quality directly from publishers
Interface: Website a bit plain but focus is downloads
Features: Buy manga volumes, view samples of manga

Overall: With its niche as a platform for purchasing manga, NekoNyan can’t match Mangakatana’s free catalog. But it provides a legal means to read the hottest new manga.

8. Mangahasu

Library Size: 14,000+ manga, manhwa and manhua series
Image Quality: High resolution options available
Interface: Ads and popups make reading annoying
Features: Community forums

Overall: Mangahasu provides an enormous catalog spanning manga, manhwa and manhua but falls short of Mangakatana due to its obtrusive interface and ads.

9. Mangairo

Library Size: Over 20,000 manga series
Image Quality: Decent but image loading can be slow
Interface: Outdated design with tiny text and fonts Features: Minimal

Overall: Mangairo boasts the largest manga catalog out of the alternatives but does little else to provide a good reading experience compared to Mangakatana.

10. MangaPark

Library Size: 18,000+ manga and manhwa series
Image Quality: Mostly low resolution images
Interface: Clunky navigation and viewing
Features: Lacking extra features

Overall: Despite having a gigantic catalog, MangaPark falters with low resolution images and dated interface, scoring below Mangakatana.


In the quest for manga, alternatives like MangaRead and MangaClash put up a good fight against Mangakatana with massive manga catalogs. Sites like MangaDex and ComiCake stand out for prioritizing image quality. Ultimately, the best alternative depends on your preferences for library breadth versus depth and reading experience.

For accessibility, Mangakatana is still a solid choice. But exploring rivals can uncover new or higher quality manga suited to your tastes. Using multiple platforms gives more options for both popular shonen hits as niche hidden gems.

With piracy concerns in manga publishing, consider legally supporting creators by purchasing volumes or merchandise from official platforms like NekoNyan Manga. As the manga scene continues evolving, fans have an expanding selection sites to fuel their passion.

Comparison Table of Mangakatana Alternatives

PlatformLibrary SizeImage QualityInterfaceFeaturesOverall Score
MangaReadExtremely LargeAverageSimple and cleanBookmarks, progress tracking4/5
MangaClash13,000+ seriesAbove average, configurableModern, vertical/horizontal readingBookmarks, tracking, comments4.5/5
MangaDex8,000+ curated seriesOutstandingFeature-rich, multiple viewers/languagesDetailed info, robust community4.5/5
MangaFox18,000+ seriesMostly high resolutionEasy navigation, some intrusive adsReading lists, reviews, discussions4/5
MangaBuddy15,000+ seriesDecent, high res optionClean, unclutteredCustomizable reader, notifications4/5
ComiCake5,000+ official seriesBeautiful high resolutionModern vertical scrollingDetailed info, recommendations4/5
NekoNyan MangaSmall catalog of most popular ongoingBest available quality from publishersWebsite plain, focus on downloadsBuy manga volumes, view samples3/5
Mangahasu14,000+ seriesHigh resolution optionsAds and popups make reading annoyingCommunity forums3/5
MangairoOver 20,000 seriesDecent but slow image loadingOutdated designMinimal2/5
MangaPark18,000+ seriesMostly low resolutionClunky navigation and viewingLacking extra features2/5

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