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Top 10 Vegatradex Alternatives for User Testing and Crowdsourcing in 2024

Vegatradex alternatives, Vegatradex was a popular platform that allowed users to participate in testing new apps, websites, and products in exchange for monetary rewards. However, in recent years it seems to have shut down operations.

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For those looking to find new opportunities in crowdsourced testing and content creation, there are plenty of great alternatives to Vegatradex available today. This article explores the top 10 platforms that provide similar services and benefits.


Crowdsourced testing and content creation provide an opportunity for everyday users to earn money in their spare time. Platforms like the now defunct Vegatradex allowed users to give feedback on new digital products by testing them hands-on. They could also earn by contributing content like images and videos.

The benefits of such crowdsourcing platforms are multifold. For users, it is a great way to make some extra money with flexible working options. For companies launching new products, it provides valuable consumer feedback and testing at an affordable cost.

As Vegatradex winds down its operations, users are on the lookout for the next best crowdsourcing platform. The good news is that there are plenty of great options available today that provide a similar user experience. This article explores the top 10 Vegatradex alternatives to consider in 2024.

Overview of Top 10 Vegatradex alternatives

PlatformKey Features
TesterWorkApp and website testing opportunities, direct payment to PayPal
UserFeelGlobal network of testers, user testing services
FOAPSell images and videos, earn money from content
UserTestingPopular platform, moderated and unmoderated studies
UserZoomComprehensive UX research platform
PlaybookUXFocus on UX research and optimization
UXtweakUser testing tools e.g. heatmaps, session recording
Loop11Rapid usability testing solutions
TryMyUIRemote user testing, video recordings and think aloud
uTestEnd-to-end testing services, community of testers
Vegatradex alternatives

1. TesterWork

TesterWork is one of the leading alternatives for those looking to test new apps and websites. It connects testers directly with companies looking for usability feedback on their products.

Vegatradex alternatives
Vegatradex alternatives

Some key features of TesterWork:

  • App and website testing opportunities: Testers can take up testing cycles for apps, websites, prototypes across different devices. There is a wide variety available.
  • Direct payment: Unlike some platforms, TesterWork offers direct payment to your PayPal account once a testing cycle is completed. The payment process is straightforward.
  • Reputable clients: Testers get to work on projects from major companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram and more.
  • Tester community: There is an active community of over 60,000 testers collaborating and contributing.

TesterWork offers a smooth user experience similar to Vegatradex when it comes to usability testing. The direct payment process and strong client list make it a leading choice.

2. UserFeel

Based in Israel, UserFeel partners with companies across the globe to provide user testing services. It engages a community of testers worldwide.

Some reasons to choose UserFeel:

  • Global tester community: With testers from 190+ countries, UserFeel provides diverse perspectives for their clients to improve global user experience.
  • Tester rewards: In addition to monetary payments, testers also earn badges and have a leaderboard that makes the experience more engaging.
  • Flexible testing: UserFeel supports moderated and unmoderated remote user testing so testers can choose what works for them.
  • UX focus: The platform focuses on helping companies improve user experience (UX) through actionable user insights.

For those looking to participate in remote user testing with flexibility, UserFeel is a great choice with rewards systems beyond direct payments.


FOAP is a leading crowdsourcing platform focused on images and videos. Users can earn by contributing stock content.

Here’s an overview:

  • Sell images and videos: Contributors can submit photos and videos to FOAP covering diverse categories and earn when they are licensed.
  • Copyright protection: FOAP reviews all content to prevent copyright infringement issues. Contributors retain full copyright protection.
  • Earn royalty income: A unique aspect is that contributors earn royalties when their content is licensed repeatedly, providing passive income.
  • Global reach: FOAP has over 400,000 creators across 180+ countries, giving enormous exposure.

For creative contributors looking to monetize and sell their visual content, FOAP is a top choice with great global reach and long-term earning potential through royalties.

4. UserTesting

One of the most established players, UserTesting is a self-service platform for user research and testing. With over 1,000 customers, it is a popular Vegatradex alternative.

Some key aspects:

  • Moderated and unmoderated: Support for both moderated panel-based testing and unmoderated self-service testing.
  • Diverse tester community: Access to a community of over 1 million testers representing various demographics.
  • Enterprise-grade: Trusted by leading brands, UserTesting offers enterprise-grade capabilities like project management, analysis, and integration.
  • Broad device coverage: UserTesting supports testing across desktop, mobile, tablet, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The enterprise-grade capabilities and large tester panel make UserTesting a trusted platform for crowdsourced testing today.

5. UserZoom

UserZoom is an end-to-end platform focused on user experience (UX) optimization. With capabilities for research, testing, and analysis it provides a comprehensive solution.

Key features:

  • Research: Get insights into customer pain points through surveys, NPS studies, interviews etc.
  • Testing: Conduct moderated and unmoderated usability testing across devices.
  • Analysis: Analyze findings with heatmaps, session replays, and analytical dashboards.
  • Optimization: Use integrated platform to optimize UX based on research findings.
  • Participant recruiting: Get access to a global participant panel for recruiting needs.

The end-to-end UX research and optimization makes UserZoom a worthy Vegatradex alternative for those seeking advanced capabilities.

6. Loop11

Loop11 focuses on rapid usability testing solutions. Companies can test prototypes and get feedback quickly.

It offers:

  • Fast setup: Loop11 prides itself on offering testing within minutes through an intuitive interface.
  • Flexibility: Testers can participate via smartphone, desktop or on-location options. Remote unmoderated testing is also available.
  • Video recordings: Get video recordings of user sessions for comprehensive analysis.
  • International reach: Testers are available from over 195 countries, enabling global feedback.

The quick turnaround time and flexibility of testing options make Loop11 ideal for agile development teams that need rapid testing.

7. PlaybookUX

PlaybookUX is a user experience research platform that helps uncover customer insights through various methods.

Some aspects that make it a great Vegatradex alternative:

  • Focus on UX: The platform is dedicated to UX research and covers the entire process from planning to analysis.
  • Remote research: Moderated and unmoderated remote testing with options for video, audio, heatmaps and surveys.
  • Recruiting options: Access test participants from an on-demand recruiter network.
  • Analysis tools: Integrated analysis tools help turn research data into actionable insights.

For those seeking a platform tailored specifically for remote UX research with recruitment options, PlaybookUX is an excellent choice.

8. UXtweak

UXtweak provides a range of user experience testing capabilities beyond just usability testing.

Key features:

  • Heatmaps: Track clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior through heatmaps.
  • Session recording: Record visitor sessions to see all interactions.
  • Surveys: Get feedback through targeted user surveys.
  • Polls and quizzes: Engage testers through quick polls and concept quizzes.
  • UX analytics: Get visual data on behaviors like rage clicks, scroll depth etc.

For deeper user insights beyond usability, UXtweak provides versatile UX testing capabilities. The polls and quizzes also make testing more engaging.

9. TryMyUI

TryMyUI connects businesses with a community of UI and UX testers. It provides flexible testing options.

Some key aspects:

  • Remote unmoderated testing: Testers can participate remotely at their own pace and time.
  • Video recordings: Get think aloud videos for qualitative insights.
  • Specialized testing: Capabilities for card sorting, prototype testing, and first-click tests.
  • Global community: Testers are available from over 190 countries to enable diverse feedback.

The combination of moderated and specialized testing capabilities makes TryMyUI suitable for different user research needs.

10. uTest

uTest provides an end-to-end enterprise-grade testing solution from test design to results analysis.

Notable features:

  • Tester community: Access over 100,000 expert testers covering 90% of global population.
  • Device labs: Test across a library of real mobile devices managed by uTest.
  • Specialized testing: uTest supports performance, security, localization testing etc. beyond just usability.
  • Analysis: Get automated analysis, reporting, and recommendation engines.

For companies seeking comprehensive quality assurance services, uTest enterprise offerings make it a leading choice.


Vegatradex offered a useful platform for crowdsourced testing and content creation. While it seems to have ceased operations now, there are plenty of great alternatives available in 2024.

From user testing focused platforms like UserFeel and TryMyUI to more comprehensive solutions like UserTesting and uTest, there are options to suit different needs. Visually focused platforms like FOAP provide alternatives for content creators.

Consider the key capabilities, target demographics, testing methods, and overall user experience while selecting the right alternative. With crowdsourced testing continuing to provide valuable insights for businesses, these top Vegatradex alternatives are worth exploring for anyone seeking testing and content monetization opportunities.

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