How To Play Android 12, 13 Hidden Game 2022

Every time Google releases an updated version of Android with android hidden game, they sneak in a secret minigame or “easter egg” somewhere in the system preferences. You can locate it with a couple taps and swipes, provided you know where to look.

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Recent versions of Android follow a similar procedure, but there’s always something that can go wrong. Here’s what to expect and how to find those hidden Easter eggs.

The newest version, Android 13, is a time-based game with minimal features. Since it’s still technically in beta, it’s possible that new features will be introduced in the future. As with prior easter eggs, the procedure is virtually the same.

Subtle reference to Android 13

Similar to Android 12’s easter egg, this one is rather recent. The easter egg is all the emoji, and you may access them by rotating the clock. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  1. Select “About Phone” from the Settings menu.
  2. To proceed, navigate to the bottom of the page and click “Android Version.”
  3. On the following screen, repeatedly hit “Android Version.”
  4. An analogue clock should now be visible to you; please set it to one o’clock.
  5. Multicolored orbs of varying sizes will begin to fill your screen.
  6. If you hold down on any portion of the screen for an extended period of time, the dots will turn into emoji.

Repeatedly pressing the long-press button will cycle through different sets of emoji. Like Android 12, this easter egg also has something to do with colour cards or “Paint Chips.” How to reach them is as follows:

  1. Press and hold the wallpaper on your home screen for a moment.
  2. From the drop-down option, pick “Widgets.”
  3. To add the Paint Chip widget to your home screen, open the Android S Widgets menu and then tap and hold the widget until it appears.
  4. Scale it up or down to fit your needs.

Simply resizing the widget will result in an increase in the number of little cards of each colour displayed. However, tapping on the widget will open the multi-shade card view in its entirety. Any specific coloured card can be shared with a contact by tapping on it and using the corresponding sharing shade.

Hidden message in Android 12.

The most recent Android easter egg is activated in the same way as all the others: go to the settings menu, select “about phone,” and then repeatedly tap the “software version” field. A clock will appear on the screen once completion; setting the time to midnight will reveal the Android 12 splash screen. Getting there is as easy as:

  • Availablity of Configurational Options
  • Select “About phone,” then “Software version,” then “Android version” until a clock appears.
  • When the clock is set to 12 o’clock, the Android 12 screen will load.

Easter egg for Android 11

Just with previous versions of Android, the easter egg has two halves in the most recent release. You have the steps to follow in order to uncover the secret ’11’ logo, and then further steps to take in order to really start playing the game. This year, the Neko Cat, which debuted in Android Nougat, is back.

To get started, please do as follows:

  1. Navigate to “About Phone” under settings.
  2. If you want the Android version, you can get it by tapping the button labelled “Android Version.”
  3. To do this, repeatedly select the “Android version” option.
  4. You’ll see a graphic of a volume dial.
  5. To reach the maximum setting, the dial must be turned clockwise.
  6. If you do this three times, a new maximum of “11” will appear, and a small cat emoji will pop up from the bottom of your screen.

It’s a reference to the iconic scene from the Spinal Tap parody film, in which the lead guitarist brags that his amp can be turned up to “all the way to 11,” making it louder than amps with a “10” setting.

The next step is to add a programme called “Cat Controls” to your power menu shortcuts. You may access the menu with the power button by pressing and holding it.

  1. Click the ellipsis (…) in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select “Add Controls”
  3. Now scroll down to where it says “See more apps” and click that.
  4. select “Cat buttons”
  5. A water bubbler, food bowl, and a toy can now be chosen by checking the appropriate boxes.
  6. Back on the main menu, select “Cat Controls” from the drop-down menu that appears when you tap the down arrow next to “Home.” Now you may play the game using the cat controls.

A virtual cat can be attracted by filling the water bubble with a swipe of the finger, filling the food bowl with a tap, and/or tapping the toy.

After that, you just have to wait for a notification that a cat has arrived, along with its unique cat number, and play the waiting game.

Hidden feature in Android 10

The process in Android 10 is initiated in the same way as previous Android Easter eggs have. Keep in mind that Android 10 was formerly known as Android Q, as that is where we are headed.

  1. Access the Android version by going to settings > about phone.
  2. To view the Android 10 logo page, select Android from the menu, then click “Android 10” several times.
  3. All of these components may be repositioned on the page by dragging them, and they also respond to taps and press to rotate and holds to spin.
  4. A Q logo can be made by rotating and dragging the 1 into the 0; the two numbers will snap into place when in the correct position.
  5. To access the nonprogram game, tap the Q logo again and again.

Nonograms are grid-based games in which players must complete the grid by placing numbers in the empty squares according to an off-grid grid guide. The side of this item features numerals that indicate where various components should be placed. To see both axes, you may need to spin your phone because it doesn’t exactly fill the screen. In this way, you’ll be able to create your own custom icons for the Android operating system. It’s not the same as the popular game “flappy bird,” that’s for sure.

An Easter Egg for Android P

The Android P easter egg can be accessed in the same way as any other Android easter egg by following the aforementioned steps 1 and 2. A colorful P logo will appear. You can get this to flash and change colours by rotating the phone just a little. Owners of the Pixel can take it one step further, though. After tapping the P a couple more times, you’ll be taken to a sketching programme where you can practise your doodling skills. Why? I see your point.

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