What Is 3kh0 Projects and How Does It Work?

3kh0 Projects is a website created by an individual named Drake that offers unblocked games and provides updates on upcoming coding projects. With a sleek, modern design and a variety of gaming options, 3kh0 Projects aims to be an engaging destination for those looking to play games that may normally be blocked at school or work.

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Overview of 3kh0 Projects

Launched in 2022, 3kh0 Projects makes use of Astro, a relatively new web framework, to serve its content. The creator, Drake, mentions tinkering with minor coding projects and playing video games in their spare time. While Drake has not yet published any of their own coding endeavors on the site, there are plans to do so in the future.

3kh0 Projects has already made an impression in the online gaming community, with some praising it. As a good alternative to sites like Crazy Games and Unblocked Games 76. In addition to the main website, there is also a 3kh0 Games subdomain that features. Narrative-driven titles described as having “captivating” stories and “intense” gameplay.

What Games Are Available?

Though an exhaustive list is not provided, 3kh0 Projects promises action, strategy, and other genres of entertainment. The site invites visitors to “have fun” and join the Discord server with any questions. Judging from user testimonials, the selection of games ranges from casual, hyper-casual, to more immersive roleplaying adventures.

The types of games likely include:


This spectrum covers most major game styles and caters to all levels of gaming enthusiasts.

How Does 3kh0 Projects Unblock Games?

Unlike traditional gaming sites that merely host and link out to games hosted elsewhere. 3kh0 Projects maintains its own server where web versions of popular blocked games reside. This method essentially serves as a work-around to get past filters. Set up by schools, parents, firewalls, and other administrative restrictions.

By hosting bootleg editions of games like Happy Wheels and Super Mario Flash on their own domain. 3kh0 Projects ensures site visitors can access this entertainment content without issue. The unblocked nature has been praised and makes it an appealing gateway for those with limited options.

Who is the creator of 3kh0 projects?

3kh0 Projects was created by an individual developer who goes by the online handle of Drake or 3kh0. An examination of the public GitHub repository offers some insight into the personality behind the website:

Copy code

Individual Developer
Name: Drake (3kh0)
Location: Unknown
Occupation: Student, Gamer, Hobbyist Programmer
Tech Stack: Astro, AnimeJS, JavaScript
Interests: Video Games, Game Development, Web Development
Favorite Games: Rust, Ultrakill, TF2, Counter-Strike

So in summary, Drake is likely a student with an interest in gaming and coding recreationally. The fact 3kh0 Projects runs on Astro and incorporates advanced features like AnimeJS showcases. An eagerness to learn modern web frameworks despite still being early in their programming journey.


For those looking to access games frequently blocked by school, work, or parental controls. 3kh0 Projects offers a neatly packaged portal. With its own game hosting server, visually aesthetic site, and Discord community. It stands out as an engaging destination for casual entertainment.

While light on details regarding the specific titles available. The wide genre options and praise from early users showcase a well-rounded selection carefully curated by founder Drake. As Drake continues developing their skills and publishing original coding projects. 3kh0 Projects remains a site to watch for web developers and gamers alike.

Game Genres Table

Action/AdventurePlatformers, fighters, hack ‘n’ slashFast gameplay, combat, reflex challenges
Puzzle/LogicTetris, minesweeper, math gamesBrain teasers, puzzles, word games
Retro/ArcadeEmulators, minigames, clickersPixel art, high scores, classics
Strategy/TacticsTower defense, RTS, turn-basedResource management, planning skills
Sports/RacingSoccer, golf, Gran TurismoCompetitive athletics, driving sims
RPGs/MMOsMMO RPGs, fantasyLeveling up characters, roleplaying stories

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