Alternatives to Telelk for Secure and Safe Communication


In today’s digital world, secure communication is more important than ever. Telelk has been a popular communication platform for many due to its ease of use and range of features. However, concerns around Telelk’s security and privacy policies have led many to seek out alternatives that offer enhanced safety and protection.

This article explores the top alternatives to Telelk that prioritize user security and deliver private, encrypted communication.

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We will examine the key features of each platform, their security protocols, and overall benefits for personal and professional communication. With cybercrime on the rise, it is crucial to find safe and trusted options to connect with others online.


Signal is widely considered one of the most secure and private messaging platforms available today. This free app was developed by Open Whisper Systems and utilizes end-to-end encryption to protect conversations.

Key Features

  • End-to-End Encryption: All conversations over Signal are encrypted with keys only stored on each user’s device. This prevents third parties, including Signal itself, from accessing message contents.
  • Minimal Data Collection: Signal requires only a phone number to create an account and collects minimal usage data beyond what is needed to operate the service.
  • Disappearing Messages: Messages can be set to automatically disappear after a chosen timeframe, providing additional control over one’s digital footprint.
  • Secure Group Chats: Group conversations are just as protected as one-on-one chats. Each message is encrypted individually for each recipient.
  • Cross-Platform Availability: Signal is available on iOS, Android, desktop platforms, and as a web application. Seamless syncing keeps all devices up to date.

Security Protocols

As an open-source platform, Signal’s encryption protocols have been vetted by the cryptography community. Key security features include:

  • Uses Curve25519, AES-256, and HMAC-SHA256 for encryption.
  • Keys are generated locally on each device.
  • Uses 3DH handshake for perfect forward secrecy.
  • Contacts matched via phone number hashes, not plain numbers.

For voice and video calls, Signal uses WebRTC with SRTP encryption. With consistently high security ratings, Signal offers one of the safest communication platforms available.


Signal is an excellent choice for users prioritizing privacy. The minimal data retention and solid encryption make it difficult for messages to be accessed by unauthorized parties. Individuals such as activists, journalists, and those living under repressive regimes can benefit greatly from Signal’s security capabilities. The easy group chat function also makes Signal a convenient option for both personal and work communications where discretion is important.


Developed in 2012, Wickr is another highly secure messaging app built around user privacy. This platform offers robust encryption paired with features like screenshot blocking and selective message deletion.

Key Features

  • Ephemeral Messages: Messages can be programmed to self-destruct after a set time. You can have them disappear after just a few seconds or remain accessible for up to six days.
  • Screenshot Blocking: Screenshots are automatically disabled in the app to prevent sensitive message contents from being captured.
  • Encrypted Video/Voice Calling: In addition to text chats, Wickr allows for encrypted video and voice calls between users.
  • Expressive Capabilities: Wickr supports the ability to react to messages, mention users, and share files up to 100MB.
  • 10 File Shredder: The integrated shredder can securely delete up to 10 files simultaneously from your device storage.

Security Protocols

Wickr utilizes military-grade encryption to protect user data:

  • AES-256 bit encryption for file transfer and messages.
  • ECDH for key exchange.
  • XEdDSA for signatures.
  • C Shake256 for hashing.

Encryption keys are generated on each device, rather than relying on a centralized server. Wickr underwent a security audit by iSec Partners in 2015 and no significant vulnerabilities were found.


The integrated shredding and screenshot blocking make Wickr the prime choice for discussing highly sensitive matters that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. This includes use by government officials, whistleblowers, victims of abuse, and those in threat of stalking/harassment. Wickr’s robust security settings allow tailoring the platform to your specific needs.


Created by the founders of Signal, Session is another open-source messenger that emphasizes privacy and security. With encrypted group chats and video/voice calling, Session aims to provide a full-featured communication platform.

Key Features

  • Minimal User Data: No personally identifying information is required beyond a username. Sessions does not have access to user phone numbers.
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy: New encryption keys are generated for each message or call, preventing decryption even if long-term keys are compromised.
  • Private Contact Discovery: Contacts can connect via shared secret phrases rather than revealing phone numbers.
  • Group Admin Control: Admins can delete messages or remove participants from group sessions.
  • Destructible Media: Images and videos can be set to delete after being viewed once.

Security Protocols

Session leverages industry standards and in-house development to enable secure communications:

  • Asynchronous encryption uses XEdDSA and X3DH key agreement.
  • Symmetric encryption via AES-256 in CTR mode.
  • Tor onion request routing for IP masking.
  • Regular security audits from external firms.

By keeping user data off their servers, Session limits the impact of potential server-side attacks.


For those wanting anonymity above all else, Session is likely the best choice. It also offers robust control of groups via admin features. Since it avoids collecting user phone numbers, Session provides an extra layer of privacy for your contacts and identity.


Keybase differentiates itself by tying encryption keys to social media and cryptocurrency accounts as a form of identity verification. This allows secure messaging integrated with strong identity confirmation.

Key Features

  • Public Key Infrastructure: Users link encryption keys to social accounts, websites, and more. This provides a web of identity confirmation.
  • Encrypted Messaging: One-on-one chats, groups, and file sharing is facilitated through encryption.
  • Private File Sharing: Users can share files up to 5GB with end-to-end encryption.
  • Cross-Platform Availability: Keybase is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.
  • Team Collaboration Tools: Teams get shared folders, admin controls, synchrony, and more.

Security Protocols

Keybase implements standard algorithms with their own twist:

  • NaCl cryptography library for public-key encryption.
  • Salsa20 for symmetric encryption.
  • Ed25519 for digital signatures.
  • ZXCvbn for password strength estimation.
  • Team secrets use Shamir’s Secret Sharing.

By tying keys to identity, users can independently verify contacts through multiple channels.


Keybase stands out through its identity-based approach to security. Verifying users across social media helps mitigate impersonation risks and malicious contacts. For team collaboration where members may not know each other directly, Keybase allows establishing trust through its public key infrastructure.


Threema is designed from the ground up to make metadata collection impossible, preventing third parties from accessing data on contacts, groups, locations, and usage times.

Key Features

  • Anonymous Sign Up: No personal details need to be provided, only a unique Threema ID.
  • Contact Anonymity: Contacts can elect to only share their Threema ID.
  • Location Privacy: Threema does not track user locations.
  • Photo Metadata Removal: Metadata is stripped from photos before sending.
  • Message Deletion: Messages can be deleted from both the sender and receiver accounts.

Security Protocols

Threema is based in Switzerland and adheres to strict local privacy laws. It implements a range of standards:

  • NACl library for end-to-end encryption.
  • SaltyRTC for key generation.
  • ECDH for perfect forward secrecy.
  • Hash functions from libsodium.

Each message is encrypted using a different set of keys to protect past communications if a key is compromised.


For those who value anonymity above all else, Threema is likely the premier choice. Not even requiring a phone number or email address to sign up provides unmatched privacy benefits. This makes it suitable for sensitive political discussions, journalist sources, or other contexts where total anonymity is required.

Comparison Table

PlatformEnd-to-End EncryptionMetadata ProtectionIdentity RequiredOverall Security
SignalYesModeratePhone numberVery high
WickrYesHighUsernameVery high
SessionYesHighUsernameVery high
KeybaseYesModerateSocial media & crypto accountsHigh
ThreemaYesVery highThreema ID onlyVery high


When choosing a secure communication platform, you must balance priorities like privacy, anonymity, identity confirmation, and features. Use cases like personal messaging, professional collaboration, and sensitive activities each benefit from different strengths.

Signal provides state-of-the-art encryption with minimal data collection. Wickr augments security with features like screenshot blocking and disposable messages. Session focuses on anonymity by avoiding any use of phone numbers. Keybase ties identity to social media accounts and cryptocurrency wallets. Finally, Threema prioritizes complete anonymity and stripping metadata from conversations.

The platforms highlighted in this article represent some of the top options for those seeking safe, private communication. When Telelk’s policies fall short, turning to an encrypted alternative can give users greater peace of mind. As digital privacy continues to erode, supporting open-source security projects has never been more important.

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