What Are the Chances of Breeding a Rare Strombonin in My Singing Monsters?

The Chances of Breeding a Rare Strombonin, is one of the most coveted monsters in My Singing Monsters. This colorful creature has a truly unique sound and appearance. But with rarity comes great difficulty in acquiring one. Just what are the chances you can breed your very own Rare Strombonin? Let’s find out.

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First, some key facts about the Rare Strombonin:

  • It is classified as a chance of breeding “Rare Mythical Monster“. This means it’s available only at limited times.
  • Breeding requires a combination of a regular Strombonin and a Rare Bowgart.
  • The breeding time takes a lengthy 23 hours.
  • The chances of success are low. You’ll likely need many tries to get one.

With this in mind, just how difficult is it to breed this prestigious monster? What can you do to maximize your odds? This guide will uncover the real chances and offer tips to boost your luck.

Baseline Rarity of the Rare Strombonin

The Rare Strombonin lives up to its “extremely rare” reputation. The base chance of breeding one is very low.

Most players report needing at least 30-50 attempts before hitting that lucky breeding. Some have tried over 100 times with no success!

So going in blind, your odds are well under 5%. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But don’t abandon hope just yet! There are still ways to dramatically improve those dismal chances.

How Availability Affects Chances

The first key factor is the availability of the Rare Strombonin itself. This monster only becomes breedable during special limited-time events and seasonal windows.

My Singing Monsters will announce on social media or in-game when the next Rare Strombonin breeding event begins. The rarity rises and falls based on availability.

Your chances go up significantly during a dedicated breeding event compared to normal times. But you still have to act fast before the event ends! The longer you wait, the worse your odds will be.

Monster Levels & Boosters Improve Odds

Another way to stack the deck in your favor is using breeding boosts.

Leveling up your parent monsters to 15 prior to breeding gives a better shot. The Epic Breeding Island and Enhanced Breeding Structures also help.

Activating boosters like Breeding Bonanzas increases the rates for a short period. Take advantage of any active boosts to gain a temporary advantage.

While not guaranteed, these boosters may raise your chances from less than 5% to closer to 10-15% depending on other factors.

Strategies for Improving Your Luck

Beyond proper conditions, there are a few strategies players employ in hopes of altering their luck when breeding Rare Strombonin:

Clearing distractions and focusing solely on breeding during a window seem to yield better results for some people.

Switching up parent monsters, like using a different Rare Bowgart, resets an unlucky streak in some cases.

Taking a long break before trying again can seemingly change the odds in your favor.

Tracking your breeding attempts and stopping on milestone numbers is another ritualistic tactic used.

These ideas may seem superstitious, but when chasing extremely rare monsters, every little bit helps!

Estimating Your True Chances of Success

Taking all of these factors into account, let’s quantify the chances of actually breeding that coveted Rare Strombonin under optimal conditions:

During a dedicated breeding event, your base chance may be 5-10%, better than normal times but still low.

Having boosted monsters to level 15 could double your odds to 10-20%.

Using boosting structures may double chances again to 20-40%.

Trying repeatedly will eventually lead to success, though it may take 50, 100, or even 200 tries!

So in the best case scenario, your chances are well under 50% but perhaps as high as 40%. The more you try, the more likely you are to win the lottery and breed one — eventually!

Achieving Your Rare Strombonin Dream

Breeding any Rare Mythical Monster in My Singing Monsters requires heaps of patience and persistence. But with the right combo of timing, luck and strategy, you can beat the odds and reach your Rare Strombonin goals.

Keep chasing that rainbow and don’t get discouraged! With enough tries under optimal conditions, you too can breed this prestigious monster.

Just keep these key tips in mind:

Only try during limited seasonal windows when available

Use level 15 monsters and boosting structures

Follow rituals and take breaks to reset luck if needed

Try, try and try again — over 50 times if needed!

Stay motivated and don’t lose hope. With the right approach, you can dramatically increase your chances. Before long, you’ll enjoy the sweet song of your very own Rare Strombonin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about breeding Rare Strombonin odds:

Q1. What are the exact chances of breeding Rare Strombonin?

There are no published exact odds, but at baseline it is under 5%. With boosts and at peak times, your chances could reach 30-40% with extreme luck.

Q2. Does using level 15 monsters help?

Yes, level 15 monsters significantly increase breeding odds versus lower levels. Always use max level parents.

Q3. Do breeding boosters make a big difference?

Boosters like Epic Breeding Island can double or triple odds, so they make a noticeable impact.

Q4. How many times should I expect to try before success?

Expect to try at least 50 times, often over 100+ tries. Some of the unluckiest players take 200+ breeds before succeeding!

Q5. What is the #1 tip for improving odds?

Only attempting to breed during limited windows when Rare Strombonin is available gives the best odds boost.

Q6. Can you guarantee success breeding Rare Strombonin?

There are no guarantees, but maximizing conditions gives you a decent chance. Buying directly with diamonds is the surest way.

Q7. Is it worth trying to breed Rare Strombonin?

For committed players, it is definitely worth trying repeatedly during peak times to eventually achieve this elite monster!


The Rare Strombonin lives up to its mythical reputation with extremely low baseline breeding odds. However, players willing to learn its secrets can dramatically improve their chances through perfect timing, powerful boosts and determined persistence. While never guaranteed, with the right approach you can beat the odds to accomplish the magical feat of breeding your very own Rare Strombonin. Keep striving, and this sensational monster can be yours!

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