Luke Dashjr, a core developer of Bitcoin, said on Monday that his PGP key was broken into, which led to the theft of more than 200 Bitcoin worth about $3.5 million. While Crypto Twitter figures out if the hack was real or just a tax-saving “boating accident,” another Bitcoin core developer, Peter Todd, confirmed that the hack was real and happened because of poor security.

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Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, the CEO of Binance, felt sad and offered to help by keeping an eye on the hack and freezing assets if it happened to Binance.

Bitcoin Core Developer Luke Dashjr Loses Over 200 Bitcoin

In a tweet on January 2, Bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr said that his PGP key had been stolen and that he had lost all of his Bitcoin. He doesn’t know how it happened, but he says it began on December 31.

He said that some of his Bitcoin could be found at an address for a wallet. He also showed how small amounts of Bitcoin were moved to the same wallet by sharing Bitcoin transactions. At the time of writing, the wallet address shows two transactions, and the wallet has 216.93 BTC, which is worth $3.6 million.

Some people think the hack is linked to strange things that happened on Luke Dashjr’s server in November and December. He also kept his Bitcoins in a “hot wallet,” which is a riskier way to store them because it is connected to the Internet.

Boating Accident

Some people think the event is a “boating accident,” which usually means that someone is trying to avoid paying taxes by saying they lost all of their BTC in a hack or for some other reason. But another Bitcoin core developer, Peter Todd, said that the hack was real and that it happened because security was not tight enough.

In response, Binance CEO “CZ” tweeted that if a core developer can lose his Bitcoin holdings, it makes him wonder how safe Bitcoin holdings are. But he offered to help Luke Dashjr and freeze the bitcoins that were connected to the situation. He said, “Self-care comes with its own set of risks.”

Price of Bitcoin Holds Above Key Support

At the moment, the price of Bitcoin is $16,660, and it continues to move sideways. The price of BTC has stayed above $16.5K, which is a key support level.

In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin’s lowest price was $16,521 and its highest price was $16,677. In the last 24 hours, the number of trades has also gone down by 9%.

Source: Google Trend