Which To-Watch NFT Fractionalization Platforms?

NFT Fractionalization Platforms

Fractional art and fractionalization NFT is not just a fancy word; it is also a growing area where you can invest this year. Non-fungible tokens and the technology behind them stand out as two of the most important trends in crypto. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short, have been around since 2014, but they only recently became popular on the crypto market, when people switched their focus from trading to investing.

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NFT is a unique and popular way to invest. Because of this, fractionalized NFT projects and fractionalized NFT platforms were created. Fractional art didn’t exist for a long time, but as NFTs became more popular and in demand, examples of fractal art became a new way to get an asset. NFT is still a very flexible investment asset, but as its uses grow, there are more and more fractionalized NFT projects. This year, Nike, Coca Cola, and even Macy’s have put money into NFT.

But NFTs are also very expensive, though examples of fractional art are now available. Fractionalized NFTs, or F-NFTs, are just NFTs that have been broken up into smaller pieces that can be used in different ways. There is a whole landscape of fractionalized NFT projects and platforms that can be used to your advantage.

Let’s look at five of the most important NFT fractionalization platforms projects to watch in 2023.

NFT Fractionalization Platforms

1#. NFTX:

NFTX does what other fractionalized NFT projects do, but it does it by using an index fund. This decentralised protocol lets you find groups of NFTs in index funds that all have the same value. Users get an ERC-20 token called NFTX when they add art to an index or buy a piece of an index.

Most low-value art can be found on the NFTX platform. This is the platform for fractionalization that uses pooling NFTs of the same value, which makes it different from the other projects.

2#. Unic.ly:

OxLeia made Unic.ly, which is a well-known fractionalized NFT platform. If you want a well-known fractionalized NFT marketplace, Unic.ly is thought to be one of the best. Unic.ly is more than just a place to buy and sell pieces of fractional art. It also has swaps, farms, and other tools. NFT fractions are sold on Unic.ly as uTokens, which users can buy after a certain collection has finished voting.

This platform works with both the ERC-11155 and ERC-721 token standards. Only ETH-based NFTs can be bought or sold.

3#. Fractional.art:

Fractional.art Of all the fractionalized NFT platforms, Fractional.art has to be at the top. It is a well-known marketplace where NFT communities mint using the fractional protocol, which is a smart contract that doesn’t require permission. Fractional.art is open to everyone and has no central point of control.

In terms of security, Harchi Audit and PeckShield have checked the marketplace and made sure it is safe. There are more than 1100 NFT vaults with popular NFTs from collections such as Cryptopunks and Etherrock.


LIQNFT is the best platform to use if you want a fractionalized NFT project that works with Solana. On the Solana blockchain, users can buy or sell fractionalized NFTs and even serialised NFTs through this platform.

With serialisation, users get full ownership of the limited number of NFTs and prints of the NFT. The LIQNFT Treasury is where all of these NFTs will be kept. Users can set the parameters they want and pay a fee to pledge NFTs in the treasury.

5#. NFTfy.com:

In 3 steps, NFTfy breaks down fractionalized non-fungible tokens. By doing this, a fractionalized marketplace lets users sell their fractions to a group of people or even other token holders before the fractionalization happens.

This is a decentralised marketplace where users’ NFTs are put together into a contract. It is completely safe to use. To un-stack your NFTs, you would have to pay either the reserve price or the full value of that NFT. It’s important to know that NFTfy allows NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, BNB, and Avalanche to be split up.

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