What is khoot game pin And Is It Working? [Review]


Khoot game pin, is an educational platform that allows users to create and host learning games, called “kahoots”. These kahoot games consist of multiple-choice quizzes that can be played individually or in teams.

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Khoot game pin one of the core features of Kahoot! is the game PIN system. In order to play a kahoot game, players need to enter a unique PIN code to access that specific game. The game PIN is randomly generated by Kahoot! each time a new kahoot is created.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at how the Kahoot game PIN system works. We will cover:

  • What exactly is a Khoot game pin
  • How to find the game PIN for your kahoot
  • How players use PINs to access kahoot games
  • Tips for sharing game PINs with players
  • Troubleshooting guide if your game PIN isn’t working

We’ll also provide a brief overview of Kahoot! itself and the key benefits it offers educators, businesses, and other organizations. Let’s dive in!

What is a Khoot game pin?

A Kahoot game PIN is a unique 6-digit code that is randomly generated each time a new kahoot quiz, discussion, or survey is created on the platform.

This PIN acts as a passcode that allows players to access that specific kahoot game. Players will be prompted to enter the game PIN when they visit Kahoot.it or open the Kahoot! app in order to join the game.

The game PIN is critical for playing any kahoot, as it connects players to the correct game session hosted by the kahoot creator. Without entering the right PIN, players will not be able to join the kahoot game.

Here are some key facts about Kahoot! game PINs:

  • 6 digits in length, consisting of numbers 0-9.
  • Randomly generated each time a new kahoot is made.
  • Unique to each kahoot – no two games will have the same PIN.
  • Single-use – only works for one game session.
  • Used for joining both classic and challenge kahoot game modes.

The main purpose of the game PIN is to provide a simple way for players to access the live game session. Players don’t need to create accounts or register in advance – as long as they have the PIN, they can join.

This makes organizing a game of Kahoot! incredibly straightforward for hosts. All they need to do is share the randomly generated PIN with players immediately before starting the kahoot.

How to Find the Game PIN

For kahoot creators, obtaining the game PIN is easy.

Here are the steps

  1. After logging into your Kahoot! account, create a new kahoot or open an existing one.
  2. On the kahoot editing screen, click on the “Play” button at the top right corner.
  3. A pop-up will appear with the unique 6-digit game PIN displayed prominently.
  4. Copy or write down this PIN to share with your players.

The game PIN will always be visible on the game options pop-up screen when you click “Play” from edit mode.

If you’ve lost or forgotten the PIN for a kahoot you want to play, you can easily recover it

  1. Open the kahoot you want to find the PIN for.
  2. Click “Play” to open the game options pop-up.
  3. The unique PIN will be shown here.
  4. Copy it to share with your players.

So finding and retrieving kahoot game PINs is very straightforward for hosts. All you need to remember is to click the “Play” button and you’ll have access to the PIN whenever you need it.

How Players Use Khoot Game Pins

For players, using a Kahoot! game PIN to join a game session is simple:

On Kahoot.it

  1. Go to Kahoot.it on any web browser. This is the platform used for playing kahoot games.
  2. Enter your chosen nickname when prompted.
  3. On the main screen, enter the game PIN provided by the host.
  4. Click “Enter” or “Submit” to join the game with that PIN.

On Kahoot! App

  1. Open the Kahoot! app on your device – available for both mobile and desktop.
  2. Enter your chosen nickname when prompted after opening the app.
  3. Tap “Enter PIN” and type in the game PIN provided by the game host.
  4. Tap “Go” to join the game session with that PIN.

In both cases, players will be placed into a “lobby” waiting screen after entering the correct PIN. The game will begin once the host clicks start.

To recap, entering a Kahoot! game PIN as a player only takes a few seconds:

  • Go to Kahoot.it or open Kahoot! app
  • Enter nickname
  • Type in PIN
  • Click join/submit/tap go
  • Wait in lobby for host to start game

As long as players have the correct PIN, joining a Kahoot! game is quick and seamless. No accounts, passwords or other information is required.

Sharing Khoot Game PINs with Players

To enable players to join your Kahoot! game session, you obviously need to provide them with the game PIN.

Here are some best practices for effectively sharing PINs as a kahoot host:

  • Display the PIN visibly when starting a game with others in the same physical space. Project it on a large screen at the front of the room so all players can easily see the PIN.
  • Read the PIN out loud slowly and clearly if displaying it is not possible. Ask players to confirm they have inputted it correctly.
  • Send via chat for remote games. Copy/paste the PIN in a group chat, video call or direct messages.
  • Schedule games in advance and share PINs ahead of time through email, messaging platforms or learning management systems.
  • Emphasize PINs are single-use – they will only work for that specific game session. New PINs are needed for each new game.
  • Avoid complicated PINs – if manually creating a custom game PIN, keep it simple and easy to communicate.

The key is sharing the PIN through a channel that makes it easy for all players to access it. Tailor your PIN sharing strategy to your participants and environment.

With some thoughtful planning, you can ensure the game PIN data reaches your players smoothly so everyone can join the fun!

Troubleshooting Kahoot PIN Issues

In some cases, players may encounter issues with a Kahoot! game PIN not working correctly. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

PIN not recognized:

  • Double check the PIN and re-enter carefully – numbers can sometimes be confused.
  • Ask the host to confirm the correct PIN. It may have been communicated inaccurately.

Already played error:

  • PINs are single-use – you can only play that kahoot session once with the same PIN.
  • The host needs to provide you with a new PIN for the next game session.

Game not starting:

  • Ensure you entered the PIN correctly – ask host to confirm.
  • If PIN is correct, wait patiently until host starts the game manually.

Can’t join – game full:

  • Kahoot! games have a maximum capacity of 10,000 players per game.
  • If the lobby is full, you’ll have to wait until space opens up again.

Following up with the host is often the best solution if a PIN isn’t working. They can confirm the correct PIN and troubleshoot any connection issues.

Above all, remember that game PINs are required to join each new kahoot game session. Using an old PIN will not work. Tracking down the current PIN is key to trouble-free access.

Introduction to Kahoot!

Now that we’ve covered game PINs extensively, let’s provide some context on Kahoot! itself for those unfamiliar with the platform.

What is Kahoot!?

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform used to create fun learning games called “kahoots”. Kahoots are multiple choice quizzes that can be played individually or in teams for schools, businesses, social events and more.

Who uses Kahoot!?

The platform is used globally by:

  • Teachers and professors to engage students in classrooms
  • Corporate trainers for employee learning & development
  • Youth group leaders and camp counselors for education
  • Event organizers and hosts to entertain audiences
  • Friends and family for fun social games

What are the key features?

  • Simple drag-and-drop interface to create quizzes & discussions
  • Library of millions of existing public kahoots to play instantly
  • Randomly generated game PINs to control game access
  • Player lobby to wait for games to start
  • Points-based gaming format to build engagement & competition
  • Host controls like time limits, question order randomization, etc.
  • Theme music & sound effects to energize the experience

What are the benefits of using Kahoot!?

  • Makes learning interactive & fun through gaming format
  • Provides a modern twist on quizzes that resonates with younger audiences
  • Adds healthy competition & incentives through points system
  • Allows non-verbal ways to participate through nickname entry
  • User-friendly for both teachers and students/players
  • Can lead to greater motivation, focus & information retention

In summary, Kahoot! has become a hugely popular learning platform, with over 1.6 billion participants globally, thanks to its ability to take traditional academic exercises and transform them into energizing social games through technology.

FAQs About Khoot Game PINs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Kahoot! game PINs:

Q1. How many digits are in a Kahoot game PIN?

Kahoot! game PINs are 6 digits in length. They consist of numbers 0 through 9.

Q2. Does each kahoot get its own unique PIN?

Yes, every newly created or duplicated kahoot will generate a new, randomly assigned game PIN that is different from any other PIN.

Q3. Can I reuse a PIN after the game session ends?

No, Kahoot PINs are single-use. You need to generate a fresh PIN each time you want to play a kahoot game.

Q4. Do I need to create Kahoot accounts for my players?

No, player accounts are not needed. As long as you provide the game PIN, anyone can enter a nickname and join the kahoot.

Q5. Can players join without the PIN?

No, the game PIN is absolutely required for players to access a kahoot game session. Without entering the correct PIN, they cannot join.

Q6. Can I hide the game PIN and send it only to specific players?

Yes, you can hide the PIN from public view and selectively share it only with players you wish to allow access to your kahoot game.

Q7. Is there a way to verify players are entering the right PIN?

Unfortunately no, the platform has no way to check or validate that players are using the correct vs incorrect PIN. Only the host can confirm distribution of the right PIN.

Q8. How many players can join a game with the same PIN?

Up to 10,000 players can join a single Kahoot game session using the same game PIN. However, a few hundred players is recommended for ideal game pace.

Q9. Can I change the PIN once the game has started?

No, the game PIN cannot be changed after launching a live game session. You will need to finish the current game and then generate a new PIN.

Q10. What if my game PIN isn’t working for players?

First confirm you are providing the actual current PIN for that game. If issues continue, contacting Kahoot! support is recommended to troubleshoot further.


Kahoot! game PINs are randomly generated, 6-digit access codes required for joining each Kahoot game session. PINs are revealed when starting a game and must be shared with players to allow them to enter.

This PIN system offers a quick and straightforward way for hosts to organize games with any audience. Without the hassle of accounts or logins, players simply enter the PIN and nickname to join the fun.

Troubleshooting PIN issues comes down to carefully confirming the correct active PIN and retrying. For educators, businesses, event organizers and beyond, leveraging Kahoot! and its game PIN mechanic can take quizzes, discussions and presentations to the next level.

In summary, the Kahoot! game PIN system functions as an effective gatekeeper, allowing access to the right players while preventing unwarranted entry. When harnessed properly, it becomes a powerful ignition switch for launching engaging learning games in any environment.

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