Alan Wake 2 Cheat Engine – Available and How To Use

Using Cheat Engine in Alan Wake 2: A Guide for PC Players

Alan Wake 2 Cheat Engine, Alan Wake 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to 2010’s cult classic Alan Wake. This psychological action-thriller game developed by Remedy Entertainment immerses players in a dark and thrilling story filled with dangerous enemies and plot twists. Like many single player PC games, Alan Wake 2 has cheat options available to enhance the gameplay experience in different ways. This guide will provide information on using the Cheat Engine tool to activate common cheats in Alan Wake 2.

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Cheat Engine is a utility program developed by Dark Byte that allows players to modify values in a game’s memory to enable “cheats” or special behaviors not normally possible. Cheat Engine has a long history in PC gaming and is commonly used in single player games to make the experience easier, unlock content faster, or just have fun manipulating the game in unintended ways.

For Alan Wake 2, Cheat Engine tables have been created by the modding community that allow players to activate cheats like god mode, unlimited ammo, super speed, and more. These cheats can provide an extra layer of fun after completing the main story or for players who want to focus on exploration and discovery without worrying about survival.

However, there are downsides to using cheats as well. They can potentially destabilize the game, leading to crashes or glitches. Cheats also undermine the intended difficulty and challenge of gameplay, reducing accomplishment. And in multiplayer games, cheats can create unfair advantages and often result in bans. For these reasons, players should use caution and restraint when enabling cheats.

Alan Wake 2 Cheat Engine
Alan Wake 2 Cheat Engine

Downloading and Installing Cheat Engine

To use Cheat Engine with Alan Wake 2 on PC, you first need to download and install the Cheat Engine program if you don’t already have it. The latest version can be found at the official Cheat Engine website.

Once installed, you then need to download a specific Cheat Engine table designed for Alan Wake 2.

These can found at sites like:

Be sure to download the table from a reputable site to avoid malware risks. Save the .CT file to your computer.

How To Use the Cheat Table in Alan Wake 2

With Cheat Engine installed and the Alan Wake 2 cheat table file downloaded, using cheats involves a few simple steps:

Step#1. Launch Cheat Engine on your computer.

Step#2. Open the Alan Wake 2 game executable in Cheat Engine using the “Attach” option.

Step#3. In Cheat Engine, go to File > Open and select the .CT file you downloaded. This loads the cheat table.

Step#4. The cheat options will appear on the left. Check the boxes next to desired cheats to activate them.

Step#5. Adjust any available settings for a cheat by double clicking the corresponding row.

Step#6. Save the configured cheat table for easy reloading next time. Enjoy cheating in Alan Wake 2!

Be sure to make backup saves before extensively using cheats, as they can potentially corrupt your game. And again, use caution and restraint when enabling cheats.

Popular Alan Wake 2 Cheats

Here are some of the most popular and useful cheats available in the Alan Wake 2 Cheat Engine tables:

God ModePrevents all damage/death
Unlimited AmmoWeapons never run out of ammo
Super SpeedIncreases player movement speed
Fast RechargeRapidly recharges energy meter
One Hit KillInstantly kill enemies with one hit
Freeze EnemiesEnemies cannot move or attack
Super JumpAllows super high jumping ability

These cheats can let you breeze through tough battles, explore the world freely, or experiment with fun power fantasies. But restrain use to avoid ruining the game’s intended challenge and progression system.

Risks of Cheating in Alan Wake 2

While cheating in single player games like Alan Wake 2 is unlikely to get you banned or suspended like in a competitive multiplayer game, there are still risks to beware of:

  • Game crashes or glitches from destabilized code
  • Corrupted save files that ruin progression
  • Reduced enjoyment and accomplishment from lack of challenge
  • Possible malware or viruses from unsafe cheat programs

Cheat responsibly by making backups, scanning files for malware, and limiting cheat usage to avoid potential downsides.


Alan Wake 2 is an entertaining game on its own, but the Cheat Engine tool unlocks new possibilities for PC players who want to customize or enhance their gameplay experience. Follow this guide to utilize fun and powerful cheats, but do so cautiously and sparingly to avoid disruptions. When used wisely, cheating can be an amusing way to add extra life to a single player game after already completing the main challenges without compromising the original experience. Enjoy Alan Wake 2 on your own terms.

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