Andrew Tate Today on Twitter Calls For Ben Shapiro

Andrew Tate Calls Out Ben Shapiro on Twitter: Exploring the Ongoing Feud Between Two Influencers


On January 11th, 2024, Andrew Tate today on Twitter to call out conservative commentator Ben Shapiro in a tweet that quickly went viral. This latest social media exchange is just one instance in an ongoing feud between the two influential internet personalities who hold vastly different worldviews.

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In this article, we’ll explore the background between Andrew Tate and Ben Shapiro, look at what sparked Tate’s recent callout, analyze the two men’s opposing stances, and examine the responses their ongoing feud has elicited.

Background on Andrew Tate and Ben Shapiro

To understand the context behind the latest Tate-Shapiro clash, it helps to first look at who these two men are and what they stand for.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a controversial internet celebrity, former professional kickboxer and self-help guru. He first gained notoriety when he appeared on the reality TV show Big Brother in 2016. He was removed from the show after a video surfaced showing him hitting a woman with a belt.

Since then, Tate has amassed a huge social media following through his outlandish, inflammatory statements and promotion of a hyper-masculine, luxurious lifestyle. His content often includes misogynistic rhetoric and questionable views on topics like depression and sexual assault.

Nonetheless, his brash persona and ostentatious displays of wealth, sports cars and women have drawn in millions of followers, especially among young men. Tate sells various “War Room” online courses that promise to help men achieve success with money and dating.

Who is Ben Shapiro?

Ben Shapiro is a prominent conservative political commentator, media host and writer. He was an influential anti-Trump voice within right-wing media during the 2016 election but has since become a supporter of many Trump policies.

Shapiro is known for his fast-talking debate style, provocative speeches on college campuses and fiery critiques of liberal ideologies. He founded the conservative news and opinion website The Daily Wire.

Unlike Andrew Tate, Shapiro cultivates an image as an intellectual and “facts don’t care about your feelings” persona. However, many criticize him for propagating a climate of intolerance toward marginalized groups.

What Prompted Andrew Tate’s Recent Callout?

On January 11, 2024, Andrew Tate took aim at Ben Shapiro in a tweet, though the exact motivation behind it remains unclear.

Some speculate it could have been in response to recent Daily Wire coverage critiquing the controversies surrounding Tate. Others theorize Tate may have simply been trying to stir up drama for attention.

Here’s what Andrew Tate tweeted:

“Hey [Ben Shapiro], since you’re constantly talking about me on your show, maybe you’d finally like to debate me?”

This call to debate came alongside a provocative photo of a shirtless Tate posing with two women in bikinis.

The tweet racked up over 58,000 likes and 18,000 retweets in less than 24 hours, igniting a firestorm of responses and coverage across social media.

Andrew Tate and Ben Shapiro’s Opposing Stances

While Andrew Tate and Ben Shapiro may share an adeptness at courting controversy and attracting publicity, their worldviews could hardly be more opposing. Their ongoing feud highlights just how divergent their stances are on a wide range of issues.

Views on Women

One of the biggest contrasts can be seen in how Tate and Shapiro view women.

Tate routinely makes degrading comments about women, stating they are inferior and should be subservient to men. He’s been widely accused of promoting misogyny.

Conversely, Shapiro has stated he believes women should have access to every career path men do. However, he propagates some views that many characterize as regressive, like that women being forced to carry pregnancies from rape is just an “unfortunate thing.”


Politically, Shapiro aligns himself with standard conservative Republican stances, frequently criticizing those on the left.

Tate seems to defy typical ideological labels, holding a mix of alt-right adjacent and libertarian views. He’s made anti-gay comments yet opposes government regulation. He stokes fears about “globalists” controlling society but also sells merch mocking QAnon.


As an Orthodox Jew, a core piece of Shapiro’s perspective stems from his devout religious beliefs.

Meanwhile, Tate has claimed he doesn’t let religion influence his worldview. He also came under fire for tweeting that “Jewish people do the least in society yet complain the most.”

Mainstream Media

Both express disdain for mainstream media and have built careers spreading their messages directly to followers.

However, Shapiro operates within the conservative media ecosystem, founded The Daily Wire and makes frequent Fox News appearances.

Tate exists largely outside both traditional and digital media institutions, relying on organic social media growth. He’s been banned from various platforms.

Responses and Reactions to Their Feud

The ongoing rivalry between Andrew Tate and Ben Shapiro has elicited strong reactions from followers, critics and fellow influencers.

Supporters Take Sides

On social media, avid fans of both Tate and Shapiro have taken entrenched sides around their preferred influencer.

Many Tate devotees praise their “Top G” for challenging Shapiro and offer tweaks of the callout tweet as memes. Shapiro followers applaud him for not backing down to Tate and portray the feud as a triumph of facts over inflated ego.

Some Hope for a Debate

There are many curious to see a debate between the two, if only for its entertainment value and viral potential.

Some think the boldly unfiltered Tate could rattle Shapiro’s polished persona. Others feel Shapiro’s fastidious preparation would dominate Tate’s freewheeling bravado if they ever went head to head.

Increased Attention on Their Feud Draws More Eyes

The ongoing back and forth has been a publicity gift for both influencers, introducing each of them to new audiences only familiar with one side previously.

Their mutual feud stands to benefit both their brands and bottom lines by driving interest and keeping them relevant. As a result, some speculate the feud is more coordinated dance than actual beef.

Criticism of Their Ideologies Persists

For critics of both Tate and Shapiro, their ongoing spat presents concerns about normalizing misogyny and bigotry rather than thoughtfully combating it.

Some argue that rather than stoking more divisive discourse between two problematic figures, society should find ways to foster open-minded discussion and diminish their harmful impacts.

Looking Ahead at the Andrew Tate vs Ben Shapiro Rivalry

As Andrew Tate and Ben Shapiro continue to spar periodically on social media and through veiled callouts, some key questions remain about what’s next for their clash of influencers.

  • Will Tate keep lobbing provocations at Shapiro trying to goad him into a debate?
  • How will Shapiro continue to respond given his larger media platform?
  • Might they ratchet up the feud as a mutually beneficial publicity strategy?
  • Could the dispute transition to an in-person confrontation if they ever cross paths in public?

For now, their ideological feud shows no signs of abating anytime soon. This likely means we can expect more viral tweets, dueling hot takes and partisan mudslinging between these two internet-famous rivals.


The ongoing feud between Andrew Tate and Ben Shapiro offers a glimpse into the combustible interactions between two of the internet’s most provocative influencers. Their back and forth highlights the stark contrasts between their worldviews and the impassioned responses their rivalry elicits among critics, supporters and spectators.

As they stand as influential figures to millions of followers, their dispute raises meaningful questions about outrage culture, cancelation and how we engage with public figures spreading potentially harmful ideas. Their continued sparring ensures they’ll remain subjects of coverage and controversy for the foreseeable future.

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