What Is Cliqly And How Does It Work? [Review]


Cliqly is an email marketing platform that claims to pay users cash rewards for sending emails. It markets itself as an easy way for businesses to make money through email campaigns.

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However, there are concerns that Cliqly operates like a pyramid scheme. This article will provide an in-depth review of how Cliqly works, its rewards system, user reviews, and whether it’s a legitimate business opportunity or a risky scheme.

What is Cliqly?

Cliqly is an email marketing and rewards platform founded in 2021. It enables businesses to create and send marketing emails to subscribed contacts.

The main incentive is that Cliqly pays users for every email sent through its system. The more emails you send, and the more people who click on links within those emails, the more money you can potentially earn.

How Does Cliqly Work?

The core of Cliqly’s system is its multi-tier affiliate program.

There are three main tiers:

Free Affiliate: This base tier lets you create an account and access pre-made email templates. You can send emails to your own contact list. Each email you send earns you $0.10.

Pro Affiliate: Upgrading to Pro costs $97. This unlocks higher rewards per email, increased click commissions, and access to more email templates. You also start earning commissions when Free affiliates you refer upgrade to Pro.

Premium Affiliate: This top tier costs $1997. It offers the highest rewards per email, premium templates, and commissions when your referrals upgrade.

The key is to build out a network (downline) by referring other users. You earn commissions when those users upgrade their accounts. The more referrals you have, and the more who upgrade, the higher your earning potential.

Cliqly Rewards System

Cliqly’s main incentive is its cash rewards:

  • Email Rewards: Every email sent earns cash. Free affiliates get $0.10 per email, while Premium affiliates can earn up to $5 per email.
  • Click Rewards: You also earn cash when contacts click on links within emails. The rate depends on your tier.
  • Upgrade Commissions: When users you’ve referred upgrade from Free to Pro or Premium, you earn a commission.
  • Recurring Commissions: You earn monthly commissions from your direct referrals’ ongoing membership fees.
  • Contests & Bonuses: Cliqly runs frequent contests and bonus programs that offer ways to earn extra cash.

To earn and withdraw earnings, you need a minimum account balance of $50. Rewards are paid out via PayPal, direct deposit, cryptocurrency, and other options.

User Reviews of Cliqly

User reviews of Cliqly are mixed. On one hand, some reviewers praise its earning potential, tutorials, and tools for sending emails at scale. Many highlight the commissions from referrals as the biggest benefit.

However, many others call it a pyramid scheme, pointing to its focus on recruiting affiliates rather than selling products. Some report losing hundreds or thousands of dollars rather than earning.

There are also complaints about account terminations, issues withdrawing earnings, and poor customer service. Lawsuits have been filed accusing Cliqly of operating an illegal pyramid scheme.

Overall, reviews indicate there is money to be made but very high risk. Top earners recruit large downlines while many end up losing their investment.

Is Cliqly Legitimate or a Pyramid Scheme?

The core question is whether Cliqly is a legitimate business or an illegal pyramid scheme in disguise. There are several factors to consider:

1. Focus on Recruiting Over Product Sales

Pyramid schemes compensate based on enrolling others rather than selling real products or services to genuine customers. Cliqly’s rewards come predominantly from referring others instead of email performance.

2. Requires Payment to Participate

Cliqly requires payments for Pro and Premium tiers which unlock the higher rewards. This indicates revenue relies on membership fees rather than product value.

3. Downline Commission Structure

Earning commissions based on direct referrals’ membership fees is indicative of a pyramid structure. The vast majority of income comes from your downline rather than your own efforts.

4. Accounts Being Suspended

Some users report their accounts being suddenly suspended just before they could withdraw earnings. This suggests fraudulent activity to avoid payouts.

5. Lawsuits & Investigations

Cliqly is currently being sued in a class action lawsuit accusing it of being an illegal pyramid scheme. Other users report problems getting responses to legal complaints.

While not definitively proven illegal, Cliqly exhibits many red flags characteristic of a pyramid scheme. There is reasonable cause for concern.

How to Use Cliqly

If you decide to try Cliqly despite the risks, here is a brief overview of how to use its system:

  1. Sign Up for a Free Account: You’ll need to provide your name, email, password, etc. to create your affiliate account.
  2. Access Email Templates: Cliqly provides pre-made email templates covering topics like digital marketing, social media, and more.
  3. Build Your Contact List: Import your email subscribers or build your contact list from scratch.
  4. Customize and Send Emails: Personalize emails with your own text and images before sending.
  5. Share Your Affiliate Link: Share your unique referral link to recruit other affiliates.
  6. Upgrade Your Account: Upgrade to Pro or Premium for higher rewards when you have referrals ready to upgrade under you.
  7. Withdraw Earnings: Withdraw your earnings once you hit the $50 minimum threshold.

Pros and Cons of Using Cliqly


  • Provides done-for-you email templates
  • Rewards for each email sent adds up
  • Referral commissions provide big upside
  • Tools for sending emails at scale


  • Operates like a pyramid scheme
  • High risk of losing money
  • Need large downline to earn substantial income
  • Complaints of account terminations and payment issues
  • Lawsuits alleging illegal activity


Cliqly offers an intriguing opportunity to earn cash rewards through email marketing. However, there are reasonable concerns about its pyramid-like commission structure and dependence on recruiting.

Before using Cliqly, carefully consider the risk-reward profile. While it’s possible to earn substantial commissions, there are also many unhappy users who lost their investment or faced legal issues. Proceed with extreme caution and understand the red flags involved.

For business owners, a safer alternative may be using legitimate email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. Though you won’t earn direct commissions, you can reach audiences interested in your products or services.

In summary, Cliqly may reward those who recruit large downlines, but it exhibits many characteristics of an illegal pyramid scheme. Join at your own significant risk.

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