How to Get Common Kahoot Codes

Common Kahoot codes, has become one of the most popular game-based learning platforms in classrooms and businesses around the world. The interactive quizzes and trivia games create a fun way to review material and test knowledge.

To join a Kahoot game, players need a unique Game PIN or code that the Kahoot host provides. This allows the host to control the players that can join each game session. Finding the most recent and unused Kahoot game codes can be tricky.

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This article will provide an overview of Kahoot and explain the different methods you can use to get the most common Kahoot game PINs and codes to join live games in 2023.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that makes learning awesome. It allows teachers and businesses to create fun learning games like quizzes, surveys, and trivia.

The Kahoot games can be played live in classrooms, meetings, events or remotely with players joining on their own devices like phones, tablets or computers.

Here’s how it works:

  • The host or teacher creates a Kahoot game on the website or Kahoot app with multiple-choice questions.
  • Players join the game by going to and entering the Game PIN provided by the host.
  • Questions are displayed on the shared screen and players answer on their own devices.
  • Players earn points for correct answers and faster response times. The results are shown on a public leaderboard after each question.

This makes learning competitive and engaging for players of all ages. Kahoot now has over 200 million monthly active accounts globally.

Why You Need a Kahoot Game PIN

Each Kahoot game session generates a unique Game PIN that players must enter to join as participants. This 6-digit code looks something like 1234567.

The Game PIN expires when the game session ends. It also has a maximum limit of 10,000 players that can join per game.

As a player, you need the Game PIN from the host or teacher to access each live Kahoot game. This allows the host to control the players that can join and start the game when ready.

Without the Kahoot Game PIN, you won’t be able to participate in any live Kahoot games created by others.

Ways to Get Common Kahoot Game Codes

Here are some popular methods you can use to get the latest Kahoot game PINs to join live game sessions:

1. Kahoot Codes Websites

There are many websites that provide lists of active and expired Kahoot game PIN codes that you can access.

Here are some options to find updated Kahoot codes and pins for live games:

  • GGRecon – This site provides a list of Kahoot codes that is updated daily. You can filter by most popular, most recent, and codes for specific topics.
  • TricksFly – This is another frequently updated site providing active Kahoot pins. You can also request codes from other users in the community.
  • Surprise Sports – Along with sport trivia codes, this site shares random Kahoot game PINs that are checked regularly for new additions.
  • Faindx – You can browse extensive lists of codes on this site. It includes newly generated codes as well as popular expired ones.
  • GizmoRadar – This site updates multiple times a day with the latest game PINs. You can also use the random code generator if needed.

The benefit of these sites is convenience since active Kahoot codes are all in one place. But you’ll need to search frequently as pins expire quickly with some having usage limits.

2. Search YouTube for Kahoot Live Streams

Many YouTube channels and streamers host Kahoot live streams that you can join. They provide random Kahoot codes for their subscribers to participate.

To find relevant Kahoot live streams on YouTube:

  • Search for “Kahoot live to join now”
  • Filter by Live videos only
  • Look for streams with “Play Kahoot PIN in description” or similar titles
  • Join the stream and use the Game PIN from video details to enter the live Kahoot

The advantage of YouTube live streams is that you can participate in games with other players in real-time. However, these game sessions can fill up quickly.

3. Join Kahoot Discord Channels

Numerous Kahoot Discord channels provide community spaces to share active game pins.

Some popular servers to join include:

  • Kahoot Codes – Large server with bots that generate game PINs plus channels to request and share codes.
  • Kahoot Spam – Active community providing streams, YouTube live chat links and code drops.
  • Raiding Kahoot – Channels for raids and current games with a Kahoot bot for codes.

Discord channels make it easy to ask the community for any active codes to join live games. But you’ll need to act quick as codes get used up rapidly when shared.

4. Get the PIN Directly from the Host

For a specific Kahoot game hosted by your teacher, work, event or friends, you’ll need to get the Game PIN directly from the host.

Each Kahoot session generates a new PIN when the host starts the game that lasts for the duration of that game.

As a player:

  • Ask the host for the current game PIN to join
  • Enter the code at to join the live game
  • You can request a new PIN from the host when that game session ends

This is the most direct way to get access to a particular Kahoot game. But it only works if you know the host or are participating in an organized Kahoot game night.

Tips for Finding Working Kahoot Codes

When trying to find active Kahoot game PINs from any source, keep these tips in mind:

  • Act fast – Kahoot codes expire quickly, sometimes in minutes. Enter pins as soon as you find them to join the live game.
  • Have backups – Keep multiple tabs open to various code sources so you can quickly switch if one doesn’t work.
  • Search frequently – Sites and Discords update regularly so search for new codes every 5-10 minutes for the best chance.
  • Avoid duplicates – Copy/paste codes to avoid typing errors. Don’t enter the same code more than once.
  • Watch player limits – Codes stop working if the 10,000 player limit is reached for that game session.
  • Confirm with host – For a specific game, always verify the code directly with the host in case it changed.

Following these tips will help you successfully enter working Kahoot game pins before they expire or reach maximum capacity.

Joining Kahoot Games Anonymously

When entering a Kahoot PIN to join a game, you also need to provide a nickname or username. This is displayed on the leaderboard.

If you want to play Kahoot anonymously, you can:

  • Use a random nickname like “Player123”
  • Enter just your first name or initials
  • Join on a shared device with other players
  • Disable showing your name on the leaderboard in your Kahoot account settings

This lets you enjoy the Kahoot game without publicly revealing your full identity. However, the host will still be able to identify you within the game session.

Creating Your Own Kahoot Game Pin

If you want to host your own Kahoot game with friends, family or colleagues, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free Kahoot account
  2. Click “Create” to build a new Kahoot quiz, discussion or survey
  3. Add your questions, images and answers
  4. Select options like time limits, points, randomness order and more
  5. Launch your Kahoot game from the website or mobile app
  6. Share the randomly generated Game PIN with players to join your live game

This allows you to control the game as host and engage players with content you create.


Kahoot game PINs provide access codes to join the fun, interactive learning games. The unique codes expire quickly and have usage limits.

Using Kahoot codes websites, YouTube live streams, Discord servers and asking hosts directly give you various options to find the most updated game pins.

Entering the codes promptly before they reach capacity increases your chance of accessing popular Kahoot live games. Following tips like avoiding duplicates and confirming with the host will also improve your success.

With the right Game PIN, you can join live Kahoot quiz challenges, play anonymously and even create your own games as a host. Kahoot provides an entertaining way to learn that is best when shared with others.

So get your game face on and start kahootin’ using these methods to access the most common Kahoot codes in 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about finding Kahoot game PINs:

How long do Kahoot game codes last?

Kahoot game PINs generally expire within 1-2 hours after the start of a live game session. Some codes may stop working even sooner if the 10,000 player limit is reached.

Where can I get Kahoot pins for free?

You can find free Kahoot game codes on public websites like GGRecon, Surprise Sports and TricksFly that aggregate active pins. Kahoot Discord channels and YouTube Live chats also share free codes regularly.

Do I need to create an account to use Kahoot pins?

You can join a Kahoot game as a guest without an account by entering a nickname. But creating a free Kahoot account allows you to track your points and leaderboard progress across multiple games.

Can I reuse the same game pin multiple times?

No, each Kahoot game PIN expires after that particular game session ends. You can request a new code from the host or search for an unused pin on code aggregator sites.

Why does the Kahoot code sometimes not work?

Some common reasons a game pin won’t work include the code already expired, reaching the 10,000 player limit, or you typed the PIN incorrectly. Trying a different updated code is the best option.

Table of Kahoot Code Sources

Kahoot Codes WebsitesConvenient lists of updated pinsCodes expire quickly
YouTube Live StreamsReal-time games with other playersStreams can reach max capacity fast
Kahoot Discord ServersCan request codes from communityLimited code drops
Directly from HostGuaranteed working code for specific gameOnly works if you know host

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