If you are into the facets of investing, trading, and the stock market and want to enhance your chances of generating a steady passive income, Novatechfx makes that happen. From enabling systemic investment and trading to allowing the users to maximize their income with affiliate programs, the platform has been around for quite a few years now.

With any new online trading platform, people are consistently looking for reliability and assurance. Novatechfx provides the users with just that. Besides being a registered company, the platform also practices transparency, which has helped its users generate sustainable income from the platform.

That entire aside, if you are considering Novatechfx for your forex and crypto trading and don’t have much idea about the website and its services, let us walk you through them in this guide.

What are the Services offered by Novatechfx?

If you are new to the scene of Novatechfx and don’t know where to start, we’d recommend looking through their service list first. Some of the most notable and popular services include:

PAMM accounts

Are you one of those people that want to earn good returns without actively trading your money? This is where the PAMM accounts come into play. This is a very beginner-friendly option wherein you can invest your funds in NovaTech’s master accounts and leave the trading process to the master and experienced traders handling these funds.

With this, you get to get rid of the worry about trading and get amazing returns in the process. Novatech does take a little percentage from the profits.

Mobile trading

For the enthusiastic traders that want to experience an uninterrupted and seamless trading experience in the full-fledged financial market, the mobile trading service on NovaTech supports that. They have the Meta Trader 5 application, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Now, you can trade from the comfort of your smartphone, without needing to whip out the laptop or desktop for the same. From easy trading to monitoring the account status, the app provides all the leading functionalities.

Metatrader 5 platform

Integrated with all the latest and functional analytical tools for trading, the Meta Trader 5 platform is a one-stop solution for all the budding and experienced traders. You can now familiarize yourself with the services and assess the market and then go ahead and trade the stocks that you think would bring in good returns. The platform hosts over 80 different technical indicators for an easy trading experience.

Affiliate marketing

If you are an experienced trader on NovaTechfx and you have a good online presence, bring in the people to the platform to earn a steady passive income. The affiliate commissions on the platform are quite lucrative and bring along amazing shares and profits that you wouldn’t get from other similar trading platforms. 

No deposit fees

Another standout feature of Novatechfx that makes it stand out from the rest is its no deposit fees scheme. Under this, you get to maximize your trading experience without having to worry about the initial investment in the platform. Novatechfx also offers 24×7 customer service that enables you to maximize your trading results and get rid of any problems that you are facing along the way.

What Makes Novatechfx a Lucrative Platform?

With the services out of the way, Novatechfx is gaining persistent growth for all the right reasons. Here’s why the website is becoming a mainstream name in the trading world.

Easy user interface

The biggest and possibly the most influential contributor to the growth of Novatechfx is its simple user interface. It has a very clean and minimal website layout, which makes navigation a lot simpler and less complicated. Also, their trading experience on the platform is straightforward without any complications along the way. You won’t have to scratch your head trying to figure out the steps involved in the trading process.


If you are a beginner with very little knowledge about trading and stocks, their dedicated resource section can help you understand what to do and what to skip out on. Since trading is quite a hit-or-miss process, making informed decisions helps in ensure higher profits and investment returns.

Holistic trading experience

There is a trading platform on the internet that is solely for experienced traders. With Novatechfx, you won’t have to worry about the same at all. Their online platform caters to the needs of both experienced and beginner traders, especially ones who are just starting. The website is curated for every interested trader, despite their understanding of trading and their experience in it.

Is Novatechfx a Scam platform?

Surprisingly, there is news about Novatechfx being a scam or fishy platform but they hold no truth to the claims. The platform is not just a registered entity; it is run by experienced and highly professional traders with years of experience in the field.

When you invest your money through this online trading platform, you won’t ever have to complain about your money going to waste or getting misplaced.

Novatechfx is one of the leading trading platforms for forex and crypto. If you are into active trading or you want to start on a beginner-friendly platform, we’d recommend looking into their services. Not only are they gaining rapid popularity, but they are also offering higher returns on the investment for every trading investment you make via the platform.


Can I start trading on Novatechfx as a beginner?

Yes, Novatechfx is ideal for beginners and experienced traders without any roadblocks. You can lead the trading to the experienced professionals via the PAMM accounts too.

How do I start affiliate marketing with Novatechfx?

Novatechfx has a separate affiliate marketing program, where the users can sign up and then earn commissions and generate a steady passive income.

Do I have to pay for mobile trading on Novatechfx?

Mobile trading via the MetaTrader 5 application isn’t chargeable in the beginning. You don’t have to worry about deposit fees in the process. Also, the application enables the users to monitor the account status directly.