How To Use Jetragon flying Mount Missile Launcher in Palworld


Do you know how you can Use Jetragon flying mount missile launcher? But first you should know who is Jetragon in Palworld. Jetragon is one of the most powerful and coveted legendary Pals in Palworld. This ferocious dragon Pal has the ability to fly at supersonic speeds, making it the fastest flying mount in the game. When ridden with the Jetragon’s Missile Launcher, you can reign destruction from above by raining down missiles on enemies and structures below.

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To obtain this incredible power, you’ll need to put in the work to craft the missile launcher saddle and capture Jetragon itself. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to use Jetragon’s flying mount missile launcher in Palworld.

Use Jetragon flying mount missile launcher
Use Jetragon flying mount missile launcher

Use Jetragon flying mount missile launcher – Crafting Jetragon’s Missile Launcher

The first step is crafting the Jetragon’s Missile Launcher at the Pal Gear Workbench. This legendary saddle is required to be able to mount and fly Jetragon, as well as to use the missile launcher.

Here are the requirements:

  • Resources Needed: 100 Leather, 200 Refined Ingot, 50 Circuits, 140 Paldium Fragments
  • Technology Level Required: 50

Once you gather the resources and meet the Technology Level requirement, you can craft the Jetragon’s Missile Launcher. The schematic will become available at the Pal Gear Workbench.

With the missile launcher crafted, you now need to obtain Jetragon itself.

Capturing Jetragon

Jetragon resides on the Volcanic Island located on the southwest side of the Palworld map. Reaching this island and capturing Jetragon will take ample preparation and strategy.

Here are some tips:

  • Bring Ice-type Pals such as Frostallion, Ice Reptyro, and Chillet. Ice attacks work well against Jetragon’s Fire typing.
  • Craft a Legendary Sphere to improve your chances of a successful capture. This unlocks at Technology Level 44.
  • Level up your strongest Pals as much as possible and equip them with the best available gear.
  • Come well-stocked with healing items, traps, and other useful battle items.

When you arrive on Volcanic Island, you’ll need to battle and weaken Jetragon before you can attempt capture. Jetragon is an incredibly formidable foe, so don’t expect this to be easy! But with persistence and the right strategy, you can add this legendary Pal to your collection.

Riding and Flying Jetragon

Once captured, you can outfit Jetragon with the Jetragon’s Missile Launcher saddle you crafted earlier. Interact with Jetragon while having the missile launcher in your inventory to equip it.

With the saddle equipped, you can now mount Jetragon and take to the skies! The missile launcher also enables a rapid-fire missile attack you can use while mounted and flying.

Jetragon is the fastest flying mount in Palworld, capable of reaching supersonic flight speeds. You can quickly traverse the map, evade enemies, or dive bomb targets while raining missiles from above.

Some tips while riding Jetragon:

  • Tap the action button to fire missiles rapidly. But watch your ammunition!
  • Hold down the action button to accelerate; release to slow down.
  • Use the left stick to steer Jetragon in the air.
  • Press jump while in the air to gain altitude.

The missile ammunition will need to be replenished by crafting Missile Salvo at a factory. Make sure to stock up on supplies before taking to the skies with Jetragon.

Other Legendary Saddles

In addition to Jetragon’s Missile Launcher, there are a handful of other legendary saddles that can be crafted for special Pals:

  • Frostallion Saddle – Unlocks Frostallion as a ridable mount at Technology Level 48.
  • Frostallion Noct Saddle – A variant Frostallion saddle with higher stats.
  • Paladius Saddle – Allows riding the legendary Paladius.
  • Necromus Saddle – Grants the ability to ride the undead dragon Necromus.

These other saddles require similar rare crafting resources and high technology levels to obtain. But they unlock incredible strengths and abilities when equipped on their respective Pals.


Jetragon’s Missile Launcher is an incredibly powerful saddle that enables firing missiles while flying rapidly across the skies of Palworld. To obtain this legendary gear, you’ll need to craft the saddle, capture the mighty Jetragon, and reach the required Technology Level. But the reward is well worth the effort, letting you reign destruction down from above on all who stand in your way. With Jetragon at your command, you’ll have one of the most formidable weapons in the game to strategically leverage in your quest for Palworld domination.

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