What Is editmycookie And How Does It Work?


EditmyCookie, is a small text files stored on your computer that store information about your browsing activities. They allow websites to remember your preferences and settings, keep you logged into accounts, and provide relevant advertising. While cookies can be useful, some users want more control over the cookies stored on their devices. This is where browser extensions like EditThisCookie come in.

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EditThisCookie is a popular browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge that gives users full access to view, edit, add, and delete cookies for any website they visit. With EditThisCookie installed, managing cookies becomes straightforward. This article will explore what EditThisCookie is, how it works, its key features, benefits, limitations, and alternatives. By the end, you’ll have a solid understanding of this useful cookie manager.

What is editmycookie?

EditThisCookie is a browser extension created by EditThisCookie Inc. It works by adding a toolbar button to your browser that pops up a window allowing you to view and modify cookies when clicked. The extension supports editing first-party and third-party cookies from any site you visit.

EditThisCookie provides a simple interface to search, add, edit, and delete cookies quickly. Beyond basic cookie management, it has advanced features like cookie monitoring, backup and restore, multi-domain control, and more. The editor is easy to use with sorting, searching, and filtering options to find cookies faster.

EditThisCookie is available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, and Edge browsers. It’s one of the most popular cookie editor extensions with over 2 million users. The platform is frequently updated by its developers to fix bugs, add new features, and improve security.

How Does editmycookie Work?

Editmycookie works by integrating into your browser and adding a new toolbar button. When you visit a website, EditThisCookie captures and displays all the current cookies for that domain in its editor popup.

The extension icon will display the number of cookies on the site visually. Once opened, the cookie manager allows you full control to add, edit, and delete any cookies you want. You can also search, filter, and manage cookies in bulk.

Here is a quick rundown of how Editmycookie functions:

  • Install the extension from the official browser store for your browser
  • A new toolbar icon will appear allowing you to access the cookie editor
  • Visit any website, and your cookies for that domain will load in the editor
  • Search for specific cookies quickly using the search bar
  • Edit any cookie by double-clicking the values and modifying
  • Add new cookies by clicking the plus icon and filling out the form
  • Delete cookies by selecting them and clicking the trash icon
  • Save changes by clicking the save icon to store your edits
  • Access advanced features like importing, exporting, monitoring, and more

The cookie manager integrates seamlessly into your browsing experience, making cookie management frustration-free. With full control over your cookies, you can maintain privacy or customize sites to your preferences.

Key Features and Tools

Editmycookie comes packed with a robust set of features that enhance the core cookie management functionality:

Full Cookie Management

The primary feature of Editmycookie is a full-fledged cookie manager allowing you to add, edit, and delete any cookie from sites you visit. The intuitive interface makes finding and modifying cookies easy.

Search and Filter

The extension provides powerful search and filtering to quickly locate cookies by name, domain, path, or value. Refine cookies by secure or session status.

Cookie Monitoring

You can enable cookie monitoring to get notified when sites create new cookies in real-time. This allows reviewing or deleting new cookies you may not want.

Import and Export

Import and export your cookies to backup or share cookie lists. This allows saving cookie profiles and loading them to other devices.

Multi-domain Control

The manager lets you control cookies across multiple domains. The advanced view shows all domains and clusters cookies logically.

Cloud Sync

Sync your cookies to the cloud to share cookie profiles across devices. Cloud sync keeps your cookie manager settings aligned.

Dark Mode

Switch to a stylish dark mode within the extension for comfortable use at night. Dark mode is easier on the eyes.

Permissions Manager

Fine-tune cookie permissions for individual sites to override default behavior selectively. Granular control improves privacy.

Browser Support

EditThisCookie supports all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, and Edge. Get your cookie manager on every device.

Active Development

The extension is under active development with frequent updates and bug fixes. New features are added continually.

With these useful tools and customization options, EditThisCookie provides all you need for full cookie control in your browser. The features complement the core cookie editing functionality.

Benefits and Use Cases of Editmycookie

There are many benefits to using a tool like Editmycookie . Here are some of the top use cases:

Enhanced Privacy

You can remove cookies you don’t want on your device, improving your privacy. Delete cookies from sites you don’t trust.

Remove Ads

Block advertising and tracking cookies to reduce interruptive ads during browsing. Create an ad-free experience.

Site Customization

Edit cookie values to customize your experience on sites, unlock access, or get features for free.

Troubleshooting Access Issues

Modify cookies to troubleshoot login, paywall, or access issues on sites. Edit cookies to bypass some access restrictions.

Cross-device Cookie Sync

Export cookies from one device and import them to another to sync your identity across devices. Stay logged into sites anywhere.

Design Testing

Web developers can leverage EditThisCookie for design testing by modifying UI and UX related cookies. Quickly test variations.

Session Management

Delete session cookies to force sites to generate a new session. This can fix inconsistent behavior across visits.

Computer Lab Management

IT administrators of shared computers can use Editmycookie to wipe cookies after each user for privacy.

Cookie Analysis

Inspect cookie contents to reverse engineer site technologies and features. Understand cookie usage.

EditThisCookie delivers value whether you’re a regular user, developer, or IT pro. Everyone can benefit from enhanced control over their cookies.

Limitations of Editmycookie

While Editmycookie is powerful, it also comes with some limitations to keep in mind:

  • Manual Process – You must manually search for and edit each cookie which can be time consuming.
  • Cookie Knowledge Required – You’ll need basic cookie management knowledge to use EditThisCookie effectively.
  • Can’t Edit Server Cookies – EditThisCookie can only modify browser cookies, not back-end cookies.
  • Potential Data Loss – Accidentally deleting valuable cookies can cause loss of data or access.
  • Browser Extension Dependency – The tool only works when the browser extension is installed.
  • Cookie Syncing Issues – Importing cookies may cause conflicts with existing cookies.
  • Privacy Concerns – Some cookie managers have suffered security breaches exposing user data.
  • Site Detection – Heavily editing cookies may cause sites to not function properly. Sites may detect you are using a cookie editor.

While EditThisCookie simplifies cookie management tremendously, it still requires some technical skill. Users should be cautious not to damage site functionality with extensive cookie editing.

Editmycookie Alternatives

  • EditThisCookie is arguably the most full-featured cookie manager available. However, here are some alternative cookie editors to consider:
  • Cookie Editor – A lightweight cookie manager for Safari and iOS devices. Simple interface.
  • Cookie Inspector – Strictly a cookie viewer for Chrome without editing capabilities.
  • Cookie Manager+ – Robust extension-based manager similar to EditThisCookie, but without cloud sync.
  • Cookie Master – Mobile app for iOS providing cookie management directly on device.
  • Manage Cookies – A cross-browser extension focused solely on cookie deletion, not editing.
  • Cookie Cleaner – Cleans cookies in bulk by type, age, size, and domain. Great privacy tool.
  • Cookie Analyzer – Inspects and visualizes cookie data. Useful analysis tool for developers.

While EditThisCookie remains the dominant cookie manager solution, these alternatives provide lighter-weight or more focused capabilities depending on your needs.

Getting Started with Editmycookie

Ready to get started managing your cookies with Editmycookie? Here is a quick guide to installing and using the extension:

Step 1 – Install Extension

Install Editmycookie from the official Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera store. Search “Editmycookie” and click add/install.

Step 2 – Pin to Toolbar

Pin the Editmycookie browser icon to your toolbar for easy access to the cookie manager popup.

Step 3 – Visit Sites

Now visit any website, and click the toolbar icon to view and edit cookies for that domain.

Step 4 – Search & Filter

Use search and filters to quickly find specific cookies by name, domain, or value.

Step 5 – Edit Cookies

Double-click any cookie value to edit it. Or add/delete cookies using the toolbar buttons.

Step 6 – Save Changes

Make sure to click the save icon to store your cookie changes to apply them.

Step 7 – Advanced Features

Check out advanced features like cloud sync, monitoring, and more at the bottom left of the manager.

Getting started is that easy! Within minutes you can be searching, editing, and deleting cookies like a pro.


Some frequently asked questions about Editmycookie:

Q: Is Editmycookie free to use?

A: Yes, EditThisCookie is completely free to install and use with no limits. Premium add-ons can be purchased for additional capabilities.

Q: Does it work on mobile devices?

A: No, Editmycookie is a browser extension that only works when installed on the desktop Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Edge browsers.

Q: Can it delete all my cookies?

A: Yes, Editmycookie provides an option to delete all cookies for the currently viewed site or across all domains at once.

Q: Does Editmycookie cover Incognito/Private mode?

A: No, Editmycookie can only manage persistent cookies. Incognito/Private cookies cannot be viewed or edited.

Q: Is Editmycookie safe to use?

A: When installed from official browser stores, Editmycookie is generally safe to use. Be cautious of fake cookie editor apps online. Never install browser extensions outside official stores.

Q: Can it permanently block cookies?

A: No, Editmycookie is designed for one-time cookie edits, not permanent blocking. You would need a dedicated blocker extension for permanent blocking.


Editmycookie is an invaluable browser extension for any user wanting expanded control over cookies for privacy, customization, troubleshooting, or other purposes. With robust management capabilities, powerful features, cross-browser support, and an intuitive interface, EditThisCookie makes wrangling cookies easy.

While cookie knowledge is still required for advanced management, Editmycookie puts the average user in the driver’s seat when it comes to controlling cookies. Before editing cookies, be cautious not to damage site functionality.

For most use cases, Editmycookie delivers the ideal balance of usability and functionality in a cookie manager. If you regularly find yourself wanting to take your privacy and customization further by editing site cookies directly, Editmycookie is likely the go-to extension. Give your browsing experience a boost by installing this cookie manager today.

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