What is Buzzbug and How Does it Work?


Mosquitoes and other flying insects can be a nuisance, especially when trying to enjoy the outdoors. Their bites can also spread dangerous diseases like malaria, Zika, and dengue fever. To help combat this pest problem, Buzzbug offers an innovative and effective solution.

Buzzbug is a portable, rechargeable insect trap that utilizes ultraviolet light and electric grids to attract, zap, and kill mosquitoes and other small flying bugs. This chemical-free, odorless device provides a quick, mess-free way to control mosquitoes and biting insects in any setting.

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In this article, we’ll explore how Buzzbug works, its key features, and the benefits it provides for effective and convenient pest control. Understanding Buzzbug’s functionality and advantages can help you determine if this clever bug zapper is right for your needs.

How Buzzbug Works

The Buzzbug system relies on multiple strategies to draw in and eliminate flying pests:

Ultraviolet Light

At the core of Buzzbug is a bright ultraviolet LED light. These UV wavelengths are attractive to many flying insects, especially mosquitoes and midges. As they detect the UV rays, mosquitoes and other bugs instinctively fly toward the light source.

This phenomenon is known as positive phototaxis. Mosquitoes associate UV light with food sources like nectar-bearing flowers or mammals to bite. The UV LED mimics these cues, luring the insects close to the device.


In addition to the UV light, Buzzbug also generates a small amount of heat. Mosquitoes use thermotaxis to track down warm-blooded hosts to bite. The heat produced by the Buzzbug unit provides an additional enticement for mosquitoes to approach.

Electric Grid

Encircling the UV light is a grid of electric coils. As mosquitoes and other insects draw near the light, hoping to find a meal, they make contact with the high voltage grid and are zapped with a lethal electric current.

This instant electrocution eliminates the bugs quickly and efficiently before they can bite. Their crisped bodies then fall into a collection tray beneath the grid.


The heat and airflow generated by the Buzzbug unit also serves to dehydrate mosquitoes as they hover around the trap. This dehydration stresses the insects, weakening them and making electrocution even more effective.

So in summary, Buzzbug uses multiple mosquito attracting cues like UV light, heat, and airflow. This pulls the insects in close to the electric grid where they are zapped, dehydrated, and killed. It provides round-the-clock protection without any chemicals, smoke, or mess.

Key Features and Benefits

Buzzbug has several handy specifications that make it an ideal choice for portable insect control:

  • Compact size – Weighing just 12 ounces, the Buzzbug is lightweight and portable. The 2 x 4 inch oval shape allows it to fit easily in pockets and bags.
  • Rechargeable battery – It has an integrated, rechargeable lithium polymer battery. When fully charged, it provides up to 10 hours of continuous runtime.
  • USB charging – The Buzzbug can be powered up via any USB port or AC adapter. It takes about 3 hours for a full recharge.
  • No chemicals – Buzzbug uses only UV light, electricity, and heat to attract and kill mosquitoes. It does not require any sprays, liquids or chemicals.
  • Low maintenance – Aside from occasionally emptying the collection tray, no maintenance is required. There are no replaceable cartridges or other consumables.
  • Odorless operation – With no smokes, mists, or smells, the Buzzbug can be used indoors or outdoors with zero unpleasant odors.
  • Quiet performance – It operates silently, making it unobtrusive for use in bedrooms, patios, campsites, and other quiet settings.
  • Safety features – The electric grid is concealed under a protective cover, preventing contact. An auto shut-off stops the device if tilted or overturned.

Let’s explore why these features make Buzzbug such an appealing mosquito control solution:


Weighing just half a pound and similar in size to a smartphone, the Buzzbug is designed for transport anywhere. The lightweight, compact design makes it ideal to take camping, hiking, fishing, or to use in your own backyard. Place it on tables, hang it from trees, or hold it in your hand while walking. Wherever mosquitoes are buzzing, Buzzbug can go too.

Rechargeable Battery

The built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery offers hours of continuous run time. Fully charged, it will zap mosquitoes non-stop for up to 10 hours. For overnight backyard gatherings or week-long camping trips, the long-lasting battery has you covered. And charging it is a cinch with any USB port or charger.

Chemical-Free Operation

Many mosquito traps rely on smoke, synthetic attractants, or insecticides to lure and kill the pests. Buzzbug uses only natural cues like light, heat, and CO2 from your own breath. This makes it safe to use around children, pets, and plants with no messy cleanup or harsh chemical odors.

Low Maintenance

Aside from occasionally clearing the collection tray, no maintenance or upkeep is required. There are no lamps to replace, liquids to refill, or cartridges to swap out. You can use your Buzzbug for an entire season without any consumables or extra purchases.

Quiet and Odorless

The silent, chemical-free operation makes the Buzzbug perfect for use while sleeping, reading, or having conversations outdoors. No disruptive zapping noises, hissing mists, or strong odors. It works discreetly and effectively in the background.

Buzzbug provides an ingenious, hassle-free method to control those annoying mosquitoes and biting flies. Let’s review the key benefits:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Long 10 hour runtime per charge
  • No liquids, sprays or odors
  • Silent operation
  • Safe for use anywhere
  • No maintenance required

With these advantageous features, Buzzbug is the ideal choice for keeping mosquitoes and other flying pests under control day or night.

How Effective is Buzzbug?

Independent testing under real-world conditions has proven Buzzbug to be highly effective at controlling mosquitoes:

  • In one field study, Buzzbug reduced mosquito bites by up to 85% over a 12 hour period compared to a control.
  • When used overnight in a bedroom, it decreased mosquito bites by 74% vs uncovered sleepers.
  • A 3-week trial resulted in an average of 32 mosquitoes trapped per night, totaling over 600 dead mosquitoes.
  • User feedback indicates around a 90% reduction in mosquito annoyance when using the Buzzbug regularly.

These impressive results demonstrate that the patented technology used by the Buzzbug system reliably attracts, traps, and kills troublesome mosquitoes and other small flying insects.

The portable, chemical-free operation provides effective protection during any outdoor activity. Reviewers consistently report significantly fewer bites and less mosquito annoyance when using the Buzzbug.

Buzzbug vs Other Mosquito Control Options

How does Buzzbug compare against some other common methods for repelling and eliminating mosquitoes? Here is a brief overview:

Repellent sprays – Topical repellents like DEET offer temporary protection but must be frequently reapplied. They have strong odors and can irritate eyes and skin.

Citronella candles – The scented smoke masks human scents but has limited range. Like sprays, the effects are temporary.

Zappers – Wall-mounted zappers must be plugged in and have limited range. Insects must directly contact the electrified grid.

Propane trap – Propane-powered traps like the popular Thermacell heat insecticide-infused mats. Limited to small spaces and potential fire hazard.

Backyard spray service – Professional spraying provides temporary relief but uses harsh chemicals and must be repeated monthly.

The Buzzbug offers an effective, convenient alternative:

  • Portable protection anywhere, no outlet needed
  • Silent, odorless, non-toxic operation
  • All-night mosquito control from a single charge
  • No skin applications or repeat applications required
  • Safe and chemical-free around pets and kids

For sustained mosquito control without annoying repellents or health concerns of insecticides, Buzzbug is an ideal solution.

How to Use Buzzbug Effectively

Using your Buzzbug effectively is as easy as turning it on, but here are some tips to get the most out of it:

Charge fully – Be sure to fully charge the Buzzbug before first use and between outings for the full 10 hours of runtime.

Place near activities – Position the Buzzbug about 15-20 feet from where you’ll be sitting, eating, or sleeping.

Aim light outward – Orient the light to shine outward across the space to attract mosquitoes away from you.

Move indoors at dawn – Mosquitoes are less active in full daylight. For all-night use, move the Buzzbug indoors at dawn.

Use regularly – Regular use for 2-4 weeks can significantly reduce local mosquito populations around your home.

Pair with fans – Use oscillating fans to spread the CO2 and scents further, attracting mosquitoes from greater distances.

Check collection tray – Empty the collection tray periodically to ensure optimal performance.

That’s all there is to it! Turn on your Buzzbug and enjoy your yard, patio, campsite or any outdoor space free of annoying mosquito swarms.

Pros and Cons of Buzzbug

Buzzbug has many attributes that make it a top choice for portable mosquito control. But how does it stack up overall? Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Effective, silent mosquito trap
  • Portable, lightweight and rechargeable
  • No sprays, chemicals or odors
  • Easy to maintain with no replaceable parts
  • Safe to use around kids and pets
  • Provides up to 10 hours of protection per charge


  • Limited range of 15-20 feet radius
  • Not as affordable as some chemical options
  • Periodic cleaning required
  • May take a few weeks to suppress local mosquito populations

While not a magic mosquito shield, Buzzbug attracts and kills these pests quietly and effectively. For shoppers looking for an easy-to-use, eco-friendly solution, Buzzbug delivers convenient portable protection.


For anyone tired of annoying and dangerous mosquito bites, Buzzbug offers an innovative solution. Using UV light and electric grids, this clever device attracts and zaps mosquitoes without any odors, chemicals or mess.

The compact, lightweight and rechargeable design makes it easy to use Buzzbug virtually anywhere. Place it in yards, patios, campsites, or take it hiking and fishing for convenient mosquito protection.

Independent testing confirms Buzzbug effectively reduces mosquito bites and annoyance. Reviewers report spending more time comfortably outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes thanks to this device.

Simple, safe and reusable, Buzzbug is an ideal option for controlling mosquitoes without continual sprays, skin applications or insecticides. If you’re seeking peace of mind from mosquitoes during outdoor living and activities, give Buzzbug a try!

Key Features of Buzzbug

PortabilityLightweight, compact shape fits pockets and bags
Battery LifeUp to 10 hrs runtime per charge
ChargingBuilt-in USB charging port
TechnologyUV light attracts mosquitoes to electric grid
OperationSilent, no sprays or chemicals
SafetyEnclosed grid, auto shut-off if tilted
MaintenanceNo replaceable parts or consumables

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