Is Baddieshub Legit or a Scam? An In-Depth Review


Baddieshub is a clothing and accessories website that has recently gained attention and popularity. However, as the site continues to grow, many shoppers are left wondering – is Baddieshub legit or is it a scam?

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In this in-depth Baddieshub review, we will analyze several key factors to determine if Baddieshub is trustworthy or if shoppers should be wary. We will examine the site’s reputation, products, prices, shipping practices, return policy, and more. Read on for the complete lowdown on Baddieshub before you buy!

Overview of Baddieshub

Baddieshub markets itself as a lifestyle brand offering the latest urban streetwear and accessories. The site sells apparel, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and more. Products feature bold designs, logos, and graphics. The styles cater towards hip hop culture and feature many cropped, tight, and revealing items.

The website launched in 2022 and is owned by Baddieshub LLC. They are based in the United States but ship products worldwide.

Baddieshub aims to embody an edgy, youthful aesthetic. Their social media showcases influencer partnerships and features sexy models posing in Baddieshub attire. This marketing attracts their target demographic and helps spread brand awareness.

Evaluating Baddieshub’s Reputation

The first step in assessing an online retailer is investigating their reputation. Baddieshub is still a new site, but we can examine a few key indicators:

Online Reviews

There are currently no Baddieshub customer reviews available. The site does not have a reviews section. The lack of reviews makes it difficult to gauge customer experiences.

Trust Pilot Rating

Baddieshub currently has no TrustPilot rating or reviews. This independent review site lets customers rate retailers. The absence of any rating or reviews is concerning. Most established retailers have TrustPilot feedback.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Baddieshub is not BBB accredited. The BBB has no customer reviews or complaints on file. However, the lack of BBB profile is common with new online stores.

Site Security

Baddieshub uses SSL encryption and HTTPS security on their site. This helps protect customer data. The domain was registered in 2022 through GoDaddy. Overall, the site appears secure.

Address & Contact Info

Baddieshub provides a business address in Los Angeles, CA. There is also a customer service email and phone number. The contact information seems legitimate.

Based on these reputation factors, Baddieshub does not raise any immediate red flags. However, the lack of reviews makes it difficult to fully gauge trustworthiness.

Investigating the Product Selection

Baddieshub offers a wide array of urban streetwear and accessories. They sell crop tops, bodysuits, dresses, swimwear, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. The products feature bold prints, shimmery fabrics, and tight/revealing silhouettes.

Clothing & Shoes

The apparel selection includes t-shirts, hoodies, corset tops, mini skirts, leggings, and booty shorts. The shoes include high heels, thigh high boots, sneakers, and slides. Most items are priced between $10-$40. Brands are not disclosed.

The clothing features similar designs and aesthetics. Product images generally look professional. However, some the product photos appear duplicated or photoshopped. This raises concerns about whether the images accurately depict the products.


The accessories sold include purses, handbags, belts, hats, sunglasses, and jewelry. There are statement pieces like chunky hoop earrings and logo belt bags. Prices range from $12 – $50. Again, product brands are not listed.

Some accessories, like the sunglasses, look cheaply made and generic in the product images. The jewelry selection also has some low-quality looking pieces.

Sizing & Models

Baddieshub does not provide a size chart and has limited sizing info. Most clothing comes in S-XL or standard numerical sizes. The models on the site are all slim with similar body types. This makes it difficult to judge how items might fit different figures.

The product selection aligns with the site’s urban streetwear aesthetic. However, the quality appears inconsistent. The lack of brands and sizing information is also concerning.

Examining Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Baddieshub offers a few different payment options:

  • PayPal – This is the recommended payment method as it offers buyer protection.
  • Credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards are accepted.
  • ** Klarna** – This ‘buy now pay later’ service lets you pay over time in installments.

The site appears to use an encrypted SSL checkout for security. No account signup is needed to make purchases as a guest.

Baddieshub’s price points are at the lower end, likely to appeal to the young, trendy demographic. Most items are priced between $10-$50. These low costs could indicate cheaper quality products and materials.

The site regularly runs promotions like:

  • Sitewide sales
  • Free shipping over $99
  • Buy one get one 50% off
  • Referral and influencer discounts

The frequent sales and deals likely help drive purchases and social sharing. However, critics argue this makes the ‘regular’ prices seem inflated.

Overall, Baddieshub offers standard payment methods. The low pricing seems attractive for the target audience. But the frequent promotions may aim to artificially drive sales.

Shipping, Returns & Customer Service

Baddieshub offers worldwide shipping from several fulfillment centers:

Shipping Policies

  • United States – Free economy shipping on orders $99+. Expedited shipping available.
  • International – Flat rate shipping fees calculated at checkout. Arrives within 7-20 days.
  • Processing – Orders processed within 1-2 business days.

Based on the shipping information provided, orders seem to ship out relatively quickly. US customers can receive free shipping by meeting the order minimum.

However, some customers from 5023 claim shipping actually took 3-4 weeks, much longer than advertised. Slow international shipping times are a common complaint in scam reviews.

Return Policy

Baddieshub allows returns or exchanges within 30 days of delivery. To be eligible, items must be unused with original tags attached. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

This return window is relatively short. Many retailers offer 60 days or longer. Only being able to return unused items can also be limiting for shoppers. The policy seems restrictive compared to other stores.

Customer Service

The site provides an email address and phone number for customer inquiries. They state requests will be answered within 24 hours.

According to reviews, customers have been unable to reach support. Emails were unanswered and calls went to an automated messaging service. Poor customer service is a red flag for an unreliable business.

In summary, Baddieshub’s shipping and returns don’t raise major concerns initially. However, poor communication and feedback indicate customer service issues.

Social Proof & Branding

Baddieshub dedicates effort towards building social proof and connections. These strategies help promote the brand:

Influencer Marketing

Baddieshub engages in influencer collaborations on Instagram. Models and ambassadors with thousands of followers promote the brand. This provides social proof and spreads their urban style image.

However, some influencers simply repost generic product images provided by the brand. They may not have actually bought or tried the items. Paid influencer ads don’t always equal genuine advocacy.

User-Generated Content

The brand reposts customer outfits and style photos on social media. This makes the brand feel more established and community-driven.

But upon closer inspection, many of these photos actually depict influencers or brand reps – not real customers or reviews. Some images even appear photoshopped with the brand’s logo added.

Brand Messaging

Baddieshub pushes ideals of empowerment, confidence, and embracing sexuality. This messaging resonates with their target demographic and builds an emotional connection.

Critics argue the messaging borders on disingenuous when products seem cheaply made and complaints are left unresolved. The #BaddieBabe branding risks coming across as more hype than substance.

In summary, Baddieshub employ standard promotion strategies on social media. But not all engagement may be authentic. Shoppers should be aware of misleading influencer marketing.

The Verdict: Is Baddieshub Legit?

Based on this investigative review, here is our verdict on Baddieshub:


  • Professional website design and branding
  • Standard online payment methods
  • Social media & influencer marketing presence


  • No independent reviews or BBB rating
  • Affordable pricing but questions around product quality
  • Complaints of slow shipping and poor customer service
  • Repeated sales and promotions appear suspicious

Overall, Baddieshub does not have definitive red flags indicating an outright scam. However, the lack of customer reviews and complaints around shipping and service suggest potential issues. Shoppers may want to exercise caution when buying from this new, unrated brand.

For the time being, we recommend doing thorough research and starting with less expensive test purchases. Baddieshub may become a more reputable brand as they grow. But currently, they carry higher risk for shoppers.

Proceed with caution if choosing to purchase from Baddieshub. Lower cost clothing likely comes with lower quality as well. We advise confirming acceptable return policies with customer service before buying expensive or large orders in case issues arise.

The Bottom Line

When reviewing new online retailers like Baddieshub, there are always uncertainties. The brand has potential but currently lacks independent verification. Buyer beware – cheap websites focused on promotions do not always equal quality products or service.

Hopefully this complete review provides an informative look Baddieshub’s reputation, products, and practices. Researching new eCommerce brands thoroughly enables smarter and safer online shopping. Stay savvy!

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