123putlockers Pro Vs 123putlocker – Which Is Legal And Safe To Watch Movies

123putlockers Pro Vs 123putlocker: Which Is The Safer And More Reliable Site For Streaming Movies?

123putlockers Pro Vs 123putlocker, Watching movies online has become extremely popular, with sites like 123putlockers Pro and 123putlocker providing easy access to countless titles. However, the legality and safety of these streaming portals have come under scrutiny. This article compares 123putlockers Pro and 123putlocker to help you determine which site is better for secure and hassle-free movie streaming.

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123putlockers Pro and 123putlocker are free online streaming sites that allow users to watch movies without downloading them. They contain huge libraries of movies and TV shows, including the latest blockbusters and classics.

While these sites provide easy access to entertainment, they also come with risks:

  • Legal issues due to potentially hosting copyrighted content without authorization
  • Security threats from malicious ads, malware infections, etc.
  • Unreliable video quality and streaming speeds

This article examines the key differences between 123putlockers Pro and 123putlocker to help you choose the safer and more convenient option.

Legality of 123putlockers Pro vs 123putlocker

The biggest concern with sites like 123putlockers Pro and 123putlocker is their questionable legality. Streaming movies from these platforms may infringe copyright laws in certain regions.

123putlockers Pro has faced criticism for allowing access to pirated movies and TV shows. However, the site maintains that it only embeds content from third-party sources and does not host infringing content itself. The site is also not on the USTR’s list of notorious piracy markets.

123putlocker has a more dubious legal standing. The MPAA has labeled it as a “notorious online hubs for pirated movies”. The site has changed domains multiple times to evade legal action. Recently, the operators were sentenced to 3 years in prison for criminal copyright violations.

So between the two, 123putlockers Pro has a relatively better legal defense. But accessing movies on either site carries a level of legal risk that you should be aware of.

Safety: Malware and Advertisements

Apart from legal concerns, 123putlockers Pro and 123putlocker also pose potential security issues:

  • Malicious Ads – The heavy advertising on these sites may expose users to ads containing malware, unwanted pop-ups, and scams.
  • Malware Infections – There is a risk of malware infection from the streaming links and downloadable content.
  • Phishing – Users need to be wary of entering any personal data or financial information on these sites.

123putlockers Pro seems to have moderately lesser ads compared to 123putlocker. Users report fewer intrusive pop-ups or full-page ads on 123putlockers Pro.

However, clicking any Download buttons on either site could trigger malware downloads. So you need to be vigilant of suspicious links/content on both platforms.

Using an ad blocker can provide some protection but cannot guarantee full safety. The risks remain when streaming from questionable sites like these.

Reliability: Streaming Quality and Consistency

Apart from security issues, 123putlockers Pro and 123putlocker users also complain about reliability problems like:

  • Buffering and lag, especially during peak traffic
  • Links that fail to load or get taken down frequently
  • Poor video quality with low resolution options

123putlockers Pro seems moderately faster and more consistent as per user reports. Streaming speeds are decent most of the time if you have a sufficiently fast internet connection.

However, finding a working playback link can still be tricky on 123putlockers Pro. The platform uses third-party streaming sources, so stream availability is not fully in their control.

123putlocker suffers from slower speeds and more dead links according to users. Video quality is also inconsistent, fluctuating often between 360p to 720p resolutions.

So between the two platforms, 123putlockers Pro has a slight edge for streaming reliability. But you may still face frustrations like lag, link failures, etc. on either site occasionally.

Ease of Use Comparison

In terms of usability, both 123putlockers Pro and 123putlocker offer relatively straightforward interfaces.

Key aspects:

  • No registration required – You can start watching movies instantly without creating an account on either site.
  • Search and categories – Both platforms allow searching for titles and browsing genres/years to find movies. 123putlockers Pro offers more filters like ratings, release-date, etc.
  • Fewer ads on 123putlockers Pro – Though ad-blockers are still recommended for the best experience.
  • Multiple mirrors – When a streaming link fails, you can try alternates or mirrors on both sites. But having working backups is not guaranteed.

So 123putlockers Pro has a slight usability advantage owing to its additional filters and fewer annoying ads reported. However, finding reliably functioning streams can still be frustrating.

Comparison Table

Parameters123putlockers Pro123putlocker
Legality and copyright issuesLower riskHigh risk – platform labeled as piracy site
Malware / Security risksModerate riskHigher risk – more malicious ads reported
Streaming speed and qualityAverage speeds; Moderate qualitySlower speed, more buffering; Inconsistent video quality
Free registrationNot requiredNot required
InterfaceSimple; added filtersSimple; fewer filters

Conclusion – Which Platform is Preferable?

To conclude – 123putlockers Pro emerges as the safer choice if you want to use free streaming sites. It has a better rating for factors like legal risks, speed, ads, and usability compared to 123putlocker.

But neither site can guarantee full reliability or safety.

Your best options are to use legitimate streaming services like:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • Disney+ Hotstar

Despite the higher subscription costs, these legal platforms provide much better video quality, safer viewing, and burden-free access. Alternatively, you can rent/purchase movies legally from iTunes, YouTube, Google Play etc.

While sites like 123putlockers Pro or 123putlocker allow watching a wider range of titles for free, you may get frequently hampered by security threats, streaming failures and legal worries. Paying for more secure and licensed services is worth considering over unreliable free options.

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