Most companies across the world are now switching to maintaining an online employee portal to keep up with payslips, easy employee records, and the benefits associated. Amidst all the companies offering such accessible features, Adecco is one of the leading entities.

Adecco is a popular staffing company in the United States with over 500 branches and over 70,000 employees panning across the country. They work in collaboration with several businesses, including small and larger entities to maximize staffing across the board.

Adomyinfo is an online employee portal for Adecco employees, where they can directly access the different employee information, and payroll notifications and avail paperless pay online and manage them under one spot.

This post will discuss more Adomyinfo and why it is such an amazing employee portal.

What are the features under Adomyinfo?

Like other employee portals, even Adomyinfo offers a range of amazing features and specifications that streamline the user experience of the employees at Adecco.

The highlight of this portal is providing the employee’s direct access to their pay stubs to ensure everyone has a transparent working experience in the company.

Adecco offers two modes of salary payments – direct deposit or payments to a payroll card. As an employee, one has complete autonomy in choosing which method of payment would be ideal for their needs.

Some of the standout features of Adomyinfo include:

Access to payroll information

The highlight of this platform is that it maintains a “log” of the monthly payslips and the earned salaries by the employees at Adecco. This comes a lot in handy in the long run, especially for individual employees who want to keep a record of all their payment updates throughout their work tenure. Also, it is a self-service portal that doesn’t involve any kinds of admin or management influence.

Keep up with the notifications

Often, there are instances where Adecco releases new information, rules and regulations, and changes to their policies that aren’t always possible to be relayed individually. In such cases, the Adomyinfo platform makes it easier for the employees to access the latest notifications without any shortcomings. As an Adecco employee, you can easily access the updated rules and regulations and the latest information regarding the work.

Track the benefits

Employees working with Adecco are eligible for multiple benefits that were discussed during the hiring process. Adomyinfo helps the employees keep track of these individual employee benefits to keep track of the same. Having all the information in one place makes it easier for the employees to have a notion of what to expect when working with Adecco.

Familiarize with roster and shifts

Although not for every employee, the ones working on rotational shifts with Adecco can keep a track of their weekly or monthly work roster using Adomyinfo. The platform has a very simple and navigable user interface that enables the employees to keep track of their work schedule without having to bother individual administrators or management about the same.

How to Log into the Adomyinfo portal?

Now that you have an idea about the Adomyinfo portal and what it entails, let us walk you through the login process. Remember that the portal is only for Adecco employees, so you should have access to the username and password to be able to log into your profile on the portal.

Here’s what you need to do next:

• Open your web browser and then type in in the search bar

• Once the website opens, you have to enter the designated credentials, including username and password in the dialogue box.

• If you are a new employee, you can click on “Create a New Account” or else click on Login if you already have an account on the portal

For creating a new account:

• Once you click on Create a New Account, it will redirect you to a new webpage

• Under that, you have to enter the first name, last name, and email address in the designated fields.

• For verification purposes, you’d be asked to enter the SSM and contractor ID and the vendor ID, and the last four digits of the SSN.

• Under that, you have to enter the email, username, and password.

• Once everything is reviewed and you are sure of the information you have entered, you can then submit the information you entered.

Also, if there are any queries about the login process or anything else in between, you can directly call on 1-866-528-0707.

Adomyinfo is a secure, multipurpose, and highly functional employee portal for Adecco employees. If you were confused about the features and their usage, we’d recommend reading through the article to get a comprehensive idea about the amazing functionalities of the platform and why it is such a coveted platform among the employees in the company.


Is Adomyinfo a safe platform?

Adomyinfo is a credible employee portal created by the developers at Adecco. So, you won’t have to worry about reliability or security issues.

Can non-employees log into Adomyinfo?

No, Adomyinfo is only accessible for Adecco employees. So, you won’t be able to access the platform if you aren’t an employee or don’t have the required credentials to log into the platform.

Can I apply for leaves using Adomyinfo?

No, the portal doesn’t have a separate feature for leave applications. In case you want to apply for the leave, you’d have to contact the administrative or management in the company directly.