Cliqly Review: Is It Legal And Safe Advanced Email Marketing?


Cliqly Review Email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for businesses looking to engage with customers. However, the world of email marketing is filled with complex tools, regulations, and best practices. For those new to advanced email marketing, it can be challenging to find a solution that is both legal and effective.

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Cliqly is an email marketing platform that claims to provide a simple, lucrative, and compliant solution for businesses to leverage the power of email. But with mixed reviews online, is Cliqly a safe and legal choice? This comprehensive review will analyze Cliqly’s features, compliance standards, and potential risks to determine if it is an advisable email marketing tool.

Overview of Cliqly

Cliqly is an email marketing platform launched in 2021 that aims to provide a straightforward system for monetizing email campaigns.

The core concept is simple:

  • Users purchase “email credits” to send emails to lists of subscribed recipients
  • These emails contain offers and affiliate links that generate commission if clicked on
  • A portion of the commission earned goes back to Cliqly, while the rest goes to the user
  • Repeat this process daily with new email campaigns and offers to build up earnings over time

On the surface, Cliqly makes email marketing appear deceptively easy. However, the reality is more nuanced. Before diving into the capabilities and risks, it’s important to understand Cliqly’s unique approach to email marketing.

How Cliqly’s Email Marketing Model Works

Cliqly diverges from traditional email marketing platforms in some key ways:

Pay-to-Play System

Most email platforms offer free plans, but with Cliqly, users must purchase credits upfront to send any emails. Packages start at $27 for 1,000 credits. Each email sent will deduct credits from your account based on the number of subscribers.

Pre-Built Lists

Users don’t need to build their own subscriber list. Cliqly provides free access to their pre-built list of over 5,000 opt-in subscribers to kickstart campaigns. However, some critics argue these generic lists deliver low engagement.

Structured Daily Emails

Cliqly guides users to send one broadcast email per day. The platform offers pre-written templates and content to make crafting daily emails simple. However, this limits flexibility compared to traditional email platforms.

Affiliate Earnings Model

Emails sent contain affiliate offers and links. A portion of any commissions earned from clicks gets paid back to the user. However, this also means only promotional emails generate revenue.

This simplified model allows rapid launch of email campaigns. But it requires an upfront investment and has inherent risks, which will be analyzed next.

Key Features and Tools

To better understand Cliqly’s capabilities as an email marketing platform, let’s explore some of the notable features and tools it provides:

  • Simple and intuitive interface – Cliqly’s dashboard is designed for simplicity. Easy navigation and automation makes it accessible for beginners.
  • Professionally designed templates – To streamline email creation, Cliqly offers professionally designed and branded email templates that users can customize.
  • Automated tracking – Open rates, clicks, unsubscribes, and other metrics are automatically tracked to monitor campaign performance.
  • Pre-written emails – Draft emails are provided for multiple niches, eliminating the need for extensive content creation.
  • Affiliate integration – Affiliate links can be automatically inserted into emails to maximize revenue potential.
  • Structured daily emails – The platform guides users to stick to a schedule of daily broadcast emails for maximum efficiency.
  • Pre-built subscriber list – Get started quicker with access to Cliqly’s list of 5,000 double opt-in subscribers.
  • Detailed analytics – Robust analytics provide beginners with insights and data to refine their approach over time.

For those new to email marketing, these features offer an easy starting point. But more advanced users may find limitations in flexibility and customization.

Compliance Practices

A top concern when selecting any email marketing platform is whether it enables legal and compliant email sending. Get this wrong, and your emails may end up labeled as spam, or worse yet, trigger legal action.

Cliqly makes efforts to allow users to stay compliant with regulations like CAN-SPAM and GDPR:

  • Double opt-in – Subscribers must actively confirm consent before joining email lists. This helps ensure valid, willing participants.
  • Unsubscribe option – Every email has a clear one-click unsubscribe function for recipients to opt-out.
  • CAN-SPAM compliance – Emails contain required headers, subject lines, and opt-out links to adhere to key CAN-SPAM rules.
  • GDPR compliant – Consent flows and data processing align with GDPR requirements for EU-based subscribers.
  • Spam monitoring – Automated monitoring looks for spam triggers to try to avoid issues with ISPs.

However, the onus remains on the user to send relevant, useful content that subscribers genuinely want. No platform can guarantee perfect deliverability, but Cliqly provides a reasonably compliant framework.

Pros of Using Cliqly

Given this overview of how Cliqly works and its key capabilities, what are the potential advantages to using this platform?

  • Low barrier to entry – The simplified interface and automation makes getting started with email marketing accessible to beginners.
  • Rapid campaign creation – Pre-built templates, emails, and lists significantly reduce setup time compared to other platforms.
  • Generating revenue quickly – Affiliate links allow monetization right from the initial emails sent to the starter subscriber list.
  • Compliant infrastructure – Required compliance measures like double opt-in are baked into the platform’s workflows.
  • Guidance for beginners – Structured templates and daily email cadence provides clear direction for newcomers.
  • Affordable entry point – Lower pricing tiers make it feasible to test email marketing without a huge upfront investment.

For those hesitant or inexperienced with email marketing, Cliqly offers a relatively quick and easy onboarding experience to start profiting from emails.

Cons and Risks of Cliqly

However, Cliqly has garnered its fair share of complaints and negative reviews since launching.

Before committing, important cons and risks to consider include:

  • Misleading marketing – Some reviews allege Cliqly uses exaggerated income claims and pressure tactics in its advertising.
  • Overpriced credits – Email sending credits cost substantially more compared to top competitors.
  • Low engagement – Generic starter lists mean low open and click rates, limiting income potential.
  • Inflexible campaigns – Strict daily scheduled emails offer less customization than typical email platforms.
  • No repeat subscribers – One-time use starter lists mean you won’t build a subscriber base to market to long-term.
  • High-risk model – Paying upfront for credits before demonstrating email marketing skill and value proposition is inherently risky.
  • Spam risk – Focus on affiliate promotions increases chances of landing in spam folders.
  • Steep learning curve – Despite the simple interface, mastering effective email marketing still requires substantial effort.
  • Market saturation – Many reviewers warn the saturated pay-to-play email space makes profits unlikely.

While Cliqly opens the email marketing door for newcomers, it has notable drawbacks to weigh. For long-term, sustainable success, traditional email marketing focused on value rather than promotion may prove more effective.

Tips for Using Cliqly Safely and Effectively

If you decide to try out email marketing with Cliqly after considering the pros and cons, follow these tips to maximize your chances of a positive experience:

Start with the minimum package to test out the platform before committing higher amounts.

Take the time to learn email marketing best practices before launching campaigns.

Ensure your emails provide value and relevant offers so recipients look forward to your messages.

Carefully review the terms of service and income potential to avoid unrealistic expectations.

Focus on building your own high-quality subscriber list rather than relying solely on the starter list.

Monitor email metrics closely and continually refine your approach for better deliverability.

Practice ethical email communication to maintain trust and engagement with subscribers.

Don’t overspend your budget on credits until you’ve validated your email marketing skills.

Consider using Cliqly in combination with a traditional email platform for more flexibility.


Cliqly simplifies the process of getting started with email marketing by providing the templates, tools, and guidance needed to launch campaigns rapidly. However, the pay-to-play model carries financial risk, and achieving real profits requires dedication to crafting strategic, valuable emails.

Use Cliqly as a launch pad into email marketing, but don’t expect overnight success. Take the time to learn industry best practices, build relationships with subscribers, and carefully refine your approach for long-term growth and sustainability. Overall, email marketing remains highly effective for businesses when executed legally, ethically, and strategically.

Summary of Key Points:

  • Cliqly is a pay-to-play email marketing platform that lets users purchase credits to send affiliate promotion emails.
  • Main features include templates, analytics, guided workflows, and starter lists to streamline getting started.
  • Compliance features like double opt-in help enable legal email sending.
  • Benefits include quick launch of campaigns, potential for fast revenue, and guidance for beginners.
  • However, misleading marketing claims, overpriced credits, low engagement, and other drawbacks are common complaints.
  • Follow best practices like focusing on value over promotions, building your own list, and carefully tracking metrics for success.
  • Cliqly can help kickstart email marketing, but sustained profits require dedication to honing strategy long-term.

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