Is mangakatana Website Legal and Safe to Read New Manga Online?

Mangakatana is a website that provides free access to read manga online. With a collection of over 45,000 manga series, it seems like an excellent resource for manga fans. However, there are questions around whether Mangakatana is legal, safe, and ethical to use. This article reviews Mangakatana in detail to help you decide if it is the right choice for reading manga online.

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Overview of Mangakatana

Mangakatana, found online at, hosts a vast library of manga series from different genres including action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, and more. The website provides a seamless reading experience on both desktop and mobile.

The website is easy to navigate with genres and alphabetical listings to find specific manga series. Once selected, all available chapters are organized neatly so readers can either jump straight to the latest release or start from the beginning. Mangakatana also has advanced filter options to further refine searches.

Overall, Mangakatana makes reading manga incredibly accessible and convenient. However, there are a few concerning factors around the legitimacy of the website that are important to review before using it.

Is Mangakatana Legal?

The legality of Mangakatana is questionable. According to a review on Scam Detector, the website has a medium-low trusting rank. This means caution is advised when using the site.

Additionally, reading manga on unofficial websites may violate copyright laws in some regions. Mangakatana does not clearly state licensing information or the original publishers of manga series hosted on their website.

Without explicit permission from manga creators and publishers, hosting manga on Mangakatana is likely a copyright violation. Unfortunately, this means users accessing manga on the website are enabling illegal distribution.

What are the Risks of Using Mangakatana?

Using Mangakatana comes with several risks that users should carefully consider:

  • Copyright Infringement: Reading manga on Mangakatana likely violates copyright law since explicit permissions are not provided. Users risk enabling illegal distribution.
  • Safety & Security: With a questionable trust ranking, safety on Mangakatana cannot be guaranteed. Users are vulnerable to potential malware, viruses, hacking, phishing attempts, and more.
  • Advertisements: According to user reports, Mangakatana bombards visitors with intrusive pop-up ads. Although ads can typically be closed right away, they are distracting and concerning.
  • Lack of Support: As an unofficial website, users cannot expect high-quality customer service or technical support if issues arise. Problems may be difficult or impossible to resolve.

While Mangakatana makes manga easily accessible, legal and safety risks pose too much of a concern to justify using the website. Fortunately, there are legitimate alternatives available.

Legal and Safe Alternatives to Mangakatana

Instead of risking legal trouble or safety by using Mangakatana, manga fans should leverage legal alternatives. Here are some of the top options:

1. VIZ Media

VIZ Media is an official publisher of manga series like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Pokémon, and many more. Readers can subscribe to VIZ Media services Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat to gain access to thousands of manga series safely and legally.

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is best known for anime streaming but also hosts licensed manga. With a paid Crunchyroll Manga subscription, users can safely access over 1,000 manga series without worrying about copyright issues or intrusive ads.

3. Comixology

Amazon’s Comixology offers digital versions of manga from top publishing houses like VIZ Media, Kodansha, Yen Press, and more. Readers can buy manga volumes individually or subscribe to Comixology Unlimited for unlimited access from a rotating catalog of over 25,000 titles.

4. Azuki

Azuki is a dedicated manga and webtoon reading app with a hand-curated catalog of titles. The app offers free samples of manga as well as full access with a paid subscription. Azuki works directly with creators and publishers for 100% legal content.


In summary, using manga aggregation websites like Mangakatana has too many risks to justify for most manga fans. Instead, leveraging legal publishers like VIZ Media and manga apps like Azuki is the safest way to access top manga titles without legal, safety, or ethical concerns.

Although Mangakatana makes manga easily available at no cost, explicit licensing permissions are not provided. Without creator or publisher approval, Mangakatana likely violates copyright law. On top of that, user safety cannot be guaranteed.

Rather than risk legal trouble or malware infections, manga fans should utilize legitimate platforms. Supporting official publishers also enables the creation of more manga content to enjoy. With affordable subscriptions to services like Crunchyroll Manga or VIZ Media’s Shonen Jump, die-hard manga fans can safely and legally access thousands of series.

Table: Legal and Safe Platforms to Read Manga vs. Illegal Aggregators

| Platform | Legality | Content Library Size | Pricing| Safety & Support | |-|-|-|-| | Manga Publishers (VIZ, Kodansha)| Legal distribution with permissions | 10,000+ | Free samples. Paid subscriptions or purchases. | Safe with good support |
| Manga Apps (Azuki, Crunchyroll)| Legal with publisher partnerships | 1,000+ | Free samples. Paid subscriptions. | Safe reading experience | | Aggregators Like Mangakatana | Likely illegal without explicit permissions | 45,000+ | Free access | Questionable security, lack of support|

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