Is Boujee coupons legit or Scam? [Review]

Boujee Coupons is a website that claims to offer exclusive discounts and coupon codes for various fashion and lifestyle brands. But is Boujee Coupons legit or a scam? This comprehensive review will examine the facts about Boujee Coupons to help you determine if it’s trustworthy.

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An Introduction to Boujee Coupons

Boujee Coupons launched in 2021 as a site offering coupon codes and deals for high-end, “boujee” brands like Gucci, Prada, Dior, and more. The site claims its coupons can save you up to 85% on luxury fashion, beauty, travel, and other indulgences.

Boujee Coupons says it partners directly with brands to provide authentic coupons and insider savings. However, because the site is so new, there isn’t much information available yet on whether Boujee Coupons actually has relationships with these luxury companies or if the coupons are real.

Assessing the Legitimacy of Boujee Coupons

With the lack of reviews and verified information on Boujee Coupons, we have to dig deeper to determine if this site is trustworthy:

The Boujee Coupons Website

The Boujee Coupons website itself looks professionally designed, with high-quality photos and organized categories of coupons. However, a slick website alone doesn’t guarantee legitimacy. We need to look at other factors.

Contact Information

Boujee Coupons does not provide a company address, phone number, or email contact on its website. This makes it difficult to verify the company behind the site. The lack of contact information is a red flag.

Terms & Conditions

There are no clear terms and conditions or a privacy policy listed on Boujee Coupons. This lack of a legal agreement covering use of the site and user data is concerning. Legitimate businesses post terms and conditions.

Social Media Presence

Boujee Coupons links to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. However, its social media profiles have almost no engagement or followers. The Facebook page has only 2 likes, for example. This lack of an audience raises questions.

Online Reviews

There are no online reviews for Boujee Coupons on trusted consumer sites like Trustpilot. The lack of reviews makes it impossible to gauge experiences with the coupons or customer service.

Based on these factors, Boujee Coupons does not yet have the markers of a legitimate business. There are few signs of an established company behind the website.

Do the Boujee Coupons Actually Work?

The main question is – can you really use Boujee Coupons to save 85% on luxury fashion and beauty brands?

Let’s look at what users say:

  • There is a <a href=”″>YouTube review</a> with someone claiming the Boujee Coupons worked for her Dior purchase. However, the video seems promotional rather than from an ordinary buyer.
  • There are no other reviews from verified purchasers online saying the Boujee Coupons worked. Unbiased reviews are needed.
  • On deal and coupon sites, some users allege the coupons don’t work and are fraudulent. However, more user experiences are needed to confirm.

The lack of verified reviews of Boujee Coupons makes it difficult to conclusively state if the coupons work as advertised. More shopper testimonials are needed.

Should You Use Boujee Coupons?

Based on the current information available, here are some things to consider before using Boujee Coupons:

  • No way to verify legitimacy. With no address, contact info, terms and conditions, or reviews, there are no signs of an established business behind Boujee Coupons.
  • Lack of coupon details. The site doesn’t provide full coupon terms, expiration dates, or eligibility information. This makes the coupons questionable.
  • No verification the discounts work. Besides one promotional video, there’s no proof the Boujee Coupons provide real savings on luxury brands.
  • Possible credit card risks. Without secure terms and conditions, you could be putting your credit card information at risk when attempting to use Boujee Coupons.

For these reasons, it’s likely best to avoid Boujee Coupons until more information confirms it’s legitimate. The risks outweigh the potential rewards at this time.

Safe Alternatives for Luxury Deals

If you’re looking to save on high-end fashion and beauty brands, use reputable mainstream coupon sites instead:

  • Rakuten – Get cash back on purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Sephora and more.
  • Groupon – Often offers discounted gift cards that can be used at luxury retailers.
  • Slickdeals – The community posts deals and vouches for legitimacy before you buy.
  • RetailMeNot – User-submitted codes for brands like Coach, Tory Burch, Lancome and others.

These alternatives have verified reviews and offer safer ways to find real luxury deals.

The Bottom Line

Boujee Coupons offers deep discounts on luxury, high-end fashion and beauty shopping. However, the site has many red flags like lack of contact information, no posted terms and conditions, and no reviews confirming the coupons work.

It’s possible Boujee Coupons is a scam aiming to collect credit card information or sell personal data. There is no verifiable evidence the site has relationships with luxury brands or that the coupons offer real savings.

Until more information surfaces confirming Boujee Coupons is legitimate, it’s best to avoid this questionable site. Instead use well-known deal platforms like Rakuten and RetailMeNot to safely save on luxury purchases. With more time, user reviews may eventually show if Boujee Coupons delivers on its luxury coupon claims or not. But for now, shop with caution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is Boujee Coupons affiliated with any luxury brands?

A: There is no evidence Boujee Coupons has official partnerships with the luxury brands it claims to offer coupons for. The site does not provide verification of brand relationships.

Q: Are there any reviews that show Boujee Coupons works?

A: There is only one promotional YouTube video claiming the coupons worked from an account with no other content. There are no unbiased reviews confirming the coupons save money.

Q: Is it safe to give Boujee Coupons my credit card information?

A: No, Boujee Coupons does not provide terms and conditions or have a reputation for being a legitimate business. Giving your credit card information could be risky.

Q: How can I get luxury brand coupons safely?

A: Use trusted mainstream coupon platforms like Rakuten, Groupon, Slickdeals and RetailMeNot which have verified user reviews and offerauthenticated deals.

Q: Can I get a refund if I use a Boujee Coupon that doesn’t work?

A: The site does not provide coupon terms, return policies, or contact information for customer service. Getting a refund would be difficult.

The Bottom Line

Claiming to offer exclusive luxury coupons and savings sounds appealing. However, Boujee Coupons has several red flags indicating it may not be legitimate. Until more reviews and details confirm the site is trustworthy, it’s best to hold off and find luxury deals through safer alternatives instead. Shop wisely and read coupon sites closely before providing payment information or personal data.

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